Mars in Capricorn: Personality Traits and How It Affects Your Life

If you have Mars in Capricorn you have some very strong principles that you try to stick to.

Mars in Capricorn

People with Mars in Capricorn like to keep things real, so they are never confused by illusions or false hope. These natives are very proud of the fact that they are down-to-earth, and they will always think realistically.

Because they are so practical, they’ll be able to achieve their goals easier than others. Not to mention Mars Capricorns are the most hard-working and persevering people in the zodiac. And that can only bring them success. Many will describe these people as cool and even too detached. They don’t lose their temper or allow others to get under their skin.

Mars in Capricorn in a nutshell:

  • Style: Cautious and diligent;
  • Top qualities: Persevering, strategic and strong-willed;
  • Weaknesses: Workaholic, excessive and ruthless;
  • Advice: Don’t expect changes to happen overnight;
  • Celebrities: Usain Bolt, David Guetta, Jessie J, Jerry Seinfeld.

If someone will manage to annoy them, they will want to make a change for the better. They won’t look for revenge, as for them, success is the best way to get back to others.

Personality traits

There’s no one who can stop Mars Capricorns from their ascension. While already ambitious, they get even more driven by Mars. Career is very important for them and it seems like they can be successful at anything.

As soon as they will set their mind to something, they’ll do anything to succeed. They can consider themselves lucky to have the fighter Mars in their sign.

It’s like their over-achieving attitude is doubled and they are able to become better leaders, more industrious workers and the most wealth-oriented business people.

And Mars does its job to bring more magic in the life of this native. This means people born with this planetary transit in their natal chart are both practical and creative.

But they need to be careful not to become workaholics. They won’t rest until they feel like they have made it, even if this means working continuously. And they won’t stop from wanting success only at work.

They will also have the most beautiful house, the most loyal partner or talented children. A person who understands their wish for success and is supportive will be next to them their entire life.

Mars helps them be a sexual force. If they will channel their erotic energies towards satisfying their partner, they can become the most skillful lovers in the zodiac.

The concept that a genius needs abstinence to come up with something incredible and then needs more intercourse to relax is something Mars Capricorns can understand and apply in their life.

This means their sexual behavior will be “seasoned”. Because they enjoy role-playing and changing the position of power in bed, they may need to choose safe words for their lovemaking.

Mars Capricorns are known for their patience and endurance, they want to be in control but don’t get angry easily. Their determination will help them make their ambitions a reality in no time.

While they are confident and sure of themselves at work, they are the exact opposite when it comes to their love life. However, you can be sure their cold exterior hides a passionate interior. Responsible, they will always treat everything with due seriousness.

You can count on this lover

Mars Capricorn people are reliable and hard-working, even when it comes to love. They want to advance on the social ladder more than anything else. Because they are so practical, they can turn anything into a nice profit.

Traditionalists, they will always doubt new ideas. People may think of them as pessimistic and too serious. They love to have intercourse and their libido is very high.

They will keep a conservative mask, but in private they’ll release the beast. Don’t expect them to rush because they will always wait for their moment.

Direct and conventional, they will want what they are giving to their partner to be also what they receive back.

Because they want a long-term relationship, they will wait and focus on their career until the perfect partner comes along.

Not to mention that if they’ll be too busy at work, they’ll leave sex and romance somewhere behind.

They appreciate a person who’s wise, stable and consistent. If they’d be lucky to come across someone who’s more experienced, they would be the happiest.

Anyone can turn them on with a domineering attitude. If they’ll be cheated on, they will never forget and might channel the fiery Mars in them.

The Mars in Capricorn man

Ambitious, the Mars Capricorn man will have a good position at work. He’s good with business, so he’ll most likely negotiate a good salary for himself.

Interested in both his financial and romantic future, he will be serious in matters of the heart too. If he’ll discover he has an unreliable partner, he’ll give up the relationship altogether.

But if luckily, this is not the case, he will be kind and affectionate. He is very practical, so people can trust them to pay the bills and fix things around the house.

Regardless of the sun sign he is in, under the influence of Mars in Capricorn, his dependable nature is something you can almost swear by.

This means a person who’s efficient, hard-working and loving. Cautious, the Mars Capricorn man will want to be prepared for anything in life.

Whether he will want a new partner or to rebuild the relationship with the current one, Mars will be of great help. Being grateful with those around him will be of great help for this guy.

The Mars in Capricorn woman

The Mars Capricorn woman has high levels of energy and unbelievable determination. She can’t stand being told how to do things.

She hates taking advice but thinks twice when someone brings in a strong argument. She will never use her emotions to determine what’s best for her or to solve problems.

Especially when Mars will be in her sign. Independent and sometimes romantic, she loves when her lover is very fond of her. Ambitious, she doesn’t want the biggest fortune in the world but she surely fights for financial comfort and a secure future for herself and the ones she loves.

When shopping, she could either spend everything on very expensive items or get only what she needs.

In love, she’s cautious because she fears the unknown and has insecurities. She needs to think everyone has these feelings. If she wants a partner for a lifetime, she needs to include him in her plans. The confidence Mars gives her will be beneficial when she’ll want to talk about these plans.

Difficulties to overcome

Mars Capricorns can be a little bit reserved when it comes to sharing their affection. If they will be with someone who’s not like them, they would be really happy.

The way they show their appreciation is by being helpful. Not very self-confident all the time, they may need to be more courageous and to trust their own forces more from time to time.

If they would be learning something new, boldness would be absolutely necessary. Patience and encouragement from others would help as well. They love having a routine and feeling stable.

They are very anchored in reality and this brings positivity in their life. However, thee people are more terrified of experimenting and acting on impulse, no matter how beneficial it would be for them.

Their method of sticking with what has been tried can sometimes be outdated and not efficient. Because they are very serious, it’s possible they’ll become depressed and pessimistic.

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Written by Denise

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