The Mars in Capricorn Man: Get to Know Him Better

He usually despises rules and regulations and will try to go around them every time he has the chance.

Mars in Capricorn man

The Mars in Capricorn man is a very carefree and uninhibited individual who doesn’t care about the problems of the world. He’s doing his own thing and he feels good about having the prerogative to lead his own life however he wants.

Comfortable and amiable in general, he’s not looking to change the world or save the whales. Instead, he wants to pursue his own goals on his own terms, using his own principles.

The Mars in Capricorn man in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Competitive and reliable;
  • Negatives: Rigid and boastful;
  • Soulmate: Someone who has a healthy lifestyle;
  • Life lesson: Material success is not everything in life.

Material success is pretty important to this man, so much that he sometimes forgets about succumbing to worldly pleasures. He should learn to take a step back and relax from time to time.

Living in harmony with the surrounding

You don’t just mingle with a Mars in Capricorn man and get out unscathed, without some of his free-flowing and unorthodox ideas nudged deep within yourself.

He despises rules and regulations that society imposes down on him, and he would rather destroy the status quo, rebel against everyone than follow those damn rules.

He’s a hedonist as well, following his own sense of pleasure, and this means that he’s also a bit ambiguous, morally speaking. Not even he knows what he could do to satisfy his cravings and senses.

Any vices are acceptable, money is desirable, sex is absolutely delicious and necessary, and pretty much any extravagance goes for the Mars in Capricorn man.

He has a healthy lifestyle and he likes to live in harmony with Mother Nature. Protecting the environment, planting trees for a healthier future, fighting against deforestation, he’s into all of these things.

What’s more, you wouldn’t expect such humanitarian and moral ideas from someone whose sole aim is to get his fair share of joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment.

Most of the time, he’s passionate, impulsive, brash, but ambitious and perseverant all the way, until he gets what he wants.

Even when things are not working as they should and he gets angry, he still finds a way to avert his rage from causing any victims.

Mars’ combative and raw energy output gets toned down, taken through a shredder to make it easier to absorb by this man.

Otherwise, he would burn from the inside out, considering how fiery and volcanic the man born with Mars in Capricorn in his chart is.

He manages to hold his own against these outpours of terrifying energy by focusing it on exercise, sports, the healthy lifestyle that we’ve mentioned before, he won’t go out of his way and take part in competitions or try to be a culturist, but he does want to be in top shape.

A big problem that they have has to do with their behavior when around their lover. Even though, in general, these men are very unrestrained and free-flowing, they get all giddy and shy when she shows up.

This happens because they have everything planned out from the beginning, and the possibility that something might happen haunts them day and night.

Rigidness and a lack of flexibility, even creativity. It should be essential for the Mars in Capricorn man to work on this.

When confronted directly, he resorts to the unspeakable and spiteful methods to take care of his competitor. He won’t hesitate to trick, con, deceive and otherwise hurt his adversary no matter the cost.

A dominant lover

The Mars in Capricorn man wants to be taken seriously. He is a dependable and reliable person, someone who works days and night to achieve his goals, a perseverant and hard-working man.

And this is how he wants to be seen, especially by his partner. Mutual respect is a must, and he wants to ensure that his partner knows exactly who he’s dealing with, that he’s not one to be trifled with.

Even when asking someone out, he is in control of the situation, knows exactly what he’s going to do, where he’s going to go, and how he should behave. He knows how to have fun as well, and his preferences are really extravagant, to say the least.

Romantically, he’s the dominant one who takes care of everything important, watches over the natural comings and goings of his partner’s life, and generally deals with all the responsibilities.

Thus, he would prefer a woman who knows when to bow down and submit. He doesn’t have great luck though, and he meets a lot of women who can’t appreciate his dedication.

There are also those who won’t agree to be controlled. All in all, he’s had many relationships, most of them failed miserably, but one thing remains. All of his exes agreed that he’s a total beast in the bedroom.

Sex is not the same thing anymore after doing it with him, and doing it with someone else feels dull and uninteresting already.

In conclusion

Personally, he is very organized and has a systematic mindset. All the details are carefully taken into consideration, all the potential paths, and with a calm attitude that exudes confidence, he slowly makes his way towards the goal.

He’s reliable, ambitious, and he knows what he wants from life. He’s also very disciplined and practical, letting no stupid ideas ruin his professional course. The social ladder likes him very much.

His bosses, not so much. Why is that? Because he wants to overcome his limitations, to ascend the hierarchy, to get to the top. He’s not going to be gentle or take feelings into consideration. The world of business is a jungle, and you have to be a ferocious and merciless predator to come out alive.

Moreover, he doesn’t put in all this effort to impress someone, or just to increase his social standing. He does it because that’s his nature, a hard-working and ambitious one that doesn’t feel grateful for having a decent lifestyle.

If the only way toward success is by mowing down the competition, leaving bodies in his wake, a bloody battlefield filled with the remains of the unlucky bastards that dared stand in his way, then so be it.

His partner should perceive him as a man who knows what he’s doing, a reliable and dominative individual who understands how the world works.

Also, know that he’s ready to get out of his way to make you happy, to fix your problems and support you whenever necessary.

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Written by Denise

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