The Mars in Cancer Woman: Get to Know Her Better

She tends to keep her sorrows and regrets bottled deep within, so she appears to be composed and refined.

Mars in Cancer woman

The Mars in Cancer woman is usually a very introverted and restrained native who rarely opens up to other people. Only when she is sure that she won’t get hurt would she finally reveal herself.

However, Mars’ influence brings a whole new perspective here, making her less likely to close off after being hurt, and more likely to trust other people. She still exhibits the typical Cancerian instincts of protection, of hiding in her shell when the situation turns dire.

The Mars in Cancer woman in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Enthusiastic and alluring;
  • Negatives: Impolite and finicky;
  • Soulmate: Someone who is romantic and dependable;
  • Life lesson: Becoming committed to something on the long term.

Commitment is something that she deeply wants

She is very protective of her friends and family, just like any typical native of this sign, and she spends a lot of time and energy in making sure that everyone is fine. Her emotional investment is immense.

She often gets anxious and a sense of desperation washes over her when any one of her close ones disappear from her line of sight.

This vulnerability makes her weak to attacks from other people who want to manipulate and use her. She’s prone to emotional instability and she’s going to take quite a long time to escape the bad mood.

The Mars in Cancer woman is one of the most sentimental and affectionate natives out there, always searching for her soul mate with whom to build up a long-standing relationship.

Commitment is something that she deeply wants from the bottom of her soul, and she’s willing to go to extreme lengths to get it. Most people are effectively charmed and enchanted by her surreal beauty and femininity.

Loving, with a sensual and erotic aura exuding from her whole being, this woman seduces any man with just a wink. As for her ideal man, she would like someone with spirit, grit, and an adventurer’s bones lodged deep within.

He should be prepared to take care of her, and to resist all the emotional overturns that she manifests from time to time. She’s a very routine-based woman who prefers doing her own thing.

This is more a need for them, to form certain mechanical routines that they follow. And this need can quickly transform into vices, dangerous habits like smoking, taking drugs, casual sex, and so on.

If she really feels it necessary to take on such habits, she should at least at least choose a few healthy ones like doing sports, jogging, eating healthy etc.

Generally, she’s very playful and acts like a child, making tantrums if she doesn’t receive what she deserves.

Whenever they feel that their partner might finally explode out of anger, they try to repair the situation or back off so as not to get hurt in the process. They have this sixth sense that helps them avoid dangerous situations.

She tends to keep her sorrows and regrets bottled deep within, and this happens for the whole duration of a relationship. It’s clear that, eventually, she will release all these negative energies in an explosion of epic proportions. This results in a break-up.

The woman born with Mars in Cancer just wants to be honest, to receive honesty in return, and to have a stable and secure lifestyle. Establishing a family and seeking for fulfillment in the sense of belonging is her dream, a very emotional and idealistic one.

She would always protect and defend those she loves, especially her children. As for her social life, she proceeds with a lot of caution and attention before going to a social event.

She gets so easily hurt after a romantic disappointment

The Mars in Cancer woman is a special kind of individual when it comes to sex, relationships, and love itself. Her emotional meter is unique, in the sense that it’s always pointed towards the highest levels, and it never drops.

What does this specifically mean? It means that she’s probably unable to have one-night stands without involving her feelings and emotions. She’ll probably fall in love with the guy after the agitations end.

This is also the reason why she gets so easily hurt after a romantic disappointment or a break-up. The fine line between physical pleasure and emotional depth is non-existent in her case.

She wants to feel safe and secure from all dangers, and she gets this feeling after having sex with somebody, a certain spiritual bonding that defies reason and logic.

The interesting thing here is that the Mars in Cancer woman doesn’t get completely ruined after such emotional turmoil. These obstacles in her life are quite common, but her wish to find romantic fulfillment and spiritual bonding is also great.

It’s so great, in fact, that she seems to always revive and reawaken with new strength each time she gets taken down. Her emotions are unstable and quite erratic. This is why not even she knows her real desires.

Promiscuity, sadism, masochism, a long-standing relationship, a family or the lack of one, these are all present in her mind, a contradiction of great importance.

The Mars in Cancer women are very vivacious and innovative. They won’t be satisfied with just being in a relationship and having a loving partner who takes care of them.

They want to experiment, to walk all the roads, test and experience every single feeling alongside their partner.

If they feel that a pause is needed in the relationship, or that they should break up for some time, that’s what they will do, in spite of the irrationality behind it.

Attracted by …

She is uncertain and unwilling to make the first move. The fear of being rejected and hurt gnaws at her for too much. Insecurities and anxieties are the ones who forced her to take a step back, to hide in her shell, and to wait for someone to bail her out with a tender and sweet smile.

This is actually her ideal type of man, someone who can take care of her affectionately, someone who supports her lovingly whenever she reaches the end of the rope.

This doesn’t mean that these women want the type of man who’s overly romantic, the type who is so sensitive he’ll start crying at funerals and whenever something dramatic happens.

She wants a masculine and reliable person who can ensure her protection against all odds, someone who’s either emotionally or physically strong, or both. He must also want to establish a family which he’ll love more than anything in the world.

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