The Mars in Cancer Man: Get to Know Him Better

He may send some combative and warrior vibes in public, especially when he is keen on accomplishing something.

Mars in Cancer man

The Moon in Cancer man is a gentle man who prefers to use sensitivity and romanticism to conquer his special someone.

Both his willingness to do some things, ambition, perseverance, as well as his sexual thirst are affected suffering ups and downs.

The Mars in Cancer man in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Protective and affectionate;
  • Negatives: Overly-emotional and indecisive;
  • Soulmate: Someone who is very patient with him;
  • Life lesson: Sticking to a routine for a long time.

He’s not direct, but rather allusive, unpredictable and undercover, so don’t throw your plans out the window just because he doesn’t demonstrate his love in an obvious way.

Some things are taken to the extreme

There are quite a few of these natives around the world, and all of them are sensitive, romantic, a manlier woman, to speak the truth. He will want his partner to pamper him, to love and take care of him in all aspects.

Of course, it’s not that they can get another woman in a matter of seconds, because they can’t, and it’s also very hard to stay alone for a prolonged period of time.

When he’s good, he’s very good, in the sense that there isn’t anyone like him, so loving, affectionate and compassionate.

This native will want to impress his partner, to make her love him unconditionally, without any restrains and for the rest of his life. In this sense, he takes it step by step and uses every weapon in his arsenal.

What does this mean? He’s going to behave like a best friend, like the most romantic person in the world, and this might just bring him into the appalling friend zone.

In every single way, they want to pamper and protect their loved one, either by doing them small favors and services or by going against those who would harm them.

He’s very sensitive and emotional, and this can sometimes be perceived and felt like a flaw, a really bad one if taken to the extremes.

And with this native, it is taken to an extreme. He’s uncertain of himself, lacks confidence, self-esteem, an inferiority complex, or he might just be too fearful to make a mark on the world by himself.

This is annoying because a lot of women are looking for the exact opposite, someone brave, daring, confident, someone whom they can trust in the most challenging of situations.

Instead, he expects his lover to take care of him just like his mother would, from the smallest of things to the serious responsibilities.

Natives with Mars in Cancer sending those combative and warrior vibes down on them are very emotional, creative, and have quite a lot of artistic talents.

They can sing, they can dance, they can even become great in these domains if they put their ambition to work. As far as their personal style goes, traditional is the way to go. They don’t like to distance themselves from a comfortable and fixed standard.

Moreover, his angry face is multifaceted, just like the Roman god Janus. This happens because he is very spontaneous and impetuous when things are getting on his nerves.

When they’re not exploding outward with a flash of rage, they will retreat to their rooms and call their mothers, or cry in a corner, waiting for a miracle to solve their problems.

Serious about taking care of his loved ones

Romantically, the man born with Mars in Cancer doesn’t like to beat around the bush and he will get directly to the part where he confesses his endless love, in a polite, romantic and exceedingly courteous way.

He’s never going to show you who he really is, at least not from the beginning because he’s more of an introverted type of guy.

He’s not going to reveal all his emotions from the get-go, and even if he’s going to cry wolf a lot of times, and wallow in his sadness, he’s also very responsible and serious about taking care of his loved ones.

He’s basically a soldier of fortune, one constrained to take up arms, but still a soldier. He takes everyone he loves under his protection, under his wings.

He gets attached to people very quickly and he can’t stop this even if he wants to. With such an affectionate and loving soul, how could he not get attached hopelessly to people?

Whatever gets his attention, and whatever he focuses on for a long period of time, he will protect with his life, and he won’t let anyone else berate his choices.

Whenever he gets angry, he prefers to take his anger out on himself, and just leave the premises, instead of coming to blows with his opponents. He’s basically trying to avoid violence, but he still hurts the other by appearing distant and uninterested. Moreover, he sees sex as nothing else than a means to an end.

Establishing a family, taking care of his partner, protecting her, taking the initiative to make plans together, thus fulfilling his emotional quota, these are the methods by which the Mars in Cancer man finds happiness.

In conclusion

The Mars in Cancer man, being so sensitive and emotional as he is, intuition is highly advanced, to a level that grants him near omniscience as far as cold reading goes.

He knows what he wants from life and he has the ambition and perseverance to see it all done before his very eyes. Patient and restrained in his moments of agitation, this native realizes that the only way he can ever find his happiness is by trying to outdo his emotional nature.

He can get very clingy and affectionate with his partner, to such a point that they will want to kiss and hug her every moment of the day.

He feels safe and protected when in the arms of his loved one. The only time when he feels like being in control is when getting all intimate, making crazy love.

He prefers doing things this own way, especially when it comes to decorating and repairing his house.

He’s even set to argue with his lover if she tries to suggest other ways of doing this, and conflicts take place quite often in his relationship. He’s also very adept with the new technologies.

Moreover, do learn to appreciate that he reveals himself to you like he never did before, and this is a sign that he’s beginning to grow close, to trust you.

Don’t hurt his expectations and heart by disappointing him, by making fun of his emotional vulnerabilities.

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Written by Denise

Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives. She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope.