Mars in Cancer: Personality Traits and How It Affects Your Life

People with Mars in Cancer don’t confuse the changing nature of their emotions with weakness and are rather astute and determined.

Mars in Cancer

Loyalty and a sense of duty towards their closed ones is what characterizes people with Mars in Cancer in their natal chart. These individuals borrow from the homemaker tendencies of the Cancer and the feisty nature of Mars so will always protect and sacrifice themselves for their families.

They won’t hesitate to jump in and defend their family or friends whenever an injustice will be done to them. Because they see their home as a safe haven, Mars Cancers will make sure their house is nicely furbished and comfortable.

Mars in Cancer in a nutshell:

  • Style: Intuitive and secretive;
  • Top qualities: Homemaker, loyal and caring;
  • Weaknesses: Moody, irritable and prone to victimizing;
  • Advice: Avoid conflict started by your high expectations;
  • Celebrities: Keanu Reeves, Julianne Moore, Shawn Mendes, Albert Camus.

When they want something, they commit with all their heart. Sensitive on the exterior, inside these guys are strong and ready for anything. Mars makes them more tenacious about pursuing what they’re passionate about in life.

Personality traits

Home is everything for those with their Mars in Cancer. Here is where they feel at their best. They are masters in the kitchen and also in the bedroom, being able to cook a fancy dinner and after cuddle in bed.

Because their symbol is the shelled Crab, they need to be held tight in someone’s arms. When they are feeling safe, they are the most turned on. They can get close only to people they can trust with their emotions.

Their ultimate goal is to nest and have a happy family. It’s possible they will only fall for a partner who’s into family and childhood memories. People should be careful not to cross them or they’ll end up in their strong claws.

Having Mars in Cancer, the people with this planetary transit can be very moody and cry for no reason. As a matter of fact, Mars is in fall position in Cancer, which means it’s the most difficult for this planet to be in this specific sign.

It’s only normal for things to be this way because Mars is flamboyant and a fighter, the Cancer is private and the most motherly sign. The outer shell of Mars Cancers is very strong although it doesn’t seem so.

They would be the happiest if they’d have a home based business because they would be next to their family all the time. Not to mention they can be destroyed if they argue with coworkers.

They should learn how to not take things so personally all the time. Or how to keep their emotions in line. As said before, Mars makes these people very protective with the ones they love.

Expect anyone who crosses someone in their clan to be crushed. They need a happy family life. If they have been raised in a tense environment, they will struggle all their life to have a peaceful and loving one in the future because they live to be the perfect homemakers.

Passive-aggressive, Mars Cancers will never express their feelings directly. They will let them build up until they will one day explode in outbursts of anger or happiness. Because they don’t want to expose their vulnerabilities, they will protect their inner thoughts as much as possible.

Shy and sensitive, they’ll retreat each time they’ll feel a little bit of rejection. This is why they will never make the first move and prefer for others to chase them.

Their personal needs

Creative and passionate, Mars Cancers know what they want in life. They are also sensitive to the others’ needs. With a good memory and a creative imagination, they will take their projects to the finish line.

But they need to stop being so paranoid or their security is going to be compromised. Because they are so intense, their moods will often change. Anger will be felt at a higher level, so problems with digestion are not impossible.

They will suppress this feeling and end up suffering physically. When they will make a decision, it will be based on their mood at that point.

And they will sometimes regret what they have done or said. Mars Cancers want kids, but don’t expect them to vocalize their wishes. They will always expect their partner to guess what they want.

Because they are very loyal and trustworthy, they want the same from their partner. Not to mention they are sensual and believe in true love.

When these guys are making love, they are involved emotionally too. If they aren’t next to someone affectionate and romantic, they become depressed.

Don’t get scared if they sometimes cry as it’s normal for them to release emotions like this. Not the most adventurous people, they will still make efforts to satisfy their partner.

Traditionalists and conservative, it’s unlikely they will sleep with too many people. Mars Cancers put their desires and emotions in the same place. Sex for them is a way for two people to prove their love.

Out of all the Mars signs, they are the most sentimental and protective. They need complete devotion from their lover if they are to get to bed. They can make anyone feel like there’s no one else in the world when they are making love.

The Mars in Cancer man

The Mars Cancer man loves to stay in bed and cuddle. He likes holding a woman in his arms. And ladies who end up with him always feel protected. He can calm anyone, which means many will look for his company.

As soon as he has committed, expect him to be forever loyal although Mars can make him feel like emotions have too much control over his life.

A partner who takes over in bed would be perfect for him because he wouldn’t feel the pressure of performing. Not to mention he likes to be submissive when having sex.

But his partner needs to be careful not to hurt his ego when he displays his submissive side. He’s very sensitive, so laughing or shaming him is not a good idea.

He will never forget how he has been hurt so this guy needs to be cared for with affection, especially when the tough Mars influences him the most.

The Mars in Cancer woman

The Mars Cancer woman could be a great psychologist because she knows how to comfort people. She’s the type who’ll bring pictures of her entire family to work.

She wants to feel comfortable wherever she may go and if she can’t, she’ll become nasty. But she needs to be careful not to get stuck in an unhealthy routine.

While it may seem like she’s getting everything she wants from all of her rituals, these can impede her from going beyond her limits. It wouldn’t matter if she would have children or not, she would still have her motherly instincts activated.

That’s why she would be a great teacher or therapist. The Mars Cancer woman likes to plan and organize. The parties hosted by her are incredible.

She would be more efficient if she would make friends who have the same interests as her. But in order to make friends, she needs to go out more. A Leo would always keep her entertained.

Difficulties to overcome

Mars Cancers can take words of others too personally and become defensive each time someone tells them something. They will imagine everything people say is directed at them.

And this can cause problems in their relationships. It’s because they are never too confident and their sensitivity is at high levels. You can’t expect them to be predictable because their moods are terrible and they change very often.

They will confuse others and themselves when their brain will tell them to do one thing, and their heart and senses will want something completely different. Mars in a Water sign means also depression because of all the moods.

Mars Cancers need to be alone to refresh their energies. Just like Mars Tauruses, they can’t be rushed when making a decision. Also, they wouldn’t dare to ever try new and untested methods. They prefer to stick with what they know all the time.

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Written by Denise

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