The Capricorn Child: What You Must Know About This Determined Soul

These kids choose their friends wisely and often keep to themselves but this doesn’t mean they are not great at socializing too.

Capricorn child

Children born under Capricorn are attributed great determination and duty. This zodiac is for those born between the 21st of December and the 20th of January. When bringing up a Capricorn kid, you have to find the perfect harmony between responsibility and having fun.

Their intellect and wisdom usually far surpasses those of other children their age and you’ll often be surprised by how level headed they can be. As such, arguments and anger fits won’t be something you’ll see from this child. Sure, you’ll occasionally have a dispute or two, but those get solved calmly most of the time.

Capricorn children in a nutshell:

  • They are amazing at role-playing and organizing things;
  • The challenging times will come from their stubbornness and fixed natures;
  • The Capricorn girl acts in a more grown up way than most kids her age;
  • The Capricorn boy innately makes sense of almost any situation.

Thoughtful and respectful kids

The main traits of these children are their mature mind and high intellect. Raising them tends to be rather easy as compared to other kids.

The most trouble you’ll have will probably be in making your Capricorn child take a break from time to time and relax, reminding them that they’re still children that need playtime too.

On the same note, their determination and diligence know no bounds. They always aim for the best results, as exhausting as it may be.

Having a hectic upbringing or always being on the move will turn them into detached individuals. Otherwise, they tend to be warm and kind souls that put a hefty price on love and compassion.

Some of their favorite childhood games involve role-playing. Your kids will be more successful then you may ever be. Changing careers like socks, becoming doctors, actors or scientists and anything else they can think of.

A hint for a possible future would be their artistic talents, so make sure to keep that in mind. Most of the time you’ll find this kid spending their energy in responsible and proactive ways.

Seeing them go outside and play with others might actually be a rare sight to behold.

As time passes, a Capricorn child might become more of a neat freak than their parents ever were. The room will always be tidied up, clothes always clean and folded and not eve a speck of dust can be spotted in their personal space.

There also no need to worry for the socializing department either. Sure, your kid might not have that many friends, but you can be sure that they were carefully chosen.

January children tend to belong to the quiet bunch that always keep to themselves. So you won’t be hearing complaints from the teachers, but instead they might be the target of bullying due to their seemingly shy personality.

Fret not! As with everything else, they’re wise enough to handle such problems in their own way.

When it comes to love and relationships, your child might need a nudge or too as they tend to not be so sure about what to do in such situations. Make sure to raise an open-hearted individual if you want grand kids in the future.

Capricorn children are thoughtful and respectful kids that always treat people right, unless wronged. If there’s need of help around the house, they got your back.

Actually, if there’s anybody in need, they tend to provide a helping hand. Aren’t you proud of your gentle and diligent offspring? These kids end up becoming pragmatic adults and this shows from an early age.

These children tend to set solid goals for themselves without an issue and don’t waste time on second guessing.

When they have a task at hand, usually nothing will stand in their way. At least not until they bring it to completion.

Schedules and routines are a must for these kids and everything needs to be in order in their room, as such, you as a parent shouldn’t worry too much about having to keep them in check.

They might appear as aloof kids, but in actuality it’s simply the way they handle socializing and affection. They in fact need love more than you’d think, otherwise they risk becoming cold and secluded adults in the future.

The only issue at hand isn’t that they don’t feel compassion or love, it’s that they don’t really know how to show it to others. So there’s some food for thought for you to better raise your Capricorn kid.

The girl

While your baby girl might seem childish, she’ll actually surprise you on more than one occasion with how grown up she can be.

She’s also bound to be more than stubborn with each occasion she can get her hands on. Ever heard of mood swings? Well it’s almost as if she invented the term.

One second she’s like a factory of joy and confetti, the next one it’s like she’s the embodiment of a cloudy, rainy day in April.

Which is sad, of course. But it’s also part of her charms and you know it. Especially since there’s a lot more ups and downs when it comes to her.

Making order where there used to be chaos is her favorite fun time activity. If you’re ever tired and have too many chores around the house, all you need to do is tell your Capricorn daughter that there’s a mess in the living room and she’ll dash straight to your help.

This also goes hand in hand with her yearning for control and security. Having something to do brings a sense of stability and comfort.

The boy

The Capricorn boy appreciates respect and comprehension above all else. With a yearning for reassurance and comfort, it’s best if you show him that you trust in his ability to make sense of a situation.

So make sure you don’t tone down on the adult conversations when he’s around, otherwise he’ll think you’re taking him for granted.

Remember, he’s more mature than you think, so act like it! They always have a plan brewing somewhere in their head and they’re seconds away from acting on it.

His goals and the tasks he sets for himself are as good as reached and he never backs down. He’s more determined and stronger willed than the rest and will make leaps and bounds towards his future.

Few things can stand in his way and those are on the emotional side. But all he needs is some reassurance from you and he’ll be good to go.

Keeping them busy at playtime

Nature is their favorite attraction. They sometimes even crave it so if your Capricorn kid seems gloomy, maybe it’s because they haven’t been out in a while.

They need a breath of nature and some socializing so make sure to take them out to the park with the others kids whenever you can.

Maybe sign them up for a few local sports teams. Anything that has a focus on making them use their legs since that’s this Earth sign’s strong suit.

Their charisma and wisdom make them strong suitors for the leading role in a team.

Their talents also lie in music, especially with how they always appreciate the order of how things should go. This makes them great at keeping the rhythm, so signing them up for some percussion or bass lessons would likely be a great choice!

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