Capricorn Birthstones: Ruby, Agate and Malachite

These three Capricorn birthstones help people born between December 22nd and January 19th achieve success with less effort and more peace of mind.

Capricorn Birthstone

The Capricorn has the Ruby as its birthstone, but it also responds well to Agate and Malachite. The Ruby is its birthstone because it is known to conduct Saturn’s energy, the ruling planet of Capricorn.

These natives are very practical people whose birthstones were identified ever since very old times. Ruby, Agate and Malachite are lucky charms for this zodiac sign, keeping people born under it down-to-earth, determined to succeed and healthy.

Capricorn birthstones summary:

  • Ruby gives people the will to live their life and to be happy in their own body;
  • Agate has an influence over emotions, the intellectual capacities and even physicality;
  • Any mood can be dealt with by wearing Malachite because this stone can help one relax and think positively.


Red-colored, the Ruby is an aluminum oxide that forms crystals in the shape of prisms, pyramids, rhombohedrals or tubes. It’s also possible for the Ruby to be granular or very massive.

This gemstone can give warmth and energy to inactive auras, which makes it great for people who have a physical impairment or are sick. It can be of help with infections, low cholesterol levels, blood clots, detoxification and has great capacity to cure hangovers.

The bodily systems and organs it has great effects on are the circulation and the pituitary gland. Those who have bad circulation in the limbs can use it to feel better too.

Many who can’t regulate their weight use it to either become fit or to put on a few pounds. When it comes to the psychological effects, the Ruby can help with the lack of enthusiasm and a feeling of boredom.

Its effects over the energy levels are incredible. Those who are disgusted by their own body and physicality altogether can use it as well. It gives people the will to live their life and to be happy in their own body.

More than this, Ruby can awaken passions by giving intensity to emotions. Many use it as a lucky charm for happiness, sexuality, energy levels and even wealth. Ruby is sure to make people more dynamic and to give them determination.

It’s the stone that helps with rebirth, higher energy levels and that works against physical exhaustion. On the other hand, when someone is feeling hyperactive, it can help to balance the energy and to bring about calmer nerves.

Most of those who know how to use it want this gemstone for increased passion because it can motivate and help with the completion of projects. Procrastination is never the answer, so Ruby helps anyone who wants to get started with different tasks.

When feeling like doing nothing, just hold onto a Ruby stone and this will inspire you to take the initiative and to have the necessary energy. What it actually does is strengthening and bringing new energy to the chakras of the heart because it unlocks the channels of sending and receiving power, success, leadership skills, self-confidence, energy and even love.

When Ruby is used for the base chakra, it becomes an aphrodisiac that makes people more aware of their own body and health problems that can exist in their system. It’s important to use Ruby with care because it amplifies both positive and detrimental energies. Its influence is over the Yang, therefore, it can easily bring about anger and pessimism.

Those who think life isn’t worth living should use Ruby to be able to enjoy social activities as this gemstone awakens thoughts of action, the ability to do a perfect job, boldness, spontaneity and even a little bit of impulsiveness.

Having effect on the higher conscious, it also helps individuals to be more in contact with their spiritual and ethereal existence, which is an essential process for those who want to be connected with the Universe.

Therefore, many spiritual leaders use it to elevate their experiences and also to enjoy physicality and how their body works.


Agates are known to stabilize and reinforce the connections between pure energy and the physical body. If this gemstone is worn around the heart chakra, it starts to deal with negative emotions and to help people accept love.

The sacral chakra, which is around the abdomen, can use Agate in either crystal water form or as a stone against gastritis and to stimulate digestion. Agave has great effects over the crown chakra as it combines the energies of the sky and Earth and makes them work efficiently for the body.

When worn on the Third Eye, Agate can help people escape the influences of abusive and manipulative individuals, not to mention in this situation it also replenishes the physical energy.

The term “agate” stands for a distinctive fibrous chalcedony that is banded. It has many names for its many varieties and is usually found in the layers that line up geodes. The ways it’s differently named indicates either its color, source or pattern.

Don’t confuse Agate with Jasper because the first is transparent and the other opaque. There are many colors it can have, but the most common ones are yellow, gray, pink, brown, black, red and even orange.

While blue and violet can also appear, dark-green and too many shades of blue are not at all usual for this stone. It lets its color from different embedded minerals, and because the most common ones are hydroxides and iron oxides, its colors are yellow, shades of gray and brown.

Agate in pure form is white and a gray that can sometimes be confused with blue. The structure of Agate is porous and can be changed or enhanced. Also, many colors have been added, like in the Brazilian ones that were lacking color and therefore, have been dyed in green, blue and pink.

Agates have an influence over emotions, the intellectual capacities and even physicality. They can stabilize a person’s body and heal health problems related to the stomach, the uterus and the eyes.

Those who have problems with their sexuality can use it to appreciate the pleasure of lovemaking.

Its effects are on a cellular level and also on a psychological or spiritual one. This gemstone is also known to make people more perceptive when it comes to the hidden diseases that may be affecting their body.


Malachite is amazing for the inner world of dreams, fantasy and imagination. It has effects over the memory and can deal with suppressed feelings. Those who feel inhibited should use it to express themselves better.

Any mood can be dealt with by wearing Malachite because this stone easily dissolves any pain or trauma felt by a person. When not knowing what the root of a problem is, Malachite can make you see different patterns of similar situations and teach you a great lesson.

The more you use this stone, the more involved you get to become from a mental, spiritual and emotional point of view. It can be used for healing, especially against cramps and menstrual problems.

Furthermore, this gemstone has great influences over the brain and the nerves. Malachite is amazing for those who don’t have a will to live anymore. Because it’s a carbonate mineral from copper, it should be used against the arthritis as well.

Malachite can be worn around the solar plexus chakra to help with emotions as it makes individuals forget any pain they may have in their past. Dealing with suppressed feelings, it intensifies good moods and can make anyone relax.

Those who wear it around the heart chakra will feel more balanced and have peace of mind, while they’ll become open to love and receive harmony. Furthermore, Malachite can help students understand difficult concepts in school because it gives an ability to become more imaginative and to be aware of the most complicated and twisted ideas.

Many can use it to think faster and to make decisions without being scared of the consequences. Enhancing observational skills, Malachite makes people perceive hidden meanings and messages. It also gives a capacity to criticize, together with the wish to do so.

If you have too many thoughts, you can always employ Malachite and clear your head as this stone releases repetitive ways of thinking and puts matters of the soul and mind together. It’s amazing for those who want to listen more to their heart rather than to their logic.

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