Taurus and Leo Friendship Compatibility

This friendship is founded on the shared love for beautiful things and indulging, as well as on their high ambitions.

Taurus and Leo Friendship

The Taurus and the Leo have more things in common than they like to show to the world. For example, they’re both loyal and in love with the good things in life.

Furthermore, these two are very stubborn characters who prefer to choose their friends according to what positive traits these may have.

CriteriaTaurus and Leo Friendship Degree
Mutual interestsAverage★ ★ ★
Loyalty & DependabilityVery strong★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Trust & Keeping secretsAverage★ ★ ★
Fun & EnjoymentStrong★ ★ ★ ★
Likelihood to last in timeStrong★ ★ ★ ★

The friendship between the Taurus and the Leo can be sincere, even if they both enjoy fighting from time to time. It’s like they admire one another very much because they understand each other and their needs.

The idealistic friends

While the Taurus loves being given affection and love, the Leo requires to be complimented and praised. Both of them are loyal and even possessive, so it’s not difficult for them to be friends considering their needs are similar.

Regardless if about a friendship or a family connection, no one is sincerer and more loyal than the Leo because people in this sign love to open their heart and to communicate.

They have charisma and can inspire others with their spontaneity and extroverted attitude. It’s normal for them to always be in the competition and to express themselves as much as possible.

Courageous and bold, Leos will never back down from a challenge or from protecting their friends. Unfortunately, they’re too idealistic and can see friendship as something that has to be perfect, so their disappointment can be tremendous when others can’t offer them all this.

Furthermore, they get easily hurt when not appreciated enough and like any other fixed sign, they hold grudges for long periods of time.

The Taurus doesn’t mind laughing at any problem and even at him or herself. This native thinks life’s too short and has a very rich sense of humor, even if he or she can sometimes become dark when making jokes.

All Taurians are very intelligent and seem to be on top of their game, regardless of the situation. They can get any type of humor and usually make others laugh with their realistic and funny approach.

Furthermore, these natives don’t like change and love to support others. When spending a lot of time with their friends, they’re the ones who organize parties and also the shoulder on which everyone is crying.

Therefore, Taurians are great friends when anyone’s in need and don’t mind acting like a family member for their acquaintances. However, they’re stubborn, possessive and obsessed with the materialistic side of life.

While they can love with all their heart, they can also be detached from those who have weaknesses. Their friendship tends to last for a lifetime, so it’s impossible to have them distancing from their best friends.

Mutual admiration

The friendly connection between a Taurus and a Leo is based on their common love for luxury and ability to see the big picture. Both of them want to achieve a high social status and to possess many things, even if they have different ways of doing all these things.

For example, the Leo is a show-off, thing that isn’t in any way bothering the Taurus, who also wants to display his or her prosperity.

Because both of them are determined to succeed, they can work together in a very efficient manner and without having too many arguments. While Venus rules over Taurians, the Sun is the ruler of Leos.

Furthermore, the Sun is all about the ego and gives both light and warmth, which means the Leo has just this type of energies.

Venus is the planet of beauty and refined things, which means the compatibility between the Taurus and the Leo combines masculinity and femininity and is based on mutual admiration, not to mention Venus is never at a greater distance than 42 degrees from the Leo’s Sun.

The Sun is also the giver of life, while Venus rules over love, which means the combination between these two celestial bodies is very positive. The Taurus belongs to the Earth element, whereas the Leo to the Fire one.

Both of them have ambitions, but they express them differently because the Leo wants celebrity and wealth, whilst the Taurus struggles for stability.

These two natives also desire a leadership role, which means they can sometimes argue and disagree. However, as long as they’ll reassure one another their friendship is valuable, they can resolve the conflicts between them very easily.

The Leo is extroverted and sees people as they actually are, without ever being pessimistic. Those who are friends with a Leo should expect kindness, devotion, sincerity and support from this person because Leos happen to be very proud of their friendships.

However, they don’t want to spend their time with someone who puts them in the shadows as they always want to be in the center of attention and can become jealous as soon as others are trying to steal their spotlight.

It’s indicated to interact very closely with a Leo because this native wants his or her friends to show appreciation towards the connection they’re having with him or her.

When criticizing others, the same Leo can become pretty arrogant. However, this native is still very sincere and would never lie just to make someone feel better.

It’s important to not take advantage of his or her kindness because in this situation, he or she wouldn’t hesitate to end any partnership.

What to remember about the Taurus & Leo friendship

When the Taurus becomes friends with a Leo, he or she always wants to be around that person. Taurians have a very sensitive soul and an incredible emotional intelligence. Because they don’t like change, they may think people have something personal with them, especially when doing something to make them feel insecure.

Both Taurians and Leos are fixed signs, which means they’re pretty rigid and only believe in their own opinions. When working to achieve a goal, they’re only working with their specific plans and don’t trust any type of change as steadily and repeatedly seems to win the race for them.

As soon as they’ve decided one of their friends is true, no one can change their mind and they can remain forever devoted. When arguing, these two may never accept one another’s ideas because the Taurus is too stubborn to ever be convinced of something, while the Leo can’t take in other people’s opinions.

The Taurus is reserved and very ambitious, so this native makes compromises easier than the flamboyant Leo. When these two are friends, the Bull may just smile hearing how the Leo makes a monologue that never seems to end.

The Taurus seems to think more of the greater good because he or she has more patience and usually wants a best friend, regardless who’s the leader in the union.

In return, the Leo shows his or her affection by spoiling the Taurus and treating him or her like family. Therefore, the Leo gives expensive presents, praises all the time and makes all kind of gestures meant to express his or her generosity.

However, people in his or her life need to be loyal and to not take the giving nature of this native for granted. It can be very difficult to deal with the ferocity of a Leo unleashed because he or she can be ruthless and doesn’t care about parting ways with someone who has betrayed.

Therefore, being loyal to a Leo is essential. While other signs don’t mind changing friends and moving from one partnership to another, the Taurus is not in any way like this as he or she chooses people in his or her life very carefully, from the beginning.

Taurians want the best from everyone and everything, including their friends and acquaintances. Therefore, when close with the Taurus, people need to be capable of offering their love and admiration.

While the Taurus expects a lot, he or she can give the same back. The friendship between this native and a Leo is based on mutual admiration and understanding, especially when it comes to who’s more domineering in the partnership.

Astrology says these two are very compatible as friends and that they can make a great team when fighting for the same goals.

While very different in personalities, they have a powerful connection because they both love luxury and want to be surrounded by beauty. Furthermore, they’re disciplined and can work together to achieve great things, not to mention how they both have very creative minds.

It can be said their similarities are much stronger than their differences, but the Taurus needs to accept the fact that the Leo has a big ego. In return, the Leo has to put up with the Taurus’ criticizing nature.

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