Taurus As a Friend: Why You Need One

You can count on the Taurus friend to be there for you and to try to make things as fun and comfortable as possible, regardless of situation.

Taurus Friendship

For all the legendary stubbornness associated with Taurus people, they are one of the kindest and most generous friends out there. They will always accept and be enthusiastic about accompanying you to social events and showing off to your friends. They want to relax and feel comfortable above all else.

They are very responsible, and you can count on them to offer support when the situation turns dire, but otherwise don’t even expect for them to go out of their comfort zone too easily. They just love procrastinating, the warm and cozy feeling of their bed, and the comfortable feeling of staying in-doors, enjoying their favorite activities.

Top 5 reasons why everyone needs a Taurus friend:

  1. They are one of the kindest and most generous friends out there.
  2. They are good at taking care of issues even under great pressure.
  3. They really love seeing other people happy, content and satisfied.
  4. Your Taurus friend will be there to put you on your feet all the time.
  5. They will accept you as you are and make you feel protected.

They care a lot about how their friends see them

The Taureans are among the few people in the world that actually pay attention to whom they befriend. There are a lot of things to take into consideration, and so they are generally distant before they get to know you.

Principles, virtues, moral balance and good guidelines, devotion and loyalty, a profound mind, these are the most important traits that they want in a friend.

Once they find these people, a strong bond will develop in time, one based on trust and mutual understanding. Generally, they don’t like it when people reveal themselves too quickly, but rather slowly and steadily, in stages.

Also, remember that the Taurus natives are comfort seekers above all else. Expect to be invited to their home. That’s a strong sign they’re into you.

Thus, their home will often be the place where close friends come together to spend some quality time in a comfortable environment.

They feel good and proud that people love their presence and their home. However, they will also be very attentive about whom they let in on their safe refuge, about who can truly gain access to their private vault of comfort and relaxation.

There is an entertainer in each Taurus. They really love seeing other people happy, content and satisfied. That’s why they often inquire about cooking skills, organizing festive dinners and tips and tricks about keeping people comfortable and happy.

They really manage to connect to other people from the first seconds, something that not many of us can do.

They like to have a taste of every different culture, literally so, which is to say that they love eating, anything and everything. If you’re out of ideas about where to go on your next date, then ask them, and they’ll direct you to all the best locales and restaurants in town.

Come on, Taureans, you have to admit that you keep a personalized journal with every possible important date in your life and in your friends’ life. Otherwise, it would be too far-fetched that you remember everything just like that.

They care a lot about how their friends see them, and they put a lot of effort into trying to create a good impression, while also being natural.

That’s one of the many things that people really love about them, that they are involved and caring. Don’t think that they fake their attitude just to be liked by other people because that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s just that they like seeing other people happy, and this coincides with their generous and caring nature.

Question – can two Taureans be friends? Can they understand each other and, at the same time, avoid stoning themselves to death because of their innate stubbornness and possessiveness?

The answer – yes, they absolutely can. Everyone knows what similar people attract those with the same personalities and natures. As such, two-star signs will always seek each other out.

They can be possessive though, in a big way. Once you’re their friend, expect them to have certain demands from you. You won’t easily get away from their attempts to spend as much time together. Just understand that this is a way to show affection and kindness.

They are good at taking care of issues even in times of great duress when others would peel over and die of stress and pressure. Taureans are naturally calmer and more patient than the rest of us, which means that there are very few things that can get them to become serious.

If it’s doable, then they’re going to take it slow and steady. This is probably the reason why people come to them with questions, asking for advice. It’s a very deep commitment that they have toward their friends and close ones.

Affectionate friends

You only hear about two people meeting and striking an unbreakable friendship in movies or fairy-tales. Well, this is exactly the case with the Taureans, that they treat every single person they meet with a kind and very generous attitude.

Even more in the case of those they acknowledge as being meritorious of their devotion and loyalty. They are light-hearted and very comfortable, but they can be suspicious of new people.

Until you prove it to them that you are trustworthy and reliable, they’re going to keep their distance, make no mistake about that.

Because they can give their all and put forth enormous efforts toward the growth of a relationship, they expect the same if not more in return. The fastest way to their hearts is through honesty, frankness. Just be natural and straightforward. You can’t go wrong with that.

The best partner for a cozy Taurus is the sensitive and emotional Pisces. Know why? Because these aquatic individuals are just as comfortable and relaxed, seeking a refuge from the threats of the outside world.

They are just as enthused to spend time indoors, to fill their schedule with interesting things to do.

A weekend can literally get no better than spending it at home, in front of the fireplace, wrapped in a blanket, sipping on a cup of hot cholate, preferably with a fluffy cat on your lap, reading a book.

That is, hands-down, the perfect day for a Pisces, but also for a Taurus. These two are in perfect synchronism together. Nothing can dispel their magical gismo, that deep bond between them.

When you’re in a bind and don’t know what to do or how to face it, no worries, your Taurus friend will be there to put you on your feet. These natives will be there until you’re kicking ass again. They’ll be there to partake in the good times, but most importantly, they won’t bail out on you during the rough times.

You better be sure that they’re not going to willingly talk behind your back or get involved in such gossiping.

Moreover, don’t be surprised when they’re going to show up on your doorstep with a present for a certain event even you forgot about. Or maybe it’s just a symbol of their affection.

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