Taurus and Cancer Friendship Compatibility

This friendship is built on a powerful connection that is likely to beat the odds and become even more durable in time.

Taurus and Cancer Friendship

The Taurus and the Cancer may be immediately interested in one another and a friendship between them, because they’re both focused on security. For example, they want good jobs, great families and the comfort of a cozy home.

The Taurus may sometimes be too obsessed with money for the Cancer to like him or her, while the Crab is too delicate for the Bull. However, most of the time, these two won’t mind dealing with one another’s negative traits.

CriteriaTaurus and Cancer Friendship Degree
Mutual interestsVery strong★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Loyalty & DependabilityVery strong★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Trust & Keeping secretsStrong★ ★ ★ ★
Fun & EnjoymentStrong★ ★ ★ ★
Likelihood to last in timeVery strong★ ★ ★ ★ ★

When friends, the Taurus and the Cancer never bring each other down, which some believe is the secret to their great friendship.

Beyond tolerating each other

The combination between them is good because they’re only separated by one sign on the zodiac wheel, so they have good karmic connections and tend get along very well.

It’s easy for them to be nurturing with each other, so their friendship is usually happy because they’re both interested in comfort and security.

When spending time together, these two great friends will go shopping, eat at expensive restaurants and share many things from their stable lives.

They give a lot of importance to family, so they’ll talk about their children and what their spouses are doing. Therefore, Taurians and Cancers are more focused on the family life than on partying.

They can be friends for a lifetime because they grow to be more and more compatible over the years. It would be easy for them to admire one another and in the same time to be criticizing.

When the Cancer wants to be sure of him or herself, the Taurus is the best one to encourage him or her. Furthermore, when the latter wants to make a new acquisition, the former can always come up with good ideas and real bargains.

They both have high ideals and can tolerate each other, which means the Cancer will never see the Taurus as needy. Problems may appear when the Bull is too stubborn to accept the Cancer’s opinions, situation in which the Crab will just hide in a corner and not want to come out.

It’s essential for the Taurus to understand that their friend is very sensitive and the other way around, the Cancer to no longer be so passive-aggressive and to talk about his or her needs.

The planet ruling Taurus is Venus, whereas the Cancer has the Moon as his or her governor. Both these celestial bodies have feminine energy, and the Taurus can impress the Cancer with his or her honesty and openness because the latter is a little bit withdrawn.

The intense femininity of the Cancer can be valued with the help of the practical Taurus, so the Crab can become more productive when friends with the Taurus.

The Moon has an influence over the tides on this planet, which makes the Cancer manipulative, but the Taurus is always focused for any of his or her friends’ plans to work out, regardless if the Cancer is focusing more on making an impression.

Furthermore, the Crab has a melancholic side and wants to stay at home rather than going to parties. It wouldn’t matter what crisis these two would be facing, the Taurus will always come with a solution and he or she is a person on whom others can rely.

When the Cancer will have problems in his or her life, the Taurus will make sure all these issues are being dealt with and the Crab finds a solution. However, the Taurus tends to point out that he or she has been right, which is a little bit annoying, even if his or her advice is always precious.

Each with their strengths

People in Taurus are known as very stubborn, but not as having bad intentions, just because they think they always have the right solutions. Therefore, they’re always only trying to help and their main focus is on their friends to be well.

Even when making a mistake, the Taurus won’t leave his or her loved ones behind because he or she doesn’t believe in drama and in abandoning. When someone will gossip about a friend of the Taurus, this native won’t even want to listen to all that’s being said.

These people are all the time focusing on details, so they remember anniversaries and even when the pets of their loved ones have their birthdays. They’re nurturing and have great emotional intelligence, so they can support their friends through really difficult times and their perception is very high.

Taurians don’t mind listening to others and can understand any type of behavior. However, they may sometimes feel like the entire world is depending on them, thing that brings about many moods.

Others will come to them in order to feel emotionally supported, which can be quite the irony because they don’t really like to share personal impressions that much.

However, as long as they’re doing it, things can only turn out right. It’s important for them to sometimes take a break and gain some perspective.

They’re stable and usually do what they’ve promised, not to mention they can relate to other people’s problems and become very passionate when having to help.

Taurians will not back down from making their friends happy because they only want beautiful partnerships with others and to enjoy strong connections. They’re all about security and it’s unlikely for them to ever betray or to leave people behind.

Cancers are great friends because they’re treating everyone like family. Furthermore, they’re loving, kind and hospitable.

These natives don’t mind protecting and helping, but they have emotions that go too deep, so after an argument, they can be upset for a very long time and even after forgiving their friend, they need a lot of time to start trusting again.

More than this, it’s possible for them to smother their loved ones and to be exaggeratedly controlling, regardless if this is required from them or not. When making new friends, they tend to be passive-aggressive and even pretentious.

It can be the greatest thing ever to let a Cancer become your best friend because people in this sign are loyal and don’t like to waste any time.

However, their loved ones have to understand they sometimes need their own space. As soon as they’re feeling fulfilled in a partnership with someone, they don’t mind opening up and loving with all their heart.

What to remember about the Taurus & Cancer friendship

Belonging to the Earth element, the Taurus can be different from the Cancer, who belongs to the Water one. However, they’re compatible as friends because their energies deal with the physical world and the tangible realm.

Born to nurture, the Cancer can help the Taurus be more emotional, just like the rain helps the earth. In return, the Taurus can show the Cancer how to be less sensitive because Bulls are known for being stable.

These two need to be careful and to not take advantage of the goodness their friendship brings about. After all, the Taurus may become tired seeing the Cancer so moody, while the Cancer may think the Taurus doesn’t have any feelings.

Compromise is necessary for their partnership to work, just like with any other two signs being friends. While the Taurus is fixed, the Cancer is cardinal, which means the first never changes his or her mind and the latter needs someone strong on whom he or she can rely when the world becomes too cruel.

The Cancer can come up with new plans for both of them to take part in and to have fun. It’s possible for them to get along very well if the Cancer brings about new ideas and the Taurus works on them.

The best aspect of a friendship between a Taurus and a Cancer is the fact that this relationship is solid and can last for a lifetime. Both these signs are reliable and protective, which means they can cooperate in a great way.

The fact that they both love security will make their connection stronger and put it closer to what an ideal friendship means.

These natives are loyal and kind, and the Cancer doesn’t mind cooking the same meal for the Taurus each week, as the latter loves routine.

In return, the Taurus will happily listen to all the dreams a Crab has, regardless if the latter will call in the middle of the night or in the early morning to talk about all of his or her hopes.

After all, friendship is all about being next to each other through all kind of times. Furthermore, both these natives admire each other for their positive traits, which means the Taurus is impressed by how the Cancer can lead in any situation, while the other way around, the Cancer appreciates how the Taurus takes pleasure in everything.

It’s true the Crab is moody and annoying, but at the same time, the Taurus is stubborn. However, these things don’t matter in the end, because they’re both able to tolerate one another.

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