Leo As a Friend: Why You Need One

The Leo friend may seem intimidating but is in fact very generous and affectionate.

Leo Friendship

Leo friends are naturally very enthusiastic and filled with raw energy, the kind that gets you going without even having to try. They are confident and creative, self-aware and very passionate about what they’re doing. Everyone wants to be their friend, and it’s easy to figure out why.

Loyalty and devotion are natural traits to Leos. They will never betray their friends, and whenever you need a helping hand, know that they will be there. With a terrifying roar, they will drive away all enemies, walk on fire to come to your aid, and stand guard when you’re weak. They can also be very affectionate and loving, but also competitive and daring. Offend them and be destroyed.

Top 5 reasons why everyone needs a Leo friend:

  1. Loyalty and devotion are natural traits to Leo friends.
  2. You will never grasp how much these natives are capable of in the name of friendship.
  3. Know that they will always be generous and kind to people who deserve it.
  4. They are the soul of the party, always doing something that shocks everyone.
  5. Their relentless energy will attract numerous adventures in your lives.

Caring about friendships

You will never know what these natives are capable of in the name of friendship unless you actually befriended one of them.

Know from the beginning that you have a comrade in arms whatever may happen. They will compromise their own wellbeing and put in great efforts to be there for you.

You might be intimidated by their apparent demeanor, in the beginning, thinking that they’re selfish and narrow-minded, lacking in kindness and empathy, but that couldn’t be any more wrong. Well, appearances can be wrong, as you see here.

Of course, it’s also true that Leos will always search the spotlight. Whatever they’re doing, they want the world to know about it, to receive praise and bask in the glory and appreciation of everyone around. They love it when people compliment them, and they will work endlessly to receive it.

You might think it’s pretty hard for such an individual to break this pleasing cycle and share in the joy of life with someone else. How can they abandon that thrilling feeling of appreciation? Well, they can do that very easily for close ones.

They are very friendly, mainly because they realize the importance of interpersonal relationships.

You’re going to be very patient with these Leo natives. Why? Simply because they’re going to fill your head with pep talks, stories of their achievements and aspirations, things that are deserving of praise. Also, they will put a lot of pressure on you, trying to make you better, to see your mistakes and get over them.

This is all coming from their kindness and interest in fostering a deep friendship, a profound relationship. They care about you, that’s pretty much it. Even more, expect to be treated to a lot of presents and gifts, coming out of a sudden in the most surprising of ways.

Know now that the greatest mistake you could ever do is take the Leo friends for granted. Such royalties will not stand for it when someone doesn’t appreciate or even mocks their kindness. That’s when the real king of the jungle, the great best, is unleashed. Expect to be destroyed when this happens.

Loyalty and respect, these are sacred to them. Come to think of it, it would do you a lot of good to actually be reciprocal in your relationships with them because it can only be beneficial.

Kind and generous friends

The Leos will strive to create the best world both for themselves and for others. They will put in enormous efforts, persevere and fight with fiery ambition for their aspirations. Nothing will stop their advance, not the passing of time, not difficult situations, nothing.

They can be very passionate about their interests, and dynamically pursue them in spite of all the competition and constraints. What’s even more attractive in their case is their confidence. That undying, immutable, and absolutely point-blank strength of character that animates their every action.

Sure, Leos can be very kind and generous, but what can you do when they exhibit their selfish and arrogant nature? That’s when everything starts falling apart when you’re annoyed and feel that you can’t take it anymore.

Their friendships suffer because of this. In the beginning, everything might be fine, but as time goes on and they reveal more of their personalities, the beast is revealed.

Never, and we mean it, never step on their toes or try to steal the spotlight away from them. Contradictions, sure, but you have to be very prepared with good arguments and an iron will.

There is literally no one more friendly and liable to walk out of a pub in the cheering of everyone inside other than the Leo natives. They make friends wherever they go. With dynamic and intense personalities such as theirs, how can this not happen?

Moreover, they believe that having many friends is actually very helpful in life. Knowing who to count on when the situation becomes dire is paramount to a good life.

However, you will have to spend a lot of time trying to get to know them. They never reveal more than they should, and they’ll be hard to track down. Be patient and keep on trying. They will eventually find you trustworthy enough.

Who else other than the eternal adventurer Sagittarius can be a perfect fit for the raging and fiery Leo? These two are going to put the world through the sword, organize flash mobs, bring about a revolution. Nothing will be left standing when these two get a move on and start putting their aspirations into reality.

They will never back down from a challenge, never abandon the boat when things get complicated, and they will always take attitude in front of injustices or to protect their ideas.

You have to take responsibility for your life, to have the courage necessary to take on the entire world. Don’t be uncertain, anxious or unwilling to get yourself out of the comfort zone.

Leos like daring people, those who don’t care about what others thing, the kind who do everything to accomplish their dreams.

Knowing how to have fun, how to pursue your ideas when everyone is against you, that’s what Leos are all about. Being their friend means much more than having a few common things. It means living by a code of conduct, loyalty, and devotion, a certain strength of character.

Know that they will always be generous and kind to people who deserve it. So you’d better stay in their good books. They are the soul of the party, always doing something that shocks everyone, and as their friend, you have to appreciate this as well.

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Written by Denise

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