Taurus and Gemini Friendship Compatibility

This friendship can last for a very long time because it’s always secure and neither of them ever feels tied down to the other.

Taurus and Gemini Friendship

The friendship between the Taurus and the Gemini is pretty intriguing because the Taurus is always practical while the Gemini playful, which means these two approach life differently.

While the latter loves dealing with the new, the former hates change. If they happen to be friends, it’s usually because their interests are the same.

CriteriaTaurus and Gemini Friendship Degree
Mutual interestsAverage★ ★ ★
Loyalty & DependabilityStrong★ ★ ★ ★
Trust & Keeping secretsAverage★ ★ ★
Fun & EnjoymentStrong★ ★ ★ ★
Likelihood to last in timeAverage★ ★ ★

Both these friends pay a lot of attention to hobbies, so it’s very likely for these two natives to meet at a cooking class or in a workshop. The Taurus will always admire the fact that the Gemini has innovative ideas, while the other way around, the Twin will love how elegant the Bull is.

Surely they won’t get bored

The friendship between these two is never boring because both of them want to get stimulated and when fighting, they turn into even more exciting characters.

It’s suggested the Taurus and the Gemini spend more time together because they have many things to offer one another.

For example, the Gemini loves to talk about anything and to jump from one subject to another, while the Taurus keeps focusing on the same topic and doesn’t give up bringing arguments to his or her opinions until the other person is convinced, he or she is right.

It may sometimes look like the Gemini is only supporting what the Taurus has to say, while the Taurus is nothing else but a toy in the Gemini’s hands.

However, when these two are together, it’s impossible for them to not become childish and make all kind of jokes. Very compatible, they’re both equally crazy and share the same ideas that stand behind their reasons for doing different things.

While the Taurus is reserved and down-to-earth, the Gemini simply loves making jokes and having fun. Furthermore, the first hates change and the second simply loves it.

When the Taurus will want to save money and to invest in long-term opportunities, the Gemini won’t hesitate to spend everything. In spite of all these differences, the Taurus and the Gemini can still have a great friendship because the first loves how the latter is witty and the Gemini simply relies on the advice given by the Bull.

When the Taurus needs to escape routine, he or she can always turn to the Gemini because this person always seems to know what to do in case of boredom.

It’s true the Taurus may sometimes go crazy seeing how the Gemini can’t focus, but these issues between them will get solved easily.

Furthermore, it may be difficult for the Gemini to have the patience of the Taurus. When these two are friends, the Bull can begin to change his or her life and become more sociable, even if in a completely different way than that of the Gemini.

The Taurus doesn’t like having too many friends and usually keeps only a few people close to his or her heart. The Gemini has many acquaintances, but doesn’t think of that many of them to be close because he or she is intelligent enough to know these individuals can’t all be his or her true friends.

These two approach life differently

It’s possible for the Gemini and the Taurus to meet at a party, the theater and also a concert because they’re both in love with art and truly enjoy cultural events.

If they’ll meet in a place they both love, they’ll talk a lot, even if the latter takes some time to trust other people and the former doesn’t always have the disposition to make new friends.

Furthermore, the Gemini may think the Taurus is not in any way interesting. However, if these two are not acting like the typical zodiac signs that represent them, they may grow to be very close and decide to do great things together.

It’s very likely they’ll become best friends because they can hear from each other what they’ve never heard from other people before. Both of them have a lot to offer, especially since the Gemini represents the Twins and has a dual mind.

If the Taurus allows the Gemini to be free and to just do what he or she wants, the friendship between them can last for a lifetime. In the beginning of their interaction, the Taurus may be a little bit demanding, but if he or she is patient enough, the Gemini will at some point become devoted and more settled in their friendship.

It’s true these two approach life differently because the Taurus only thinks of practicality and the Gemini prefers an intellectual mindset, but in the end, the Gemini will accept the fact that the Taurus is down-to-earth, while the Taurus won’t mind dealing with the superficiality of the Gemini.

The Bull can always help the Twin see the deepness of any situation, while the other way around, the latter can help the former be more fun and exciting.

While Venus rules over Taurus and Mercury over Gemini, both these planets are in the proximity of the Sun and the neighboring each other, even if they’re completely different when it comes to what they’re influencing.

Venus is all about beauty, sensuality and materialism, while Mercury rules over communication and features both feminine and masculine energies.

The Gemini can adapt to everything, while the Taurus is rigid. The latter can be fascinated by a Twin and may want a stable partnership with the person in this sign.

A friendship or a battleground

The Taurus belongs to the Earth element, while the Gemini to the Air element, which means the first is down-to-earth, while the other has a more intellectual approach. Therefore, the Gemini can come up with ideas and the Taurus will put them into practice.

They may have quarrels when the Taurus becomes possessive and the Gemini too detached. It’s essential for both of them to adopt different views as the Gemini is too unpredictable and the Taurus too rigid.

As long as these two understand one another and appreciate their friendship more than anything else, they can establish a very strong friendship between them, even if the Gemini must make use of his or her flexibility more often.

The same Twin loves an interesting conversation and making good jokes, which means he or she is very entertaining. However, people can’t really rely on him or her because the Twin is always looking for variety and gets bored as soon as starting a project.

While the Taurus is fixed, the Gemini is mutable, which means the first focuses on tasks as they come and never lets anything undone, while the latter goes with the flow.

The Gemini won’t mind getting engaged in Taurus’ projects, but the Taurus needs to allow their friend to be as free as possible. The Bull can always help the Twin put his or her ideas into practice, while the Gemini can show the Taurus change is not all the time a bad thing.

The friendship between these two can last for a very long time because it’s always secure and neither of them ever feels tied down to the other. As long as communication is what rules in their partnership, they can be best friends for a lifetime.

It’s true they may have their quarrels, but in the end, they can make one another’s lives very fun because they have different personalities.

Above all this, the Taurus has a quick temper and the Gemini can become moody or manipulative, even capable of doing some regretful things. Over time, the friendship between them can turn into a battleground because of how different their characters are.

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