Signs A Scorpio Man Likes You: From Actions To The Way He Texts You

Spoiler alert: Your Scorpio man is into you when he spends more time with you than with anyone else and his texts are full of compliments.

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There are two very simple words that describe what you should be looking for when trying to figure if your Scorpio crush is into you or not, and these are: fiery passion. This man is the kind who is all in or out, there isn’t really an inbetween.

Top 10 signs a Scorpio is into you

  1. Wishes to experiment new things with you.
  2. He doesn’t hide behind words.
  3. He maintains eye contact for what it feels like ages.
  4. Goes out of his way to help you with little things.
  5. He tends to spend more time with you than with anyone else in his life.
  6. His texts are flirty and full of compliments.
  7. He always tries to discover more about you.
  8. Keeps finding excuses to be close to you
  9. Acts as if you’ve been together for ages.
  10. He has a mesmerizing and passionate flirting style (see Scorpio flirting style).

When this guy is into someone, the mountains will shake, and you will feel the searing hot flames of his love burn you to cinders.

It’s not turning into an obsession, but you could also call it that, if we take a look at how intense his emotions are. He will literally look at you and you alone, in a room of dozens. After he has locked your gaze, he won’t ever leave it again, because he wants to truly conquer you.

What happens between the two of you, if you give him access to your personal emotional vault, is a bonding of the highest and deepest caliber.

How to figure out if your Scorpio likes you

If a Scorpio is interested in you, it’s going to be quite the evident affair, because he’s pretty straightforward with this, and he’ll even declare that himself.

You’re going to know it anyway, because he’s not going to waste any time in making you fully realize just how much he is into you. If he wants something deeper and different than just a one-night adventure, he’s going to be very determined, devoted, and honest with this whole affair.

After enough time has passed, and considering that you went ahead with his approach, the Scorpio man will have already become very interested in knowing you in your entirety, and he’s not going to abandon this quest very soon, if the mystery is deep enough.

It’s not that easy to figure whether anyone likes you, but if you give attention to how this guy behaves when around you, it’ll be quite obvious in the end, that he does things differently.

In general though, you’re going to catch him staring deeply at you, observing you, the object of his full attention. His eyes, actually, are one of the major telltale signs here, and you would do good to pay attention to this.

Moreover, his overall demeanor will reflect the growing interest, because he can’t fully control himself when around you. He’s going to try new things, experiment, to see how you’re going to react, and that’s why his ideas may seem rather strange sometimes.

He watches with doubled focus whatever his crush is doing, and he can’t help himself from studying her from a safe spot, admiring her feminine grace, her charming smile, the way she talks, and how there’s a tiny wrinkle forming on her forehead when she laughs.

He notices quite a lot of things, and if you catch him staring at you at a particular moment, you’re effectively going to see fascination hiding in his eyes, the growing interest, that feeling of love that eludes so many of us at a first sight.

He’s very evident in this respect, because he wants to always have you close to him, and keep close contact to you.

He’s going to subtly ensure that you have reasons to talk all day long, or that you set up a date on a weekend morning, which then ends somewhere in the evening.

After that much time spent together, you will surely have talked about a lot of things, and the bond should have grown deeper and deeper.

His lover is worth all the time in the world, so he’ll want for nothing else than to be with you, always, and for that, he’s willing to pay almost any price.

Furthermore, if someone threatens to take away this opportunity, and acts as a competitor, he’ll instantly react, trying to make them back off. This woman is already taken, and she’s going to be no one else’s but his.

Another thing worth knowing about the Scorpio man is that he likes taking his time off, closing himself in his own inner world, and cutting all contact with the outside world, sometimes for days.

That’s something he does from time to time, in order to regain his balance, from all the stressful work during the week, perhaps there were problems that he needed to solve. In general, this is his way of recuperation, but keep in mind that he might also have found somebody else to talk to, another potential interest.

Call him to remind him that there is already someone who might be interested, if he doesn’t give up that quickly. He should be reassured that you’re not completely oblivious to his advances, and things will quickly get on the track they were originally.

Texting with your crush

Romance is conveyed by way of words, and in this case, it couldn’t hold more truth, because the Scorpio native is going to be very explicit that he’s into you, from the get-go, through his texts.

And this means that he’ll flat-out tell you that himself, apart from the fact that he’s going to talk to you all day long, about pretty much everything that goes on in his life.

Prepare for endless hours of talking, and don’t reject this prospect from the beginning, because their high enthusiasm fades away as quickly as it initially appeared. Just be patient, and honestly now, it’s really great seeing how much they like you.

His approach was never more refreshing and vivacious, as the Scorpio man will directly compliment you, or tell you that they find you attractive, through some very flirty texts.

It’s really good, not having to beat around the bush like many others do, and his lover will appreciate this greatly.

Beware of intentionally stalling for time before replying, in an attempt to keep the mystery going, because he is not going to take kindly to this.

Deep inside, the Scorpio man does have his worries that he may become annoying with how often he texts you, and he may stop for a while, but it’s not a reason to worry. After a few days, he’s going to return with fresh strength.

Is he falling in love?

Is the guy always eyeing you wherever you meet him? If he does, then that’s a pretty strong sign that he’d like to know you better.

He will try to befriend you at first, then start flirting, and then, after he gets to a deeper understanding of your person, and if he likes it, he’ll start acting as a true lover, bringing you gifts, being affectionate and tender.

You’re going to start asking yourself how he does it, how is he always there when you most need him, because it almost seems like magic.

The truth is, he is always thinking about you, no matter what he does, so of course that the right actions come to him naturally.

Do your homework

Firstly, he’s extremely determined to win over your heart, and will stop at nothing to achieve that. He won’t get delayed by anything, including petty arguments or conflicts, the existence of other guys who are after you, etc. In fact, competition actually strengthens his conviction even further.

Secondly, the Scorpio man will always act as your protector, and will let no one else attack or insult you. He will fight fiercely for your honor and wellbeing, if it comes to that.

No one can hope to ever touch you in the slightest with him in the vicinity. He’s as intense as they come, and if he’s fully aware that you’re his partner, nothing can stand in his way.

Finally, the Scorpio man is also very jealous, because he wants your for himself, and no one else. If he sees you talking to other guys, he’s going to start acting up, because he sees that as an act of betrayal of some sorts.

Just reassure him that everything’s fine, and he’s still the master of your heart, everything will eventually play out just fine.

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