Scorpio Relationship Traits and Love Tips

A relationship with a Scorpio is intriguing to watch from aside but on the inside is very simple and based on impulses and strong emotions.

couple and a Scorpio sign

The Scorpio lovers are action-oriented individuals who act on their emotions and don’t allow anyone to hurt them. They are confident and determined to lead their lives the way they want without ever listening to anyone’s fake advice.

They are intense and passionate, one of the most passionate natives out there, in fact, very sexually speaking.

Pros Cons
They love passionately, with all their hearts.They don’t really take responsibility for anything.
They stick to their principles.They can be easily distracted.
They are not fazed by any difficulties.They keep a lot of things about themselves hidden.

They want to find a partner who knows what they want from life, someone who can face challenges, who can stand up to different opinions. In truth, these natives fall in love with you long before there’s something physical going on.

Beyond the mysterious

Admiration comes like it’s only natural, and the Scorpio lovers have the chance to pick whoever they want, whoever impresses them the most, the most honest and straightforward partners.

Once in a relationship with these natives, you will find out that they can be extremely loving and affectionate, in a dominative yet protective sense.

Others will be intrigued by the simple aura of mystery and seriousness of the Scorpios. As fire signs, they will want to know who it is they’re confessing to, to whom they give their trust, whom they are passionate about.

The Scorpio natives tend to be very cold and indifferent in the beginning, until they actually realize that the other person is trustworthy, although they do want to be conquered, for no efforts to be spared in their case.

Moreover, they are generally more restrained and recluse with their feelings and emotions, preferring to keep them for themselves. You shouldn’t try to tear their protection off forcefully because that will spark quite the conflict.

Instead, firmly take your stand in front of them, sticking to your principles and ideas. Also, take the time to get to know them in the real sense of the word, while also being understanding and sensitive toward their plights.

No time for insignificant drama

The Scorpio individuals will naturally keep to themselves most of the time, only revealing something more when they have a reason to or the right person to listen.

This creates an aura of mystery and intrigue around them, something that most people find irresistible, too interesting and fascinating to let go.

These natives love passionately, with all their spirit and they will always want to delve deeper into a relationship, to find out exactly what pleasure and fulfillment mean.

The real reason they waste so much time into thinking things through is that they were probably disappointed at one point in time and they want to make sure that this time won’t be like the past.

They prefer putting conflicts and useless misunderstandings on the backburner, preferring to investigate and find out exactly why the problems appeared.

Senselessly fighting and arguing is not their way. Solving the issues comes first on their agenda. Their partners might not be so calm and patient to take this as the natural course of action.

When the impulses strike, there’s nothing you can do, and most people just can’t understand how they can be so calm and assertive in challenging situations.

The Scorpios can only see a relationship as an elongation of their own existence, preferences, and approach to life. They don’t want to be restrained, to be chained into a cage, and would rather be left alone than be with someone who won’t let them act freely.

These natives will have times when they just want to stay in the dark, to keep to themselves, so a partner who’s not going to react aggressively would be much appreciated. Honesty and tolerance are key in their point of view.

The relationship with the Scorpio man

The Scorpio man has pretty straightforward tastes and won’t ask for anything out of the ordinary from a woman. He won’t take long before he is seduced and ready to be bedded, but it’s another thing altogether to get him emotionally involved.

Thinking about coercing or persuading him into a relationship, a more serious involvement, will take considerably more time. He’s busy enough with perfecting himself and learning new skills.

Furthermore, once he commits to something, he will do it despite the many difficulties on the way, devoting himself completely. He’s either all in or nowhere at all. Of course, he must know to whom he’s devoting his time.

In truth, this man is very sensitive and careful with his feelings, with how his emotions and sentimental values are being taken care off by his partner.

He knows he’s emotionally vulnerable, but he doesn’t want anyone else to know as well. Instead, as his partner, you should be acceptive, tolerant, and understanding.

Don’t screw with his mind constantly, nagging and criticizing him. Let him take the decisions in the relationship and everything will be good.

The Scorpio man in a relationship: Understand and keep him in love

The relationship with the Scorpio woman

The Scorpio woman comes across as very desirable and is often wanted by many. She’s emotional behind closed doors but very foxy and arrogant when out in the world.

Who doesn’t love a woman who prefers the long-chase? If you want to get to know her more, then you first have to prove your worth, that you can be trusted and that you want something more than just a night together with her.

She’s very selective about whom she gives a chance, so stick around only if your serious about it all.

Obviously, she will only reveal her kindness and benevolence to those who are loyal, devoted, loving, and those who know how to stand up to her.

Don’t even think about committing something unforgivable like cheating or flirting with other girls in her vicinity. She will literally tear you apart bone from bone.

She has a lot of choices besides you, be sure of that, and she can easily tell if a man is honest or if his intentions are dishonest and bad.

Moreover, the Scorpio woman can be very clingy and possessive with her partner, but she compensates through her natural charm and sexual appetite.

One will never know how good sex can be until they run into a Scorpio woman, that much is true.

The Scorpio woman in a relationship: What to expect?

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