Scorpio Flirting Style: Mesmerizing and Passionate

If you’re wondering how to seduce a Scorpio, understand how they flirt so you can match their love game.

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When a Scorpio starts flirting, you know it’s going to be a very intense and passionate event, filled with a lot of sexuality, emotional turmoil, and a very enthralling atmosphere. These natives do everything they are capable of in order to hypnotize you, not to just get you interested.

TraitsScorpio flirting in action
Hypnotizing Everyone feels like under a spell.
Intricate They are capable of complex seduction.
Audacious Their often have no shame.
Impulsive They don’t take time in drawing conclusions.
Possessive Beware of the need to mark their territory.

It becomes evident when they are interested in someone, because they will make eye contact, and never look elsewhere until they have either achieved victory, or they’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not worth it.

Either way, they base their techniques on their inherent sexuality, which, truth be told, is very deep and complex.

Scorpios don’t beat around the bush and never go about doing things in half-measures. Either they go upfront and with a daring attitude, or they don’t go at all.

Furthermore, their presence is simply mesmerizing, especially that sexual allure that they exude at a constant rhythm. It’s simply intoxicating, and most people can’t resist it.

And they enforce it with a lascivious and quite hypnotic behavior, instilling in you a sense of adventure and the need to get the daily share of adrenaline. Coincidentally, they are there to offer you that share, in big enough doses to make you go crazy with anticipation.

How does a Scorpio view romance and flirt? Like battlefield where the strongest and fittest survives, while the others are left to die in an attempt to steal the spoils of war from the conqueror.

And the winner is naturally the venomous desert king, who can even stay put and still attract the attention of everyone around, just like a siren’s hypnotic song. And if you thought that these natives are so fiery and passionate that they will immediately try to get into your panties, then you’ll have another one coming, because that’s not true at all.

They actually love being kept on the sidewalk for a period of time. It only increases their expectations.

Scorpio flirting body language

If you are in a relationship with this zodiac sign, nothing is too much for them. They look for perfection. The perfect smell, the perfect dress-code, the perfect moves, the perfect posture, so in conclusion, the perfect appearance.

Make sure that you will wear the most beautiful dress or suit when you go on a date out with them, because they want to feel proud that they have a beautiful partner next to them. Be ready to receive a lot of attention, a lot of sensual touches, because they want you to feel loved and secure with them.

For starters, Scorpios will not tolerate competition at all, and the simple presence of someone which could be a danger to their love affair fills them with a sense of possessiveness and even aggressiveness.

When they decide to take someone for themselves, they will want to have privileges over that person, the sole privileges that is.

And to ensure that that is the case, they will become even more loving, affectionate and tender, because what other method could they use, other than making their partner fall in love even more?

These natives are the ones who will find out incredibly innovative and seemingly innocent ways to get close to you, and even touch you. If there’s something that others would hesitate to do, it’s going to be one of their main weapons, because they understand that most men fear a beautiful woman.

It’s just that whoever finds the courage to get over that irrational fear has the utmost advantage over everyone else. And that’s exactly what they do, they put together all their emotional and creative powers into one place, and use the resulting mix to take you through a journey in which your senses will experience the greatest pleasures in existence.

How to flirt with a Scorpio

A Scorpio partner flirts with passion and ardour, and that means that you have a lot of work to do to match their pace. They enjoy to dominate you, and treat you mysteriously and with great seduction, so take a moment to think about that, and you can imagine how a night with this zodiac sign will be like, namely filled with fiery emotions ready to burst forth.

They will transform sex into magic, and they will make you feel just like the Gods touched your smooth skin, by giving you the most powerful sensations.

But there is a condition, they don’t fancy being seen in public, so make sure that you keep these animalistic instincts for your personal bedroom, where you can act in the most interesting ways to express your love.

In order to get a Scorpio to truly fall in love and stay there permanently, you have to intrigue them in such a way that they won’t be able to ever move their eyes away, or think about anyone else ever again. And don’t give up too easily, no matter what you do, because only the thrill of the hunt and a mystery worth discovering will keep them transfixed in that state of constant interest.

To put things into perspective, just think about their overly possessive behavior, and that it stems from the need to be useful, to actually serve a purpose in someone’s life. They want to feel wanted, to become an irreplaceable person in their partner’s life. This is the reason why Scorpios are so jealous when they see others eyeing their love interest.

Scorpio man flirting

If a Scorpio guy likes you, you should expect him to be very open from the start. He shows his interest by trying to be more and more close to you, and when he is next to you, he will try to compliment and fill your imagination with the sweetest words, just to make you feel special and loved.

He will often try to pay attention to the smallest details, which will matter for you, for example he will notice that you changed your hair color or that you have a different nail polish.

You will very quickly see that he is in love with you, because he will endeavor to give you a lot of attention and will behave carefully with you, as if you are the most precious thing in his life.

Scorpio woman flirting

When it comes to a Scorpio woman, things get a little bit more complicated, because you have to handle a master of flirting. This woman knows perfectly the strategy of getting somebody to fall in love with her.

With a perfect posture, smile and appearance, and with a huge amount of confidence, this woman can turn the tides of war to her advantage in a second just by using her seductive behavior and her smart attitude.

Because it is true that she gains so much power in this seduction game, because she is very intelligent, which means that you can’t do anything else than just fall in love with her.

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