Traits Of The Scorpio Man In Love: From Secretive To Very Lovable

He is always composed on the outside, but holds great passions inside.

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Moody and temperamental, it can be difficult to what the Scorpio man expects from love. Luckily, his moods don’t last for too long. Nothing is more provoking for him than something that threatens what he thinks is rightfully his. This guy can forgive, but he will definitely never forget.

Very protective of the ones he loves, he feels that it is his duty to keep others safe. You will be able to determine if a Scorpio man cares about you from the way he defends you in front of others. He’s one of the most loyal friends in the zodiac.

When in a relationship

The Scorpio man in love is very attached to the partner he is with. He can even get too close at times. He wouldn’t settle for someone just to be in a relationship, he wants “that” person, the one that can understand him.

He is emotionally charged and it is rare that someone can change his opinion about the person he loves. Only if that person will do something to disappoint him, he will turn all the love that he has into hate and eventually give up on the relationship.

Everything about him and the love that he carries will be intense. Also, he will try and hide all his emotions as much as possible. He wouldn’t want the partner to see how vulnerable he can be.

Having all these feelings, the Scorpio man is capable of great compassion and true, committed love. He can become obsessive and possessive, also vindictive if someone does him wrong, as the Scorpio man is rather jealous.

But you won’t be able to find a more supportive, loyal and skillful lover. When he loves, he closes his heart in order to avoid getting hurt. This can be bothering for some women, but he will hide it very well.

The fact that he gets vindictive is owed to something else, which is that he loves deeply and when he gets hurt, he simply cannot forget what he has been put through. He lives very intensely, and every failure or disappointment is for him a fatality.

Passionate and sensitive, the Scorpio man will not show his true self to others. He wants someone he can love, and he wants her badly. His wife will be his prize from life and the reason why he is proud.

For a relationship with him to resist, this guy needs passion and stability. He will try anything – in the bedroom too – to make it work, and he will be faithful to the end.

If you manage to make him fall in love, and are able to cope with his mood swings and controlling attitude, he will treat you like royalty.

The woman he needs

Not afraid of a woman who is classy and confident, the Scorpio man won’t care if the lady he likes has a bigger house or makes more money than him.

As a matter of fact, he will only be attracted to her independence and that she doesn’t need a man to stabilize her life. Many women will appreciate him because he treats them equally and he accepts their power. Other men would be jealous of their success, trying to be better or feeling insecure in their presence.

Another thing women like in the Scorpio man is that he can talk about deep things and life issues that would interest anyone. He is always calm and cool, and he never gets angry no matter how touchy the subject may be.

His lady will need to talk to him about anything, and will want to be in the relationship for a long period of time. When this guy finds a girl that he really likes, he will do anything in his power to keep her close and interested.

Understanding your Scorpio man

If you want to understand a Scorpio man, you first need to see in his soul. He’s sensitive and emotional, and he needs a partner who will have patience with him.

He is most compatible with other Water signs, an also with the Earth ones. Sensual, you would think this guy is ready to jump into bed with a beautiful woman as soon as he meets her, but things aren’t like this. He needs to be interested in a relationship before he engages in something.

The lady he chooses has to be someone special, and able to make him feel interested for more than one night.

He is looking for the love of his life, so if you are not the one to fulfill his dreams, get ready to be dumped. As soon as he has found the one for him, he will never give up paying all of his attention and loving her.

While he will do anything for this lady, he can still be cold and reserved as far as emotions go. The connection he has with Pluto, which is the governor of the Underworld, is strong in the Scorpio, making him more distant and composed.

Because of this, he has a more practical side that he often uses to analyze his life experiences. This guy will never show his sensitivity. He will always wear a tough, rugged mask that will hide all of his true feelings.

And deep inside he’s emotional and strongly attached to the woman he has decided to be partners with. Possessive and very intense with his feelings, many ladies will think the Scorpio is too controlling. But that’s just the way he is. And he takes love very seriously, not wanting to lose his most treasured possession, which is his lover.

Magnetic and charming, you will notice this guy as soon as you have arrived where he is or as soon as he has entered the door. He is always composed on the outside, but holds great passions inside. He lives intensely even though he doesn’t like to show it.

Women are usually immediately attracted to him. He is a very good lover, and he likes adventure in the bedroom. Romantic, the Scorpio man will never show this side of him to others. However, with his partner he will be very open.

He doesn’t like people who are secretive, but he keeps his secrets very well hidden. If he’s in love with you, he will want to know all of your memories and how you felt about other relationships. He has this curiosity and he wants to know people better than he knows himself.

Before he decides if he should be friends with someone, he studies that person carefully to see if he or she is worth it. If he doesn’t have respect, he will never make friends with a person.

Dating him

You will love going out with the Scorpio man. He treats his dates like royalty. He likes to see that his partner is compassionate and that she wants to be protected by him.

This guy is somehow traditional in his manners and the way he loves. For example, he will give you his jacket if you are cold and will bring you flowers.

But if you say something to hurt him, be sure he will take that jacket back without any remorse. He’s not that talkative when out on a date, and he won’t make any changes or decisions until he has carefully analyzed every detail.

He knows many romantic places, so get ready to be impressed by anything. You two could go to a special place on the beach, or to a club that holds parties where people are wearing masks.

The way he acts on the first date depends pretty much on how his previous relationship went. In general, he is open and honest. But if he has been hurt, you won’t get to him that easily.

The negative side of the Scorpio man

Because he is only human, the Scorpio man has his weaknesses too. One of them is that he can be a little bit too controlling. He gets jealous and he wants his lady to be loyal and early in bed.

It’s not that he wants to be controlling, he only wants his woman to be his and no one else’s. People can’t be too nice or too friendly with her.

While some women enjoy this attitude in their man, others can’t stand it and they need to tame their Scorpio man. One of his other flaws is his moods. He can change the way he feels from one day to the other. For example, today he can be passionate and interested, tomorrow he can change to cold and indifferent.

Inside romantic and caring, he only acts this way because he is trying to hide who he actually is. However, if you manage to put up with his mood swings, you’ll discover he’s someone next to whom you could spend a lot of time and not get bored. You won’t find his type of love in other signs.

His sexuality

Governed by Mars and Pluto, the Scorpio is sexual and passionate as these two are the planets of sexuality and instincts. Aries is somehow similar to the Scorpio when it comes to sexuality, the only difference being that the Scorpio is a sign that is feminine therefore, he associates sex with emotion and love.

This guy can be a passionate lover or a complete pervert that will scare any partner away. It’s hard to say with him. It all depends on how restricted and inhibited he is. It can be difficult to understand his sexual fantasies, and he sometimes wants things few people would be willing to try.

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