Love Advice Every Scorpio Man Must Know

As the passionate Scorpio man that you are, beware of becoming a little too domineering and obsessive at the start of a relationship.

Scorpio man love advice

As the most intense man in the zodiac, the Scorpio is very passionate and a true force of Nature. When focused on love, he gives all of his attention.

If you happen to be him, then know you’re very intuitive, sensitive and a little bit more complicated. However, you don’t show this side of yours to others, not unless you completely trust a person.

The best love advice for the Scorpio man:

  • Leave aside your domineering tendencies, love is also about mutual compromise;
  • You are prone to making harsh remarks and being criticising, especially at the start of a romance, could mean the death of it;
  • Your vulnerable and complicated nature needs the right supportive person next to you but you are often drawn to the opposite kind, thus resulting in heart break;
  • Date less often for a while and really think through the profile of the lady you want next to you.

You wish for a deep and very intimate connection that can’t ever be broken. It can be said dating with you is like a rollercoaster because your emotions are strong and you’re very profound. More than this, you’re always looking for the truth, even if you’re a mystery for the woman you care about.

Who are you, really, in love?

What drives you the most is your love for your partner, but you can be very picky, so the lady who wants to be with you needs to have a lot of patience and to be subtle.

You need to be with someone as emotional as you are, also adventurous and surprising, but without ever compromising stability.

It’s easy for someone to find you in a crowd because you have a special magnetism and can hypnotize anyone with your look. No other man in the zodiac has more penetrating eyes than you.

While surrounded by admirers, you prefer to be the one who chases. This means the woman who likes you needs to let you pursue her. She only needs to flirt and to let you want more.

She could look deeply into your eyes for one moment, after which she should turn away. If you find her attractive, you’ll make a move without any doubt.

When this is happening, you start exuding a lot of sex appeal. Since Scorpio is your sign, you’re a survivor and have a larger emotional baggage.

Your ideals are high, so you don’t mind working hard for them, not to mention you’re patient enough to wait for your dreams to come true. The perfect woman for you needs to be encouraging and supporting.

When you start having mood swings, you need to be left alone and reassured that you’re being loved. What you want the most from your partner is for her to be straightforward and loyal. The woman of your dreams is the one who gives you all her attention.

The least positive side

Having a quick temper and being very lustful the Scorpio man is also domineering and quite obsessive. More than this, he never reveals his true feelings because he’s scared that he may seem vulnerable.

It’s very likely for him to become too pessimistic and to make harsh remarks when feeling offended.

Besides, he always wants to be in control and is one of the most vengeful, jealous, possessive and manipulative men in the zodiac. He likes to analyze people and is very suspicious, which can make life with him a living Hell.

When jealous, he starts imagining his partner in all kinds of compromising situations and be self-destructive. The fact that he’s always looking for revenge when crossed makes him a vicious and sometimes mean character.

Advice on dating for the Scorpio man

The woman who’s thinking about dating the Scorpio man should be aware of the fact that he wants to commit for long-term and wouldn’t be with someone he doesn’t trust.

More than this, he needs to form a very deep connection with her. He’s looking for the truth and may do anything to obtain it. No one can keep a secret from him because he can read minds.

Not the one to play games when it comes to love, he reveals what’s in his heart very slowly. Also, picky when it comes to deciding who’s going to enter his life, he doesn’t fall in love at first sight.

Life with him can be like a thriller because he’s intriguing and complicated, even if he enjoys romantic dates and spending nights having meaningful conversations.

Another thing that characterizes him is that he’s testing his potential partners, analyzing the way a woman reacts to something he’s saying or doing. This means he likes to tease, which can be very cruel.

However, he just wants to trust and wouldn’t reveal his true feelings until sure the person in front of him is reliable.

When it comes to dating, the Scorpio man is like a magnet. He’s on the 8th position on the zodiac wheel, in the house of sex, death, and taxes. It’s easy for him to attract any member of the opposite sex, not to mention he’s capable of great intimacy.

When in love, he wants something much more than sex and to have dinner once in a while. Other sings belonging to the Water element, such as the Pisces and the Cancer, can understand his emotions and strong intuition.

He likes Earth signs for being honest and straightforward. If you happen to be a man born in Scorpio, then you should know that you want the same things from a relationship as a Taurus.

More than this, both of you are possessive and jealous, but able to make someone feels more secure. Because you’re a Water sing, your feelings can be very deep.

When dating, you need to be with someone as sensitive as you can be. However, you’re different from other Water signs because you know how to hide your feelings, which makes you even sexier and mysterious.

Your partner will always want to know you better. While a traditionalist and family-oriented, you don’t traditionally see marriage. On the contrary, you want to be with a strong woman who makes her own money and has many ambitions.

This means you won’t try and stop your wife from making her dreams come true. She could even keep her last name or make more money than you do.

More than this, you would be more than comfortable taking care of the kids and cleaning the house. However, you need to be in control of everything when at home.

This is because you’re highly protective and a possessive man. You have a utopic idea of how your family life should be, so you’re supervising everything and may even want to home school your children.

The way you act in a relationship is highly determined by the way you got along with your mother. It can be said you’re very Oedipal and don’t want to cut the cord that keeps you close to the woman who raised you.

This can result in strange behavior and complicated nature. Your biggest fear is that the woman you’re with will no longer want to love you. This means you’re a little bit dramatic and your lady needs to have a lot of patience with you.

What about the bedroom

Very passionate and deep, the Scorpio man is the most skilful lover in the zodiac. Because hi sign rules over the genitals, he can be a little bit of a sex maniac.

He’s also adventurous and doesn’t mind talking about what he wants in bed. If you happen to be him, know that you’re not very complicated when it comes to sex.

You just want to experiment and to be honest about what you want with your partner. Many of your exes describe you as a force of Nature in the bedroom because you give yourself completely.

You like being challenged in bed and enjoy role-playing. More than this, you have a way of convincing your partner to go beyond her boundaries. However, you need to trust a woman before getting into bed with her.

The more she spends time with you, the more you help her explore her sexuality. One thing is for sure, you’re not at all boring in the bedroom.

Expectations in time

Because he’s extreme, the Scorpio man can be difficult to live next to. For example, he likes it when someone is paying attention to him, but he doesn’t like being chased.

If you happen to be a Scorpio man, then you need to be the one pursuing when it comes to love. You’re looking for essence and want to have a lot of sex.

The girl of your dreams is classy and stylish, but an animal between the sheets. You need to trust her before committing. While not revealing too much about yourself, you want her to have no secrets and to be honest.

You’re one of the most intense and confusing persons there is, but this makes you more lovable for the right person. What you want is to have a home and a family because you’re protective and very loving. Just be careful with your possessiveness.

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