Pisces Jealousy: What You Need To Know

Their intuition makes them able to read anyone straight away.

Governed by Neptune, Pisces is the twelfth sign in the zodiac. Their element is water and their symbol is two fishes. Pisces natives who are born on the cusp of Aquarius are more approachable and self-sufficient, and Pisceses born on the cusp of Aries are more open and energetic.

There are two ways in which Pisces react when jealous. They possess an uncanny duality because they are a mutable sign. Therefore, in one instance they get sensitive and start imagining all kind of things and in the other they are forgiving and won’t take the partner’s flirting with someone else too serious.

Usually, a Pisces is quite demanding with his or her partner. And if the other half can’t deliver, the Pisces will suffer in silence. Unforgiving, the Pisces tends to become too sentimental if the relationship isn’t going as well as planned.

They start being indecisive and they no longer think clearly. All this being said, it must be mentioned that Pisces rarely have a temper. It isn’t in their nature to be jealous.

They would rather be sad and not angry when tried by jealousy. What’s strange about them is that they are so forgiving and sympathetic, they start blaming themselves and not the cheating partner.

The Pisces think that if they would have been perfect, the partner wouldn’t have gone with someone else.

They have confidence in their loved one so much, they can’t see what sometimes lies behind appearances. People can see that Pisces can be walked over and they take advantage of them.

A balanced Pisces would see whose fault is when a relationship doesn’t work anymore. Because they are so easy going with unfaithfulness, Pisces may risk being cheated on in multiple occasions. They are too lost in love to even notice or be upset about it.

The Pisces in a relationship is gullible and warm. They will offer all their attention and love without even asking for too much back. Not that self-confident, this sign will develop a jealous behaviour and will be hurt when mislead by their partner.

They’re not the ones to make scenes, but they know how to make the other half feel bad with their silence and sadness.

Love shouldn’t be about control. A jealous person is also an insecure one. People who love someone should know that that someone needs independence in order to be happy.

The different romances

Pisces is a sign that gets along with all the other signs in the zodiac. But they make for a good match with Scorpio and Cancer, two of the other water signs.

They can build a beautiful home with Cancer as both these signs are settled and sensitive. With Scorpio, they will feel safe and dominated, which they will like. The Capricorn could potentially find love in a Pisces, whilst the Aries is inspiring for them.

With Aquarius, the Pisces will have a strong mind connection. Leo and this sign will find each other very attractive, but the Leo’s demanding side may make the Pisces feel tired.

A relationship in between Pisces and Gemini or Libra would be superficial and agitated. It doesn’t matter what sign you are, one thing’s for sure: Pisces can make you feel loved and appreciated.

Jealousy is not an issue for the partner that doesn’t have it. It is a problem of the jealous partner, who can sometimes even make ugly scenes by questioning, accusing and even trying to control their lover’s activity.

Some people are jealous even after clear evidence to discriminate the partner has been brought to them. The first step in overcoming jealousy is for the person who suffers from it to admit that he or she has a problem.

This way, they won’t get to a point in which they start acting abusive and controlling. Sometimes, mild jealousy is healthy as it shows the partner is interested and involved.

Pisces is one of the dreamy signs in the zodiac. It is only normal for a Pisces to be quiet. Don’t panic if you are around one and he or she doesn’t talk too much. When they are like this, they usually just daydream.

Pisces are people who would never harm a fly, even if they have been done harm. Their imagination has no limits and they are good artists, mystics and psychologists.

They like to retreat in a world of dreams if things in the real life aren’t so well. This doesn’t mean they aren’t serious and able to accomplish stuff, because they are.

Making them jealous

If you want to make a Pisces jealous, make sure you talk all the time about another person. They will worry it is not them you are paying attention to anymore, and they will do anything to repair the situation.

If you want to date a Pisces, it wouldn’t be bad to flirt with someone else in order to see what your beloved Fish is feeling. They are possessive and they will react if they really like you.

It is risky to try and “cure” someone of jealousy. You may risk the entire relationship. One thing is clear, though.

Exaggerated jealousy can sometimes take the form of abuse and something to repair the situation has to be done. Click To Tweet

People who are jealous may have suffer from lack of self-esteem and lack of trust. It is the partner’s duty to make the person who is jealous aware of his or her problem.

Sitting quietly and suffering doesn’t help anyone. If you must make things clear with your possessive partner, don’t hesitate to bring in some evidence that supports your arguments.

Some don’t get convinced only from a talk, and the more you do to make them see you are loyal, the more they will realize they have a problem.

Explain calmly why you can’t tolerate a behaviour that keeps you nervous and worried all the time. The most important thing is that you don’t get angry when you discuss all these things. The way you communicate is key in how a relationship works.

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