10 Key Things To Know Before Dating A Pisces

Be aware of these Pisces dating tips so you can make the most of your dates with this versatile sign.

1. They are idealistic lovers

Pisceans are arguably the most sentimental and romantic people out there. Their idealisms may make it seem they’re out of this world, but compassion and kindness totally compensate for that, in a big way.

Love is both a playground filled with joyful and jolly experiences, and a sublime, fiery dance filled with charm and passion. Who in their right mind would kick away such a gift?

Unfortunately for them, today’s society is no longer one of deep feelings and ardent confessions, but rather one of superficial and ephemeral relationships.

This makes us become shadows of our former selves, of our animate and colorful former selves that is.

Shades of gray and tints of transparency dot the romantic landscape here and there, leaving everything dull and lacking in mystery and elegance.

Pisces natives are beings of great emotional prowess and pure innocence. Fakery and the usual existential tediousness are as strange to them as passion and insight is for the people who can’t appreciate them for what they are.

2. Simplicity is key

For a Piscean, what matters is the heart, the intent hiding behind an action, not the action itself, even less so when we’re talking about the circumstances or the contexts in cause.

Thus, they would always enjoy the simplest things in life, anything too complex or flamboyant just ruins their attitude.

A party between close friends, a picnic at the lake, seeing a movie at the cinema, these are some of the things that a Pisces greatly appreciates, because it’s more real and comfortable than anything else out there.

And coupled with this lovable and admirable simplicity, there is also their great intuition, those natural instincts that act as a guide and advisor in most situations.

3. Allow them their alone time

Being as emotionally involved as they are, it’s no surprise that when everything seems to fall apart into disorder, they tend to become isolated and enclose themselves into a cocoon of their own making.

With no human interaction and only their intense feelings and problems coming along, it’s a given that sometimes they might slowly drift away into desperation and false hopes.

So, if Pisceans escape unscathed from that period of introversion, be sure to be the first person they see, as vulnerabilities are sure to appear.

If they become too idealistic and dreamy, know that it’s not something necessarily bad, or willful. That’s just how some people are.

There’s really no need to kill their enthusiasm and forcefully drag them down to earth. Instead, be appreciative and supportive, it will eventually pass and everything will be back to normal, until the next escapade that is.

4. Loyal beyond all else

One thing Pisceans would never do, unless things are really, really dire, is pack things up and go. Leaving someone they are truly in love with and madly appreciate is next to impossible.

Death would be a far more probable conclusion, not because of willful determination or stubbornness, but because their feelings are incredibly intense and deep.

Nothing is more important to them than the partner’s happiness and wellbeing. Literally nothing.

5. They can be mysterious and elusive

Due to the fact that Pisceans will not easily allow people into their private life, most regard them as being enigmatic and mystifying beyond comparison. And that’s a perk, a deviously attractive and desirable one at that.

However, once that mystery disappears and everything is clear as crystal, those given access could decide to walk away and leave it all behind. Obviously, that’s a harrowing and painful experience for the now vulnerable and sentimental Piscean.

These guys are also incredibly indecisive and fluctuating in their decisions. Meaning that even if they do somehow manage to reach a conclusion, it will either last for one second, or three at most.

These natives change their minds like others change their socks, and even more incredible is that by making use of that pair of pretty eyes, nothing bad ever seems to happen.

6. They will tell you how they feel

With great social and communicative skills, they make for truly able discussion partners, always willing to listen to your problems and issues.

In a relationship, it’s long been said that communication is key. Whether that’s actually true or not, Pisceans make sure that it doesn’t pose a problem regardless, and instead turn it into a method to get over grief and sadness.

When talking to these natives, it’s really impossible to not give in to their kind and benevolent nature. You’ll quickly spill the beans and confess every little secret about your life, just because it feels good being listened to.

7. A Pisces can’t stand conflict

Two characteristics stand out when talking about a Pisces native. On one hand, there is their pacifistic nature.

It’s not that they act with a greater purpose in mind, nothing like that. It’s more like an inability or weakness to conflicting situations and fights. They just can’t do it.

On the other hand, a Piscean will never tell you what you should or shouldn’t do, unless specifically asked to, out of respect and courtesy most likely.

If it does happen out of the blue, those near-prophetic instincts are acting up again, and so you should pay the utmost attention to what they say.

8. Get ready for emotional highs and lows

Usually, people who tend to overreact and have constant emotional shifts are regarded as being difficult and a liability. Things couldn’t be further from the truth in this case.

Pisces women especially are prone to outbursts and emotional instability, but that makes them even more desirable and lascivious. Sex life was never so satisfying and enjoyable. True masters of the art of love-making, Pisces are an ideal that everyone should seek for in a woman.

Because of their simplistic tastes and cold reasoning skills, realizing that no one is truly perfect comes as no surprise from them. Knowing that what truly describes and individualizes a man is the suite of defects that make up his character, Pisceans are definitely more tolerable and appreciative than most.

9. They are actually laid back and open to anything new

People of rare individualism and ambition, Pisces native see life as being full of formative opportunities, risky but also rewarding adventures and escapades that never get dull.

With one of these around, what more could you possibly ask for? A fair day’s wage for a fair day’s work, goes the saying. And it is exactly so with them. After a hard day spent in the office, when you go home, all the exhaustion and tiredness disappear like magic when she’s waiting there for you, cheering and waving about.

Try to stifle and block out their high-paced rhythm and ingenuity, and things will get unnecessarily complicated though.

10. You can’t escape their intuition

Being so innocent and kind in their appearance, it really can’t be helped if you immediately become attached to them.

Seemingly in line with every single fiber of your being, and on the same wavelengths, giving your full trust to one of them seems only natural.

There it is again, it’s beginning to awaken once more. That godlike insight that always tells them what to do to get the best result.

These reflexes help detect any attempts of deceit and fakery, so there’s no worry about any problems appearing on this side. Just trust them on their gut feelings, it’s worth it.

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Written by Denise

Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives. She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope.