Neptune Retrograde: Explaining the Changes in Your Life

Neptune in retrograde reveals what is truly important for us in life and is a good period for becoming more spiritual and thoughtful.

Neptune Retrograde

Neptune in retrograde doesn’t have such traumatizing effects like Uranus or Pluto going through the same transit, yet it can greatly impact natives too because it makes them want to go over their dreams and beliefs.

This is a time in which natives are using their hearts more than their brains, but also one that helps individuals identify what their limits are.

Neptune retrograde in a nutshell:

  • This retrograde is perfect for getting rid of your rose-colored glasses and to be clearer about reality;
  • Be careful about excesses and temptations;
  • Learn that the input your intuition can have in your life is truly valuable;
  • Natal Chart Neptune retrograde means a person may become fixated on certain things.

Neptune in retrograde can help with intuition, premonitory dreams and psychic abilities because it makes people sensitive and open as their level of perception becomes heightened and they seem to have a better vision.

What to expect during Neptune retrograde

When Neptune is retrograding, natives may need to face many things about themselves because this planet is famous for revealing harsh truths, especially those that have been kept hidden for a long period of time.

It can be painful to deal with reality as it is, but this is a necessary step to be taken by anyone. Everyone should listen to their intuition; regardless how scary things may seem to be when it comes to this.

As a matter of fact, the more worrisome a problem is, the more necessary it becomes to be addressed. It may be tough to become awaken and focused on finding solutions to problems, but not dealing with the painful truth can turn into a bad habit that makes people too stubborn to let go of others or what’s not bringing them any good.

Not at all unexpectedly, Neptune in retrograde is a good period for becoming more spiritual and thoughtful. It’s a good opportunity for people to analyze what truths they’re believing the most and what’s being deeply hidden.

They can identify whom or what can help them find their center, while those who want to escape confusion and anxiety in their life should seriously think of practicing yoga, doing some meditation and healing themselves through spirituality.

This transit makes natives more interested in their own dreams, in what their intuition is telling and in mystical practices. Therefore, many books on astrology, numerology, spirits and tarot may be bought during this time.

Those having psychic abilities can feel more empowered than usual during this retrograde. Many will be fascinated by their own dreams and may only focus on messages coming from the Universe.

When this transit will begin to pass, some natives will be highly aware of their dreams and very attentive to what they mean, not to mention how much they can read on the subject, whereas others will discover they’re very good at communicating their thoughts and feelings in an artistic manner.

Neptune in retrograde makes individuals more prone to becoming addicted to alcohol or other harmful substances, also to start fantasizing instead of dealing with reality as it is.

As said before, this time is very good for becoming more spiritual and getting some new energy from the Universe, but not at all favorable for those who are being too judgmental and opinionated.

However, those feeling creative should put their imagination to work. Furthermore, during this transit, many can rediscover some of their hidden or forgotten talents.

What’s excellent about this retrograde is that it improves intuition, especially in those who are using it a lot. Besides, it offers many opportunities for success, not to mention how it puts natives in sync with all the vibes the Universe is sending them.

However, certain psychic abilities need to be developed for this retrograde to be fully taken advantage of, but without ignoring what’s real.

After all, Neptune’s gifts are only giving a hand, they’re not suggesting people should escape reality. When Neptune is in retrograde, many may suffer from paranoia and different phobias, but at least they won’t find it difficult to talk about these problems they may be having.

It’s also possible for them to find the world a much more boring place when not thinking of conspiracies. However, there will be times when their suspicions are completely accurate and only based on reality.

When it comes to their health, people should ask for another opinion if told by a doctor they’re sick, especially if their intuition is telling them to do so.

Neptune in retrograde can make natives internalize all of their fears and terrors by making them more aware of what their psyche is telling them in a clearer manner. When fantasy will become crushed by reality, they’ll be able to avoid repeating the same mistakes they’ve made in the past.

Perhaps many have lied to themselves they’ve found true love and that financial opportunities are coming to them, but one day, they’ll have a hunch brought on by Neptune in retrograde, which will inspire them to know the truth.

Those who have been lying to themselves can end up being really shocked about what’s being revealed to them. Reality can sometimes be painful and harsh, not to mention how hard it can hit people who are addicted to drugs, alcohol or gambling.

For many, an intervention won’t be necessary because Neptune in retrograde will take care to make them aware of their problem.

The realization of having an issue happens at a higher level, in the pineal gland of the brain, organ that’s being ruled by the planet Neptune.

Some may go through difficult times regarding a relationship in their life, and this may have something to do with one of their past existences. Neptune is the planet of sacrifices, scandals and false accusations, so when in retrograde, it helps natives identify where’s the source of their pain.

It’s possible for many to feel scammed, terrified, humiliated and guilty for no reason whatsoever. What’s good to know about this transit is that it doesn’t make things intense and happening fast just like Mercury’s retrograde, as it influences people to check the reality surrounding them and to slowly discover their own hidden truths.

Neptune in retrograde will have an influence on everyone, even if not being so exciting. This may be a good occasion for natives to get rid of their rose-colored glasses and to be clearer about reality, but they need to really feel the influence of this transit if they want to have these things under control.

As soon as Neptune is direct, people can see the bigger picture and focus more on their dreams or what their intuition is telling them, without thinking how harsh life can be.

However, when this planet is in retrograde, ignoring the truth becomes almost impossible, which means this period of time is more like a wake-up call that can bring about many changes. Many will be amazed by the results and revelations they’re having during this transit.

What to do about it

When Neptune is in retrograde, people should focus on their dreams and what makes them be terrified of reality, not to mention this period is favorable for letting go of disappointing people and situations from the past.

This is a transit in which natives should see what doesn’t work for them and focus on fixing it. The best thing to do when this retrograde is taking place is to address matters and to stop ignoring them.

It is also a good opportunity to see what’s going on in other people’s lives and for natives to think about how they’re seeing the world. When Neptune is retrograde, individuals should express themselves openly and talk more about their feelings.

Many may come across some of their old dreams and start working on them, which is a good idea because this transit can be very helpful in such a situation.

Neptune in retrograde in the Natal Chart

Neptune in retrograde at the moment of birth can be quite detrimental because it makes people less energetic and active.

As a planet, Neptune is passive and rules over lies, deception and treachery. When in retrograde, it can easily make natives lie to themselves more than usually, not to mention how it can have them stuck in a fantasy world.

Furthermore, those having this transit in their natal chart may just accept reality as it is and not want to change anything about their own life until feeling really motivated to succeed and more energetic.

It’s possible for them to hide what makes them feel vulnerable, their spirituality and even their compassion because they think these are making them weaker.

While feeling deeply about all these aspects of life, they’ll just want to be private about them. It’s possible for their faith to be completely missing and therefore, for them to be untrustworthy.

When left alone to make decisions, they may come up with the worst ideas, not to mention how scared they can be of having big dreams because the idea of failing is simply making them tremble.

A great way for them to focus this planet’s energy on their inner self is to no longer escape reality and to focus on their hobbies or on enjoying a sporting activity.

One problem Neptune can bring about is making people feel less focused on their physical existence and more interested in what their mind and soul is telling them.

A Neptune in retrograde in a birth chart indicates natives with this placement are more sensitive and usually wearing a mask in order to not allow others to see deep into their soul, this being their defense when not wanting to be in the center of attention.

It’s possible for them to be terrified of getting ridiculed for whom they are, so wearing masks seems to be a better choice for their real personality to not get revealed.

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