Mars Retrograde: Explaining the Changes in Your Life

Mars retrograde will make people feel hostile, anxious, pressured and stressed, which means they may think they’re not being themselves and aim all of their frustration at others.

Mars Retrograde

During the Mars retrograde, we may find that we tend to have a quick temper, no matter how calm and peaceful we usually seem to be in general, not to mention how easier it becomes for conflicts to arise in our lives, accidents to happen and mistakes to be made.

Mars retrograde in a nutshell:

  • This retrograde is perfect for refining one’s abilities and changing strategies;
  • Be careful about any legal or financial matters;
  • Learn that having a little patience can take you far;
  • Natal Chart Mars retrograde means a person benefits from a very healthy way of thinking.

It’s suggested for people to avoid doing what has something to do with this planet during the Mars retrograde, even if wondering what all this can mean for them. Could it be 10 weeks of being alone?

However, Mars during this transit can be quite impressive as well. Just like all the other planets in retrograde, Mars in this placement deals with the energy from inside and everything that doesn’t get externalized.

What to expect during Mars retrograde

Usually, malefic planets, like Mars can be sometimes, become very negative when in retrograde, affecting individuals differently, with some being influenced more than others, but no one being left out.

This transit frequently causes people to feel unsettled and frustrated about their own life. Normally, these problems would be disregarded, and individuals would blame others for the problems they’re having.

Everything happening with them will be slowed down, re-analyzed and reversed, even if not for too long or forever.

This retrograde is known to turn a good situation into a bad one and to make things more complicated. Retrogrades are always dealing with the inner world, so Mars in such a transit may bring more anger towards oneself and a certain level of insecurity.

Being more cautious and not thinking about moving forward that much can make the Mars retrograde smoother for anyone because this is a period meant for decelerating, for relaxation and for thinking of new plans.

During this transit, people should focus on what they need to develop more about themselves, but not hurry in any way to make things happen.

For example, they shouldn’t get involved in a relationship that’s only hot and passionate because they may never marry. More than this, it’s important for them to not be hostile when arguing as they’ll surely regret it later.

When it comes to the legal sector, they should convince their opponents to initiate lawsuits and not take the first step themselves, especially if they want to win.

Everything that was started while Mars was in retrograde is going to bring about frustration and get disrupted until finished. People will be more irritated because their plans aren’t working, so their anger may interrupt, in an inappropriate and indirect way, their life.

It will be like getting one kick after another. Those who are not feeling reflective during the Mars retrograde, but still want to make this period a good one, should have a lot of patience and be as kind as possible.

Only compassion and good faith will help them make it because aggressiveness can’t bring anything good. Mars in retrograde is not at all a good period for starting with a new program of physical exercises.

The energy for doing something will completely be missing in people during this transit, so everything started during this period, like a gym membership, the clothes and the exercising equipment bought now, are going to break or to not be what they’re supposed to.

Therefore, it’s better for people to avoid buying what they need for their exercise routine when Mars is doing this transit. Since engines and things made from iron are also ruled by this planet, it would be a good idea to not buy kitchen knives or any electrical appliances for that matter.

Also, being associated with Mars, surgeons may have a difficult time doing their job during this time, barbers as well.

What’s ironic about retrogrades is that they’re making people feel more attracted to activities the planets in these transits are ruling over. For example, when Mercury is in retrograde, natives will want to communicate more, while when Venus is doing the same thing, they’ll dream of new relationships.

In the same way, Mars retrogrades are making people desire to experiment in bed or to be obsessed about getting a new job. However, this doesn’t mean they’ll be horny or obsessed about a new career during this time, the influence of Mars will just be strongly felt.

What to do about it

All astrologers in the world are saying the same thing: avoid doing what a planet rules over when its retrograde is taking place. For example, during the Mars retrograde, people shouldn’t buy any sporting equipment, hardware or other things that have been engineered.

All the activities initiated during this time will cause natives to feel disoriented and to end up concluding something completely different from what they initially used to believe.

This retrograde is known to be dominated by misunderstandings and confusion. People should bear in mind there’s nothing wrong with rethinking and having a little bit of patience.

They should take advantage of this time and focus all their attention on doing what they want in life because they’re allowed to think of themselves and whom they want to be.

This transit is perfect for refining one’s abilities and changing strategies, but also for rejuvenating in order for tiredness to not get installed. Mars in retrograde could be a great time to be in control of the power, determination and the drive of a person.

People should review their business and be as realistic as possible when it comes to taking matters into their own hands. More than this, they should keep working with traditional methods and be sensitive because disorder and recklessness can completely ruin their life.

Thinking about what they need the most and how they can obtain it would be a good idea for them because this period is very favorable for reassessing the path they’ve chosen in life and how their dreams are going to become a reality.

This is a transit for natives to ask themselves if they have the life they’ve always dreamed of and to evaluate their aspirations as Mars will only help them when it comes to these things.

Furthermore, they should also leave all of the bitterness from the past behind because they’ll manage to deal with anger in a more beneficial way for themselves, just as long as they’re staying confident.

Mars in retrograde in the Natal Chart

It can be challenging for people having Mars in retrograde in their birth chart to stand up for themselves and to be assertive, but also fearful and thinking they aren’t effective.

While there will be many ways for them to go after what they want and their desires deep, others will still not be able to understand them very well.

They may have a problem with their timing and burst into anger rather than being calm, especially because they’re keeping many things to themselves. It’s possible for many to find them coming on too strongly when first introduced and not in any way sufficiently during other times because they can only think of what they should’ve said after the pressure is no longer on them.

Usually annoyed by competition, it’s better for these natives to work at their own pace and to not have a schedule. It’s possible for them to find many new ways of expressing themselves in a physical way when mature, or they may focus all of their energy on unusual things that are still very effective for many areas in their life.

Mars in retrograde in a birth chart can come with many tricks, even if the natives having this placement may look like they’re possessing a very healthy way of thinking.

Because this retrograde is like a silencer for aggressiveness, many will think of those having it in their birth chart as calm, peaceful and not at all feisty when having to retaliate.

However, things may not be like this at all because these natives may hide quite intense feelings and strong reactions in their mind. Either way, it may be necessary for them to find ways of expressing their anger and quick temper, or serious problems may start to appear into their life.

It would be a good idea for them to take part in sporting activities and this way, to gather all of Mars’ energy and to find a balance between what they’re feeling inside and the world surrounding them.

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