Mars in Taurus: Personality Traits and How It Affects Your Life

If you have Mars in Taurus you are comfortable in your own skin and will prioritize the things that give you pleasure.

Mars in Taurus

You can be sure that people with Mars in Taurus will always want security and a stable future. Mars is the planet that will give them their drive, whilst Taurus will keep them attached to their belongings.

This means they are very interested in being financially secure. That’s why they are such hard workers. These guys know what comfort means and will struggle to get it.

Mars in Taurus in a nutshell:

  • Style: Dedicated and sensual;
  • Top qualities: Determined, supportive and dependable;
  • Weaknesses: Moody, obstinate and sluggish;
  • Advice: Be careful with any financial investments;
  • Celebrities: Michael Jackson, Selena Gomez, Tom Cruise, Mariah Carey.

Patient, they will wait for their life to be in order. They are practical and not afraid of getting their hands dirty in order to get what they want. This is what Mars in Taurus means: people dedicated and persevering.

Personality traits

Mars in the Earthy Taurus means the people born with this planetary transit in their natal charts are tenacious, laborious and very practical.

They will never get tired of working towards a more stable financial future because they want expensive things and a comfortable life. They are also sensual and like to have all of their senses activated.

So gourmet food and an interesting decor will definitely make them happy. They won’t mind spending a little bit more to treat themselves.

And they have a well-established work ethic or the necessary patience to wait till they are completely satisfied with their income.

Mars Tauruses can feel the opposite of what they’re supposed to feel sometimes. What can upset them the most is not being able to ensure financial security. But at the same time, they realize this requires going through all the stages of a job.

They will prefer to work a 9 to 5 and not risk being entrepreneurs. However, this can put limits on how much they are earning. It’s suggested they are more open to taking risks in life.

The stubbornness will characterize them because of both Mars and the Taurus. They could hold on to their ideas until they would no longer have a solution to problems.

Only a mentor or someone in their family that they really admire will be able to help them in a complicated situation. In bed, they like to appeal to all their senses and have a touch that can make their partner go crazy.

Mars Taurians will always be independent and stubborn. It can be very difficult to get them angry because their nature is easygoing. People need to be careful with their temper because when they’re outraged they can become very impulsive and aggressive.

From all the Mars signs, they are the most methodical and the slowest. At least they always finish what they have started. Plus, what they lack in energy, they make up in determination and endurance.

Doing the right things in love

You can always count on the Mars Taurus people, they get things done and are resistant. But the fact that they are sometimes obstinate can frustrate others.

Their senses need to be cultivated through arts and crafts. They give a lot of importance to possessions, so it’s likely they’ll hold on to what they create themselves.

Down-to-earth and passionate, they are confident that things with their partner will work out. Because they are honest, no one will be able to toy with their integrity.

Anything that asks for discipline and complete dedication will be their favorite thing to do. When involved with someone, they are straightforward, conventional and possessive.

Don’t expect them to ever cheat because they are the most loyal people in the zodiac. Because they like comfort, Mars Tauruses will want their partner to be stable.

Patient, they won’t dream or lose themselves in illusions. They will wait to make things happen the way they want them. No one could hit on their partner because they would immediately become very jealous.

They like the foreplay and can’t resist if they are not offered sex. Lovemaking for them is like eating and sleeping.

A relaxed partner would be perfect for these guys. Being slow, Mars Tauruses build their passion in the same way. They are always focused on what they have to do.

Their partner will be stimulated in every way. Every touch will be appreciated and felt deeply, just like a connoisseur enjoys a good wine.

No way these guys will have quickies or one-nights stands. They are only looking for something long term.

The Mars in Taurus man

More sensitive than other men, the Mars Taurus man is stubborn and determined to have his dreams fulfilled.

His sign is fixed and feminine, which means he can understand both men and women equally. But this doesn’t mean he won’t want to respect and play the gender roles accordingly.

Even in bed, he will still be the man and his partner the submissive woman. He’s passionate both in the bedroom and when he’s having a debate.

It’s not in his way to compromise because natives with Mars in Taurus rarely change their mind or accept what others have to say.

Conventional and conservative, the Mars Taurus man won’t want to change a thing about himself and his life. He will be rich and spoil his partner.

But he doesn’t like to spend too much all the time. He may even be controlling with the money that come in the house, thing that would bother anyone. If you want to argue with him, pick your battles. If he would see you fragile, tensions will continue to arise.

The Mars in Taurus woman

Authoritative from the Mars side, soulful and Earthy from the Taurus one, this woman is also feminine. She will go with the man who treats her like an equal.

Only next to a guy like this she will feel fulfilled. Because she’s a traditionalist, she wants someone who’s like her.

A down-to-earth and respectful man would do the trick. She’s wise and a good maternal figure because her sign is like this. She doesn’t expect help when she’s in trouble.

On the contrary, she’s practical enough to deal with things on her own. While she may seem cold and condescending for many, she’s just a person who focuses on her own problems too much.

It’s suggested the Mars Taurus woman invests more time and energy in herself. Living too much in the past or in the future can distract her from the present moment.

Difficulties to overcome

Mars Tauruses can become very lazy and they can procrastinate too often. And this won’t be at all to their advantage. They are also slow when it comes to making decisions and being physically challenged. It’s suggested they exploit their own patience as much as possible. Being themselves will only help them be more dignified. They should admit they aren’t adaptable and deal with it. Because they are so steady, they often expect others to change and make compromises.

It wouldn’t matter if the rest of the world would rush and ask them to accelerate too, they would still stick to their ground and function at their own pace.

When someone will try to manipulate and make them change their minds, they won’t accept. It would be better to leave them alone or present other options if you simply can’t agree with what they have to say.

While not easily angered, they still are very dangerous when they are losing their temper. It’s most likely everyone who opposes them will be blocked until they are no longer upset.

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Written by Denise

Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives. She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope.