Mars in Aries: Personality Traits and How It Affects Your Life

If you have Mars in Aries you are impulsive and will work tirelessly to get what you want.

Mars in Aries

No one can stop people born with Mars in Aries in their natal chart from doing what they want. They are confident, determined and always where the action is.

It’s difficult to keep these guys in one place because both Mars and Aries are all about being active. Their energies combined can make a person motivated and full of the stamina needed for new adventures.

Mars in Aries in a nutshell:

  • Style: Driven and assertive;
  • Top qualities: Full of initiative, survivalist and generous;
  • Weaknesses: Unyielding, bad-tempered and rash;
  • Advice: Let your guard down from time to time;
  • Celebrities: Cristiano Ronaldo, Prince, Tyra Banks, Clint Eastwood.

Mars Arieses are also competitive, so they want to fight no matter how tough the situation or who their opponent is. Because they are self-assured, they’ll explore the world tirelessly. When many others will just wait for a sense of security, these guys will simply take what’s theirs without worrying. They will also want to be first at anything because this is what makes them stronger pioneers of life.

Personality traits

Those who are born with Mars in Aries are go-getters. They fear nothing. Because Mars is the natural ruler of Aries, it will be easy for them to be in power and always confident.

Mars Arieses usually fall in love with confident, intense and direct people who don’t back down in a debate. They will be happy to have anyone as an ally in their battles.

When these guys need to represent someone, they do it perfectly. Mars is lusty, the Aries assertive, which means people born with this planetary aspect have a high libido.

Symbolized by the Ram, people in Aries are persistent. They are honest and tell things as they really are, preferring to get rejected rather than being accepted for false opinions.

But they need to be careful not to offend and to cross any boundaries. As they have a temper, it’s difficult for them to keep their emotions in check. It would be better if they would choose their battles more carefully. Channeling their energy into something more constructive would help a lot.

Expect Mars Arieses to always be one step ahead of the crowd. They don’t like to know what’s going to happen next, new ideas and projects making them truly happy.

They want to make things exciting in their relationships, but they’re difficult to commit. Impulsiveness and not sticking around are two things that characterize them the most. While they have an elevated level of physical energy, they can lose their enthusiasm easily.

When someone is not honest or direct with them, they become angry. People that are too slow to take action annoy them as well. Those with Mars in the Aries position are nothing else but big kids.

You can trust them to never want to deceive if their Mars is not afflicted. Mars expresses itself naturally in Aries because it’s at home.

They like the chase when they’re in love. Passionate and strong, they do have a temper. At least they don’t hold grudges.

They aren’t happy if things in their life aren’t exciting. Because they are too enthusiastic, they’ll engage in many new projects and forget to finish the old ones.

Love matters

Passionate about what they have to do and when in love, Mars Arieses are not necessarily affectionate, but they sure have a lot of energy and love to play with.

They are also a little bit selfish and impatient. Physical creatures, they won’t wait to build up to a moment, they instead take action fast. When it comes to compromise, they are not the ones to do it.

On the contrary, they are among the most demanding people. When they need to fight, they are competitive. But it’s difficult for them to remember afterwards what happened or why they fought.

They are courageous and always give their all when they engage in something. Their libido is strong. If a person gives in easily to them, they are no longer interested as they love to chase.

It’s not impossible they’ll want to make love in the most unusual places because they like taking risks. Playful, they can make anyone’s life more fun.

When they will want something, they’ll make sure to express it verbally. Don’t expect them to be too sensitive because they are people of action, not of feeling. It’s also very difficult for them to be involved in long-distance relationships.

You will surely know if they have their eyes on someone. But their attention can change very quickly so you can never be too certain.

The Mars in Aries man

You should never interrupt the Mars in Aries man when he’s working on something. He’s a thinker and a successful problem-solver. Besides, he’s surprising and wants to take on new projects all the time because of both the influence of Mars and that of Aries.

He likes head-on confrontations, like the Ram so he won’t beat around the bush when he’ll want to make his voice heard.

If you are with a Mars Aries man, you can be sure he’ll do anything for your own good. This guy is very attentive and dependable once he commits. But he needs spontaneity because he can get fed up with things very easily.

The Aries is the initiator of change so the man with Mars in this sign in his chart will never be afraid to make things happen. He will not play someone because he likes to get things done and not waste time and energy.

His partner and close ones will have to admire and respect him all the time. He needs appreciation in order to continue being efficient.

The Mars in Aries woman

The woman with Mars in Aries will be a fighter. She can do anything because she’s tenacious and energetic. But because she’s a little bit like a child, things can become frustrating for her very soon.

What she needs the most is some time to process and collect her thoughts, and she’ll overcome the panic in no time.

While already courageous and passionate, Mars in her sign will only accentuate these traits in her.

She will take on any challenge and most likely succeed at everything she will be doing because she’s very motivated. With Mars at home, this lady will be able to deal with any problem, no matter how tough.

Difficulties to overcome

Mars Arieses can’t be bossed around. They are domineering, especially with those for whom they have great passions.

Impulsive and impatient, they can get themselves into trouble, as they are demanding and don’t care too much about limits.

Not to mention they can lose control when they are very impatient to get things done. When they are around people who are too slow to react, they can get really irritated.

You can’t imagine how annoyed they’ll be when others won’t be able to tell them directly what they have in mind. Straightforwardness is something Mars Arieses truly appreciate.

It’s normal for them to be less gentle. Many will think they are too harsh to even have them involved in their conversations. Because they engage in too many projects at a time, they’re undisciplined. This is why it’s essential for them to learn some self-control.

They may be aggressive, but at least you will always realize where to stand with them. Be careful not to trust them so much because you can end up realizing they have left you behind when they had to do their thing.

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Written by Denise

Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives. She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope.