How To Seduce A Libra Man From A To Z

Discover how to make your Libra man fall in love with you and what to look out for.

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Seducing a Libra man is a controversial matter of the hear, some are adamant that you can easily seal the deal whilst others will swear that it’s the most complicated thing ever, if you wish to play by the rules.

Seduce your Libra man with these top 5 tips:

  1. Combine acting casual with fiery displays of affection.
  2. Remain discreet and mysterious for a while.
  3. Convince him he’s never had better.
  4. Show you are decisive at key moments.
  5. Don’t hurry him with anything.
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These natives are the type of individuals who can’t survive alone for a long time, and so will always look for a partner as soon as their past relationship ends.

However please note that Libra men are very factual and objective, so they look at the basics before arriving to a decision.

You need to be more than a rebound

With a Libra man, it’s quite clear you’re going to get to the altar pretty quickly, so make sure you choose the rings pretty early on, because you’re going to need them.

These natives are all about commitment, and think only of marriage, of building a life together.

Plus, they aren’t the type to investigate everything you do, your every action and word, because that way, they’re never going to convince anyone to let go of their freedom and come with them.

If you have something more than just an adventure in mind, then it’s guaranteed that they’ll jump on you as soon as you present yourself as being available.

Even if they may have that reaction in the beginning, not everything’s going to go as smoothly as that, because they will first have to make sure that you’re not just another heartbreaker who just wants to bed them and then just leave.

They’re going to want to know you better, observe and analyze your personality and character, and, basically, find out if you’re worth it or not.

It’s not that they want to incentivize you further by playing hard to get or anything of the sort, because they wouldn’t have the patience, nor the interest to do that.

It’s a pretty known fact that Libra men are very affectionate, loyal, and responsible once in a relationship, so it wouldn’t be that much of a hassle waiting for him.

He is a very intelligent and knowledgeable individual who likes to get into deep and complex discussions, a preference in line with their highly analytical predilection.

They are especially interested in those subjects that are very controversial, and which have been debated for a long time by many great personalities.

Things like the gray areas of morality, what exactly is moral or immoral, and even what amorality truly is.

They have a very strong sense of what is right and wrong, and you just have to bring up such a topic where there is some sort of injustice happening, and you’ll immediately seem them shaking with anticipation.

This man is, however, quite terrified of anything having to do with emotions and the inner feelings that he has harbored for so long deep inside.

It’s never a good idea to try to force him to open up out of the blue, because they’re basically never ready for such a discussion. And this fear is also connected to their hesitation to commit.

Yeah, how could he be afraid to commit when he is, at the same time, in dire need of closeness, and thus to find a relationship? Well, yeah, but he wants things to go slowly, step by step, with the prospects untangling at a steady pace.

Tips for seducing your Libra man

For starters, try to look charming and dress well, because these natives are known to have a great taste for beautiful women, and would like their partner to look their best in any social setting.

Don’t overdo it though, with flashy things, because it would create the opposite effect, and they’re going to believe you’re trying too hard. Something elegant, in good taste, and simplistic, will do the job.

Furthermore, try not to be overly hurried or aggressive, because, on the one hand, they’re a very rational and patient bunch, and will perceive your impulsiveness as barbarism, while on the other hand, there’s no need to hurry, as things will eventually advance on their own.

Moreover, he will greatly appreciate your attempts at romance, and will actually respond with great enthusiasm. He had always wanted to release all those emotions hiding deep inside, but all his previous partners would have either mocked or looked with derision upon this, or couldn’t empathize at all.

The truth is, the Libra man is a very romantic man, and would really love to go on a candle-lit dinner with you, with music singing to sweeten the atmosphere.

He would even compose you a poem, just so that the picture is complete. Mostly nothing is too romantic for the Libra, and it’s anyway going to be a temperate one, not overly exaggerated.

How to win him quickly

The best advice you could ever get in order to win over a Libra man is this: act with confidence, elegance, wear the sexiest and most alluring smile on your lips, and have a cool attitude.

Don’t try too hard, or it won’t have the same effect, and never reveal too much about yourself. Only act as an incentive for him to discover those things by himself.

The mystery is actually one of the most important things in the relationship between you two, and it should be a constant element as well. Don’t stay for too long with him, so just exchange a few words, pick up his interest, and then take some distance. What happens next is obvious.

As for how you should behave, and what are the techniques you should use, they are fairly simple in fact. You’re a woman, so make full use of all the gifts that you’ve been endowed with, that irresistible charm that makes any man fall on his knees, that feminine allure that floats all around you.

Don’t be forceful or aggressive, because that’s a sure way to get yourself burned. They don’t want a macho woman in their life, that’s for sure.

And do remember to impress them with your brains, bring up a controversial subject and you’ll see them brimming with enthusiasm and admiration.

One more thing worth to remember is that Libra men like to know that they’re doing the right thing, and not something that you don’t like or feel comfortable with.

Either out of shyness or the need to feel encouraged, they will need you to be there in the moment, telling them that it’s all good, and things will only get better.

They will understand that they can fully trust you, because honesty can’t be faked just like that, not when you have someone who can easily observe right next to you.

What you’re up against

There is but one problem when dealing with Libra men, but that single problem is drastic enough to drive almost anyone insane. The thing is, these men could very well flirt with you endlessly, never going to the next level, or you could find out that you were never anything more to them than just another adventure.

In spite of all the romanticism and confessions they’ve made, that was, unfortunately, just flirting, and nothing more. It’s in their nature, actually, to be that open and sociable with pretty much everyone, it’s not your fault.

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