9 Key Things To Know Before Dating A Capricorn

Be aware of these Capricorn dating tips so you can make the most of your dates with this fascinating sign.

1. You need to stimulate them

Capricorns have to be cornered and caught in a net, otherwise they’ll escape and move on to another place. This is to say that unless their attention and interest are fully preoccupied with someone, they may be quickly distracted and lose focus.

Having the attention span of a 3-year old, this native has to be really fascinated and intrigued by a person in order to decide to stay. That is why a lot of efforts are needed to successfully date and romance a Capricorn.

While the disadvantages are quite obvious at a first sight, not everything about them is like that, of course.

Although they usually don’t settle for anything less than the extraordinary or the sublime, once the chosen one is found, everything that happens next is magical, to say the least.

2. They are down to earth

Realists and pragmatic individuals, you’ll never see a Capricorn blame fate or bad luck for something bad that happens. Nothing good ever came out of thinking like that, and this time is no different.

Preferring a more hands-on approach, they confront any problem with a serious and responsible attitude, leaving no loose ends.

Frank and straightforward, as well as honest people, Capricorn natives won’t beat around the bush or hesitate to address any issues they might have.

3. They are cynical in the best way possible

Ironically, Capricorns think of themselves as being optimists and people with bright outlooks on life, dreaming big and having idealistic goals. Nothing could be further from the truth though.

Already foreseeing a disaster or issues appearing in your relationship, they are quite indifferent, or better yet, quite accustomed to such “predictions”, and so they don’t feel the need to take any actions to prevent that from happening.

Of course, that’s not entirely true either. They won’t just stay there and look at everything around them crumble to dust, or you being hurt.

It’s just that that cynicism makes them who they are, and patience is needed to completely bypass this pesky little aspect.

4. You won’t be able to go past their stubbornness

Ambitious and perseverant, as well as hard-working to the extreme, these natives do their best to achieve certain goals, leaving no way out.

Either success is obtained, or the abyss of despair is imminent, there really is no other alternative for the stubborn Capricorn. That anxiousness of failing to do something may be somewhat of a hindrance for them, it actually is quite a risky and dangerous mindset indeed.

Evidently, professional life tends to come before intimate relationships, but they’re not necessarily separated.

The benefits of a lucrative working place go towards the betterment and wellbeing of the family, so in the end, it all comes down to one thing: their ability to meet and escape unscathed out of crises and critical situations.

5. No one will tell you how moody they actually are

Emotional outbursts and occasional fits are a constant event in a Capricorn’s life, to the misfortune of people who find themselves close by.

They may even exhibit typical bipolar behavior as they switch from a loving and kind disposition to a cranky and angry one in a split second. No warnings, no safety belts, no nothing.

These 180 degrees turnabouts are best ignored as much as possible, because they disappear just as spontaneously as they appear.

Even if these natives appear strong and resolute to the outside world, capable of facing any situation with a confident smile and a steady hand, the truth is a little different.

That is just a façade put forward by them in an attempt to create a certain impression, but deep down, there is a much softer and tender side hiding there.

That is why the main thing that they are looking for in a partner is a loving, caring and supportive nature. More than anything else, the feeling of having someone close by to nurse you back to health and mend your wounds is by far the best feeling in the world.

6. They are social butterflies

Being very open and enthusiastic in their approach, it’s only natural that people are just swarming around them. However, that does not mean that they associate themselves with just about any unsavory individual that shows up.

Selectiveness and high standards make it so that only the best and most positive people are allowed to enter their social circle.

Naturally attracted to such individuals, Capricorns will obviously evolve and develop from many points of view while in the company of their friends. So, use this opportunity to get closer to him and get to know his pals, it could only be for your own good.

7. They will protect you fiercely

Very loyal and devoted to friends and family alike, you won’t ever find yourself in a situation which won’t be resolved with his help. No sacrifice is too great and no problem too tough for this native.

Your wellbeing and happiness are at the top of his priority list, and everything that can be done to achieve them, he will do with no regards for anything else.

One other thing about these natives is that they are very straightforward and direct individuals.

Playing around and beating around the bush is not exactly how a Capricorn does this, not by a long-shot. Instead, going for the kill with a steady attitude and a firm heart, they do what has to be done in order to reach the goal.

8.They are overly cautious with their hearts

Capricorn natives are the kind of guys and girls who put more emphasis on character and personality, rather than simple numbers in a bank account or the ever-so-popular and eye-opener 6-pack, let alone the legendary and God-given 8-pack.

Putting jokes side, this native is prone to shoot first and ask questions later. Disbelieving and putting everything under a magnifying glass, they won’t stop until they strip you clean of any defects and potentially disastrous “virtues”.

After having berated you for hours on end, they’ll finally cheer up, put aside all differences and accept you into their life.

At this stage, you would probably think that everything’s set up and good to go. Dream life, here I come, right? Woah, hold your horses, cowboy.

Things are not as simple as that. Letting you in their lives does not necessarily mean that they’re also knee deep in love and passion. That takes time, even more so for a distrusting, suspicious and cynical Capricorn.

Romanticism and sentimentality are rather repugnant to such an individual, but they will show their affection, eventually, in the not-so-distant future.

9. They will surprise you between the sheets

Just like they would approach a typical situation, sex life is not much different. The same ingenuity, or rather lack of ingenuity, is applied when making love.

And that is because a Capricorn focuses more on the act itself, the fulfillment of certain cravings, rather than foreplay and romantic approaches.

As long as it happens, on a constant basis if possible, it doesn’t really matter for this native if roses are falling from the sky, the room smells of jasmine, or if everything goes full-on sado-masochism.

Though they can and actually are prone to fall into a state of utter bliss and passion, once the partner joins the show, the extra doesn’t really matter as much.

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Written by Denise

Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives. She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope.