Libra Pig: The Elegant Storyteller Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

Personality traits of Libra born in Pig year

Libra Pig
  • The Libra dates are between September 23 and October 22.
  • The Pig years are: 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, 2031.
  • These people tend to go as far as over-exert and mentally drain themselves.
  • The Libra Pig woman is an attention grabber.
  • The resolute Libra Pig man will quickly scale the up the social ladder.

The Libra Pig gathers influences from the Eastern and Western zodiac, both of them giving luck, great social skills and charm to this native. There are few people more communicative, outgoing and enthusiastic than them, and on top of that, they are also a deep and imaginative thinker.

Often found fantasizing about the liveliest and most chimerical things out there, they clearly have a flair for the artistic and creative fields, where ingenuity and boundless imagination are stringent requirements.

To challenge their creative potential and sense of beauty and aesthetics is to sign yourself a death warrant, if done with a competitive reason in mind.

Otherwise, it’s going to be the most exciting and extraordinary show of force that you’ve ever laid your eyes upon.

The Refined Libra Pig Personality

This native is the individual with the most temperate and calm demeanor out of all the other zodiac sings.

Generally, in love with nature, silence and with a calm and tranquil environment in which to spend their time, they despise being in the center of attention, especially when they have to argue with someone on any given topic.

These events just suck them dry of energy and life-force, which they could have used in more productive endeavors such as further honing their skills or having a pleasant conversation.

They are deeply impressed and feel great compassion for people who don’t have many possibilities and can’t fend off the daily struggle of living, in other words the abused, discriminated, poor and weak people out there.

Top Characteristics: Determined, Judgmental, Stylish, Loving.

Due to their great creative aptitudes and productive imagination, chances are the Libra Pig will always end up being in the spotlight, either because of their bright and dazzling clothes, haircut, shoes or anything in between.

They obviously know how to pair up different colors and styles in order to get a harmonious and balanced result which is sure to end up entrancing anyone who lays eyes on them.

The thing is, they don’t do it for the fame and popularity, or out of narcissism, a need to be gawked at and admired. No, they do it simply because of personal preferences and desires, nothing more.

The same can be said about the way they furnish and arrange their house. Most of the people who’ve visited their house either never want to leave again, come back the next day or decide to hire them as a consultant in furnishing their own place like that.

And if you thought that their creative drive and impetus stops there, then you’ve got another thing coming. The Libra Pig will almost always be one hell of a good cook, and not because their food tastes good necessarily, but because it looks fantastic, awe-inspiring and, to sum it all up, is perfectly decorated.

I think we’ve all seen how fabulous the food cooked by famous chefs looks like, with all the seasoning, placement of the elements on the plate, so on and so forth.

Well, it’s pretty much the same thing, only there is no sky-high price to eat their food. And it is their greatest pleasure to cook for guests or close friends, because… kindness, generosity and a good-natured personality is who they are.

Perfect careers for Libra Pig: Arts, Catering, Hospitality, Finances.

They need to learn to let go sometimes, or act with a little bit of self-interest as well, instead of tirelessly trying to help everyone else in spite of their own wellbeing and mental state.

And when the situation turns grim or the unfair treatment becomes even more evident and glaring, they won’t stand on ceremony and start fighting with even more aggressiveness and intensity, often going as far as over-exertion and mentally draining themselves.

And that’s ultimately a bad thing in general, because they become so self-absorbed in the struggle, that they forget to take a step back, take a breather, and try to remember what’s more important than winning the argument, and that’s their mental tranquillity and peace.

This is what they need to focus on in order to have a better and more enjoyable life, and it’s not going to be so hard to do that.

Love – Revealed

The Libran Pigs are individuals who view life through a bright-looking and dazzling looking-glass. There aren’t many things that can spoil their mood, and this is seen in how they behave towards people they are romantically interested in.

If the other has a bad day, which, truth be told, most of us do, they don’t get upset or feel like they’re being done an unrighteous offence.

Instead, they try to make the partner see the colorful aspect of life, remind them of the good times they had, that they are loved and that many people care about them, including these natives themselves.

Thus, a relationship that’s based on mutual trust, affection and compassion can’t possibly fail, especially when it’s fuelled by the Libran Pigs’ thirst for life and understanding nature.

Moreover, they won’t let petty conflicts and pointless arguments ruin the mood of either of them.

Instead, with a touching tenderness and utmost sincerity, they show their partner what the problem is, carefully explaining how it can be solved and how the both of them should act in order to reach the goal. How could you not irredeemably fall in love with them?

Most compatible with: Gemini Rabbit, Sagittarius Rabbit, Leo Ram, Aquarius Ram, Aquarius Rabbit.

When alone though, the Libra Pig has to watch out for those who want to profit from their success and fortune, if they have reached a certain social status due to their natural abilities and talents that is.

In general, people try to manipulate and deceive this native into falling into dreams of happiness and ideal marriage, by showing them a carefully crafted illusion and whispering sweet words into their ears.

In turn, they are looking for like-minded and emotionally similar partners who are able to fully reciprocate their feelings and come up with personal ways of showing their love and affection.

They aren’t supposed to actually tell the partner how to act and when to do some things, but they expect them nonetheless, all those small, romantic things that only someone in love could do. That’s why their lover must be very perceptive and insightful. Otherwise, things are not going to work as planned, not in the least.

Libra Pig Woman Characteristics

The Libra Pig women also excel in grabbing everyone’s attention and keeping it there for the rest of the night.

But this time, it’s not really a matter of external elements like clothes and accessories. It’s rather something about their natural charm and beguiling allure that makes men especially become transfixed and fantasize about them in a not so subtle manner.

What takes from their innate likeable nature is the tendency to be razor-sharp honest and even criticize what they deem as being faulty or in a state of degeneration (mostly referring to people here, and their not-so-moral or virtuous behavior).

Otherwise, they are very enjoyable and amusing friends to have around, and even an idol when it comes to professional success, given their confident, calm and perseverant attitude which more often than not is essential in almost all domains.

Celebrities under the sign of Libra Pig: Julie Andrews, Luciano Pavarotti, Simon Cowell, Snoop Dogg, Sacha Baron Cohen, Donald Glover, Amber Rose.

Libra Pig Man Characteristics

These Libra Pig men make absolutely no attempt at catching everyone’s attention and dazzling all with their intelligent and intriguing choice of clothes, accessories and even attitude, but it does happen, pretty much all the time.

And coupled with his innate social sense and communicative nature, it’s just not a surprise anymore when you see him quickly scale up the social ladder and reaching the top in the time it took you to even get a raise from your boss.

Of course, he is also a very determinate, resolute and ambitious man who uses his abilities and talent in everything that he does, in an efficient and purposeful manner.

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