Key Traits of the Earth Pig Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Earth Pig will not hide their personality or pretend they are someone else.

Earth Pig

Those born in the year of the Earth Pig like to interact with as many people as possible and are considered the real social butterflies of the Chinese zodiac. That’s why many will support them to have a good career and a happy life.

Their determination can be put into great novels and comic books with heroes. Their sign suggests they are enduring and wouldn’t give up on their dreams no matter what.

The Earth Pig in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Melancholic, practical and friendly;
  • Challenges: Quarrelsome, insecure and pessimistic;
  • Secret need: They need to be intellectually stimulated to keep their interest alive;
  • Advice: They should be more discrete with regards to personal life.

Gentle, attentive and sensitive souls, they are also lucky with money and can build a comfortable life for themselves ever since young because they want the peace and quiet of a home and a steady income. Earth Pigs love good food, expensive wines and to laugh a lot. It’s possible they’ll exaggerate with their drinking and eating, but in general, they are pretty balanced.

The character of the Chinese Earth Pig

Earth Pig people are all honest and wouldn’t even imagine to lie. They’re reliable as friends, family members and colleagues, but very vulnerable in front of people who want to cheat and to take advantage of them.

This is because they can’t imagine someone could ever be deceptive, so they don’t even see the bad things coming. It’s important they learn that people can often cheat and step over others in order to get what they want.

Being more suspicious would definitely help them in life. One thing you can be sure about them is that they’re sociable. These natives hate being alone and seek the company of large groups.

While not looking to be at the center of attention, they are mannered and want to make many friends. So people will roam around them like bees fly around hives.

Because they really know how to negotiate, they are the persons to whom everybody goes when having to solve a conflict. It’s easy for Pigs to find the middle ground and to determine which compromise would work best.

And this can help them achieve great success in many careers. It’s possible they’ll indulge in some of the life’s pleasures, so they need to be more cautious with how much they’re drinking or having sex.

Because they want luxury and the finest things in life, they will surely decorate their home with antiques and expensive furniture. It’s possible they will spend all their money on exotic foods and expensive clothes, so they have to pay more attention to their budget.

Not to mention that eating too much can cause them to get sick. Pigs like to work hard and they never take on a responsibility until they are sure they can fulfill it.

Earth Pig natives like to plan and tackle every detail of a strategy before taking action. When they’re focusing, there’s no one and nothing to distract them from what they are doing.

This means others can count them to always do their job and be valuable colleagues. In the Chinese zodiac, every sign is influenced by an element. Pigs in Earth are pragmatic and very down-to-earth because of their element.

They will never be too stressed because everything they’re doing is always carefully planned and obstacles are not something to ever bother them.

These natives feel the happiest when they’re at home with their families. They will want all the comfort because they prefer a calm and serene environment rather than agitation and having people over all the time.

As colleagues and subordinates, they are trustworthy and hard working. They will never give up on a project until they are sure everything is done correctly and completely.

These Pigs are never dreaming big or wanting a high position at work. They prefer having a routine and to just be busy all day long so that they make enough money to support themselves and their family.

Because they are logical and very pragmatic, it’s rare for them to make unwise decisions. This is why so many people count on their judgment and advice.

A grounded personality

Relaxed and trustworthy, Earth Pigs feel perfectly when they’re at home with their loved ones. These natives are practical and very organized, so expect them to plan for everything they are doing.

Their work is most times very useful and everyone can count on them to get their job done. Many times, their bosses will want to give them bonuses for what they have done because their work is remarkable.

Earth Pig individuals can let themselves go for life’s pleasures, so they should be careful with how much they are eating or drinking.

The Chinese Earth element makes them more stable and reliable. This element is all about preserving and keeping everything whole. It represents everything that’s motherly and nurturing.

They can organize very well, and love to work with traditional methods, in the most serious manner, not to mention how good they are at making the hard decisions in life.

Usually cool and going with the flow, they like spending their time with their family. When it comes to planning, there’s no one better than them at thinking of different strategies to approach a problem.

They are practical and very grounded, which means they would work better as leaders and not followers. Because they want peace and harmony, they will give their best to never argue.

Supportive, they don’t mind helping their friends and even people they don’t actually know anything about. Fast-thinking and persevering, these Pigs don’t mind working under pressure and dealing with stress.

They are not at all the type to leave a project undone, so no matter the challenges they’re facing, you can be sure they will overcome all the obstacles and achieve the results they’re aiming for.

People will be motivated by their responsible attitude and determination. It can’t be said they are the most ambitious people in the world, but they will still get enough money to live a comfortable life by being diligent and hardworking.

Just like all the other Pigs, the Earth ones love luxuries and enjoying the best foods or the most expensive wines. The secret with them is to keep being moderate.

As long as they won’t overdo eating, drinking or having too much sex, things will be fine in their life as they won’t get to spend all their money on pleasures.

The Earth Pig man

The Earth Pig man has a highly developed sense of justice and always thinks twice before deciding on something. He never hurries and trusts his own judgment completely.

He could have success in any profession, but all that he wants is to make enough for a comfortable life. It’s very likely he will choose to do something that will bring him a lot of money.

This male Earth Pig knows what luxury means and wants the best things in life. That’s why his home will always look amazing and very welcoming.

Many will respect him for being a true professional and a very supportive friend. It wouldn’t matter what business he would be taking care of, he will surely be successful because he’s very determined to make it.

No matter how difficult the situation, he will always try to remain calm. Even when things are very disappointing, he still doesn’t give up and continues with the same open heart.

He wants the love of a sweet woman of whom he will take good care if she will make the decision to be with him. He will give her many expensive gifts and take her to many holidays to exotic destinations.

He’s one of the most considerate and mannered boyfriends anyone could have. As a family head, he’s loving and generous.

You can trust him to never even look at other women because all that he wants is to make his loved ones happy. This man likes to work hard, so his wife and children will have everything they want in life.

The Earth Pig woman

This lady thinks of life as a bumpy adventure. She’s beautiful, smart and very fair, but she won’t have to face too many difficulties. However, if fate will send bad things her way, she will still overcome all the obstacles without complaining or asking for help.

The Earth Pig woman really knows how to fight and is very courageous. Everything she needs to attain success is always in her hands. She doesn’t mind working hard and she’s determined enough to achieve all her goals. Not to mention that she gets along very well with others.

It’s very probable she will work as a manager or executive who knows how to communicate with her subordinates. This girl never hurries to make any decision because she allows politeness to take over before anything else.

This is one of the main reasons why people respect her so much. She’s sensitive and can often allow her feelings to take over. While she gives her best to always be proud and on her own two feet, inside she’s in fact gentle and delicate.

With her man, she’ll be submissive and completely trusting. If deceived, she won’t be able to believe her eyes and ears because she’s faithful and believes everyone is the same.

The Earth Pig woman can’t lie and usually says everything that’s in her heart and head. Once she has settled with a man, you can be sure she will fight to remain with that person all of her life.

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