Key Traits of the Fire Pig Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Fire Pig will never steer away from the path they have chosen to follow in life.

Fire Pig

Those born under the year of the Fire Pig are forceful creatures who are driven by love and love only. Courageous and optimistic, these natives see no evil, har no evil. This attitude gives them more confidence and the power to not believe in failure.

Fire Pigs like being surrounded by many people, so they make great politicians or spiritual gurus. Their dependence on others can be easily noticed because they seem to function better in teams than alone. If they will focus on only one of their skills, they will manage to build a very good career for themselves.

The Fire Pig in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Merciful, courteous and sensual;
  • Challenges: Spiteful, impulsive and gossipy;
  • Secret need: Being able to say what you think out loud;
  • Advice: Don’t you give up on your natural cheeriness.

Good with money, they won’t have to worry about their finances too much. Popular and friendly, they get along with everyone, but have a bumpy road when it comes to romantic relationships.

The character of the Chinese Fire Pig

The Fire’s most obvious influence over Pigs is that it makes them readier to take the initiative. While having many qualities and abilities, Pigs still prefer to go with the flow and to be as passive as possible. They simply allow others to make the big decisions in their life.

However, while seeming inert and inactive, find out the Fire makes them more driven and full of energy. They are the Pigs who are most likely to join all kind of causes and to get very enthusiastic.

Fire Pig individuals tend to be positive and not at all resistant when it comes to getting along with others. But they can be very reserved when facing opposition, preferring to compromise rather than to contradict the ones who oppose them.

They’re determined people who have all the chances at achieving great success. These natives are good friends who will always be open to suggestions. Many will appreciate having them around because they keep their word and like to have fun.

When it comes to romance, the Chinese zodiac says they are the perfect partners. But it’s possible they won’t be very lucky when it comes to interactions with the opposite sex because they can be too deep about how they’re feeling.

Those who are single may need to look and fight for their love for a very long time because they don’t take action when required.

Most of the Fire Pig people have high goals and well-established plans when it comes to business. But they can grow to be too dependent on others, so a job that would require them to cooperate as much as possible is definitely indicated. They would do a great job as researchers because they are curious and patient.

Their personal relationships will be ruled by a passion and dedication that can’t be seen in others. They are more sensual than other Pigs could ever be. And besides this, they can bring a lot of fun and excitement to a relationship that has consumed all its resources and has become stagnant.

Different from Water Pigs, they are not exaggeratedly emotional or prone to stick themselves into a routine like the Earth ones. They will make sure their lover gets the best from them in terms of both physicality and emotionality.

The Chinese Fire element makes them more passionate and driven by pleasures. Therefore, they will love good food and expensive wines. At the same time, they will want to buy expensive gifts for their partner.

In their bathroom, you will find all kinds of salts and scented candles because they like to spoil themselves each time they have the occasion. Not to mention how much they enjoy pleasuring all their five senses.

Many will find them moody and quick tempered because they shift from sad to happy, or from excited to careless, very often.

If they want their moods to no longer shift, they need to always keep busy and to focus on what makes them happy. Getting involved in all sorts of activities, they will forget all about feeling in a certain way for no reason at all.

Success and failure

The Fire element is all about boldness and high levels of energy. Signs that have these traits in abundance will be overwhelmed by the presence of this element.

But Pigs can use it because they aren’t the most active people in the Chinese zodiac. Fire will make them more successful on many levels.

Fire Pigs are dynamic, open and keen to talk about anything. Their passion, courage and intensity are famous amongst the astrologers of all worlds.

These natives are ambitious, never keeping away from the path they have chosen to follow in life. They will want to see their projects finished and their dreams turned into reality.

They will be seen as great leaders who not only work for their own success, but also for the one of those who happen to be their subordinates.

They are bold and confident, taking risks when and where others wouldn’t even dare to venture. They rely on their intuition and use it when logic can’t work its magic.

Not being bothered by the fact that they have to deal with the unknown, they will be victorious most of the times they’ll have to do something significant.

Fire Pigs can never get stuck in a situation because they take on any opportunity that seems to offer them a better and more interesting life. They are also great family people who devote a lot of their time and efforts to the ones they love the most.

Those they have at home will motivate them to do great things and to provide. Fire Pigs are generous and very supportive, even with the ones who aren’t too close to them.

They simply love taking care of others and being in their presence. But they have strong emotions and tend to be tough or moody when things are not taking the direction they want.

It’s difficult for these natives to deal with failure. It doesn’t matter how lively and determined they seem to achieve a goal, it’s possible they’ll grow to be depressed while working on it, especially if the outcomes are not the way they want them to be.

It’s suggested they understand success and failure go hand in hand and that life comes with problems too. They shouldn’t allow disappointment to take over their life, considering it more of a lesson to be learned.

The Fire Pig man

Calm on the outside and always having good intentions, the Fire Pig man can also have a quick temper. He doesn’t have too much patience, demands a lot and is always resisting when others are trying to give him their advice.

But he’s determined to succeed and to get what’s best from life. He doesn’t only dream, he also works hard. He pays attention to what others are feeling but hides his own thoughts and emotions.

The Fire Pig man will help anyone who’s in need because he’s kind. However, this can have some people taking advantage of him. When betrayed, he gets angry and starts to plot for his revenge to be as cruel and rapid as possible.

As far as love goes, he’s looking for sensuality and strong emotions. Passionate and having good taste, he will look for a lady who looks good and dresses elegantly.

Any woman will fall for him because he approaches the ladies he likes by being imaginative and generous. Because he’s all this and respectable, it will be easy for him to find a soulmate.

As he’s usually jealous, his wife will have to be trustworthy and faithful. She should never flirt with others or dress provocatively. His lady should be a beauty and at the same time someone who’s decent.

The Fire Pig woman

This lady is a humble creature who wouldn’t even hurt a fly. She always seems ready to deal with any difficulty and to take action that may require her to go over her own interests.

When she feels danger, she becomes courageous and able to make a quick decision. This lady has a quick temperament that gets activated when she gets deceived.

The Fire Pig woman will take great revenge on those who betray her because she’s very vindictive. It can be impressive to see her mad with fury, knowing how kind and gentle she can be the rest of the time.

Those who have crossed her will be chased until she’ll be done with them. She can forgive, but she wants justice above anything else. Because she has a quick temper, her partner should learn how to deal with all the passion that’s inside of her.

This lady likes being complimented and going on romantic trips. Her other half should guess what she wants because she won’t express her desires.

If necessary, she will sacrifice her own hopes and dreams to make her lover happy. But she will break up as soon as the passion between her and her man will be gone.

She usually starts relationships on a high note, cooling down after only a few months. This is how she is, and no one can change it. As a married woman and a mother, she will be devoted and loving but it’s possible she’ll marry more than once.

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