Libra Horse: The Reliable Companion Of The Chinese Western Zodiac

What you need to know about Libra born in Horse year

Libra Horse
  • Anyone born between September 23 and October 22 is a Libra.
  • The Horse years are: 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026.
  • A hidden justiciar of our days, these people will battle for those wronged.
  • The Libra Horse woman is determined to give meaning to everything.
  • The sophisticated Libra Horse man makes for a great investor.

Libra Horses will always be young and restless. They have great taste in fashion and they like an active social life. Both the Libra and the Horse denote elegance and a good education.

As a matter of fact, the Chinese Horses also have a rebellious side and they are stubborn. The Libras are the ones that want balance and are in search of it their entire lives.

The Steady Libra Horse Personality

As they easily make friends, the Libra Horses will get along with anyone, no matter if relatives or only acquaintances. In their free time, these people like to do some sports or go out and talk to others.

They know their way around a conversation and they enjoy hearing others’ points of view. Because they are so open, Libra Horses hate being alone.

They need to be out having some fun with many people in order to be happy. Many of the Libras born in the year of the Horse will be involved in a relationship from a very young age.

This is all because they are looking to have some warmth, balance and communication in their life ever since they are young.

Optimistic, these guys are also flexible. So, if you need them compromise for something, they will happily do it. Fair and ethical, Libra Horses hate dishonesty. They try to live their lives without causing any trouble to anyone.

Top Characteristics: Friendly, Bossy, Flexible and Communicative.

More than this, they like to give advice to friends and they are also good at it. It is expected that they live up to the standards they have for themselves and for others around them.

They are conscious people who know how to adhere to the norms they themselves impose.

A weakness of theirs is that they are trying to find a harmony they themselves have invented, something that doesn’t necessarily suits the environment in which they live.

As said before, they have a developed sense of fashion and this can be seen in the way they are dressing not only for special occasions, but also when they are going out for a coffee.

Their favorite subjects of discussion are the world that we live in, and philosophy.

They like to make relations based on their career requirements, and you will often see them having friends from work, or people who are essential in their professional development.

Because they are interested in bringing justice wherever they may be going, these people will always be neutral when discussions get heated.

They will analyze every argument, and they will see more than one side of the stories. They are the peace bringers in a group of friends, not favoring and always giving an unbiased opinion.

Their interest in everything that’s beautiful and nicely crafted makes them quite the art lovers.

Everything relating to music and painting is in their taste. They also love nature and animals, so don’t be surprised if the Libra Horse you know has many pets at home.

They don’t grow too attached to a specific home, like their childhood home or where they’ve first learned to ride a bike. Family and love partners are important for them, and they will always have a special place in their hearts for these people.

However, they do like to have their own homes as they feel the most rested and relaxed when they’re surrounded by those they love. They like to decorate the place where they live with artsy things, and they are very proud of it.

Everything is organized in their house, with each little thing having its own purpose. In their relationships with others, the Libra Horses are straightforward and persuasive.

They are great advisers who can resolve people’s problems by analyzing objectively.

Perfect careers for Libra Horse: Politics, Landscaping, Writing, Management, Publishing.

Being very interested in their own health, they will always separate work from their personal lives, and will keep things balanced.

Because they like interacting with people so much, you will notice them easily in a group. They are the ones who always participate in conversations and ask questions. These people can be critical when they think something or someone is distasteful.

From all the Horses, they are the ones who enjoy traveling less. As they are dependable, they will be very appreciated by colleagues and friends. They will share the responsibilities equally at work, and they will always be supportive of others.

This will help them with their personal relationships as well. While traditional, they don’t mind some innovation in their lives either.

Their weakness is inconsistency and unpredictability when upset. But these moments don’t last too long.

Love – Revealed

For Libra Horses, passion is the most important thing in a relationship. They are drawn into people who are powerful and wealthy.

So, they will have strong and financially stable partners. While they like to flirt more than anything, they want to be in a stable, long-term relationship, and they will look for someone who can commit to them all their lives.

They are strongly connected with their partners and they easily understand other people’s needs and wishes.

Warm and caring, Libra Horses appreciate it when someone wants to get involved with them for a long period of time.

Out of all the Libras, the Horse ones are most passionate in romance. They have a good opinion about themselves, and they will always try to maintain a good self-image.

Most compatible with: Sagittarius Dog, Aquarius Dog, Gemini Ram, Gemini Tiger, Leo Tiger.

Libra Horse Woman Characteristics

The Libra woman born in the year of the Horse is very different from the rest of the Libras. She has self-control and she is diligent.

She would never change anything in the course she has planned for an objective, thing that makes her good at her job. She can get lost in smaller goals sometimes, just because she persists with details.

She is determined and she likes to give meaning to everything that she is doing. This lady would never lie or cheat. She has an original way of thinking, and she sometimes shocks people with it.

In a relationship, the Libra Horse woman is the ideal partner. She brings in harmony and she likes to be involved in something long-term. If she would lower the standards she has for herself, she would be a little bit happier.

Prone to mental disorders because of too much work, this woman needs to learn how to relax. Also, being more reserved would help her a lot.

Celebrities under the sign of Libra Horse: Judith Sheindlin, Kelly Nash, Usher, Luke Perry, Lorraine Bracco.

Libra Horse Man Characteristics

Stable, reliable and peaceful, the Libra Horse man is friendly and balanced. He doesn’t show his real feelings, so you will rarely see him aggressive or sad. Optimistic, this guy is a great conversationalist.

Even those who can’t stand him will be able to have a nice discussion with him. Lucky, he also has good organizational skills, traits that make him a good leader. He is good at his job, and he will be advanced to senior positions faster than others.

Good with money, he will only spend too much money when he finds something tasteful and sophisticated. It is advised that he chooses a sphere in which to activate. He can be very happy if he has a vocation.

Also, he will be able to remain healthy by having the balance he so eagerly searches for. His main weakness is that he can become arrogant.

Sensitive and decent, the Libra Horse man will most likely succeed in everything that he puts his mind to.

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