Leo Man and Leo Woman Long-Term Compatibility

A Leo man and a Leo woman relationship could be the greatest clash of characters or the perfect union, depending on the wisdom and perception of the two lovers.

Leo Man Leo Woman

Take the warmth and passion of a Leo man and double it with those of a Leo woman. You will get a couple in which partners love each other very much.

Because they have the same style and similar traits, two Leos will get along very well. The fact that they are both passionate could be beneficial, but it can also affect their relationship in a negative way.

CriteriaLeo Man Leo Woman Compatibility Degree
Emotional connectionAverage❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityBelow average❤ ❤
Common valuesAverage❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

The Positives

Two Leos together will be incredibly romantic. They will each play their part beautifully. The best evening for a Leo man-Leo woman couple is having dinner and watching a romantic movie.

Between the sheets, these two will get along perfectly. They will be playful and lovemaking will come to them naturally. Whispers and declarations of love are going to be part of their nighttime routine.

Nothing will seem impossible for two Leos, because the support they are offering to each other is never ending. Capable of making each other laugh, these two will have fun wherever they may go.

She will immediately fall for him because he’ll shower her with compliments. If someone gives the Leo woman enough love and respect, she will be at his feet in no time.

While she wants to be in control, this lady won’t mind letting her man take the lead, but only if he knows how to convince her.

However, in their quest for love, they will still be affectionate and loyal because these are traits that characterize this sign the most. One thing’s for sure: both of them will be happy to have found someone who is devoted and loving.

A Leo man and a Leo woman will have a lot of fun and spend money on the finest things available. They are both hard workers, so they will have a stable financial situation.

In day-to-day life, they’ll come up with all sort of imaginative ideas that will keep them successful at dealing with life problems. The Leo man-Leo woman relationship will be just like outsiders see it: fun and meant to last.

Because both partners desire the same things, their connection will either be very affectionate or it will turn into a continuous fight for power.

The Negatives

The relationship between a Leo man and a Leo woman may not work, because both partners want to be in the center of attention. A Leo will never stand to be upstaged by another person.

So, the combination between two people in this sign will bring out the selfishness in both of them. They will fight over who’s the boss and who has the last word in a fight. When they realize this is an attitude that only destroys their relationship, they will start feeling bad for themselves.

Because they think they are the only ones who are right, they will have many arguments in which they’ll keep insisting on something they believe in.

Stubborn, they may end up not being together or not even realizing why they have broken up. Not to mention Leos can be aggressive and harsh with words. You wouldn’t want to be around an angry Leo.

Leos can be superficial because they think they are the best and they only deserve to have the first place. While it’s good for two people who are alike to be in a couple, this may also cause unhappiness, especially if they aren’t constructive with their most usual habits.

Clashes of egos will always exist between two partners who are both born in Leo. They are the only ones capable of making a competition out of their dating.

When they’ll have to make a decision, these two will rush and sometimes come up with the worse solutions ever. And it will be very difficult to make them admit they are wrong. Leos are too proud to allow such thing to happen.

And the problems of this couple don’t stop here. The fact that they are possessive and jealous can also lead to many confrontations. And none of them will be afraid to express that he or she is unhappy.

Because they are both loud and attention seekers, they will fight in front of other people without even caring they may be making a fool of themselves. Nobody wants to see a couple fighting. This is why many people will avoid them.

Long-Term Relationship and Marriage Prospects

In the Leo man-Leo woman relationship, she should be the one who thinks more of how things should evolve. But both of them will have to play the role of friend, lover, companion and helper. It’s their duty to be their partner’s everything.

If their relationship is to be based on mutual respect and not battles for establishing who’s more superior, these two can be really happy as a couple. Both of them will be very loyal. They also have in common the fact that they wish to look good in front of others.

When they have children, they will be forever dedicated to raising and educating them. Leos are known as playful parents, so their kids will be very lucky to have them. The marriage between them will be the most successful when they are able to completely trust one another.

Conscious of how things are going between them, these two will want to show the entire world they are happy and comfortable as a couple.

The Leo man is usually attracted by the woman who’s always beautiful and popular. But she will also have to be very affectionate in order to make him fall for her.

As one of the signs with the biggest egos, he is very possessive and needs to trust his partner in order not to fall into jealousy fits. Any smile his partner will exchange with another man will be thoroughly analyzed and judged.

He wants a woman who can take care of a family and who devotes herself only to him. And with the Leo woman, he has found what he’s been looking for.

Final Advice for the Leo Man and the Leo Woman

Two Leos will court each other just like in the books. He’s the knight in shining armor, she’s the princess who needs to be saved.

Following the rules, these two old-fashioned people will also respect traditions and will not allow anyone to make fun of their ways. He will be in charge of everything: asking her out, planning the date, bringing the flowers, opening doors and initiating the first kiss.

This is one of the signs that wants to get married the most. There’s a high chance the Leo man will ask the Leo woman to get engaged to him after just a couple of months of dating.

Leos are fixed Fire signs. This means they are stubborn and highly energetic. Just like any other two people who are involved in a relationship, they also have their differences.

They will compete over who’s the domineering one. While she may think she’s being submissive, she’ll in fact won’t allow her ego to be hurt in any way.

This is a proud lady, after all. All Leos are. He will probably not accept her being this way, so loud fights will be the “menu of the day”.

It’s not that much about differences between them, but more about a matter of dominance. Neither of them is known to give in when in an argument.

If they allow ego clashes to happen very often, they’ll create a wall between them. And they won’t be able to destroy that wall ever again, so they’ll break up.

It would be best if the Leo woman was the one who gives in and accepts the fact that he’s the one who should lead.

Too much praise and admiration can lead to exhaustion. If they were less demanding and more relaxed, they would have a better chance at lasting longer as a couple.

They will be supportive with each other. She will take out the best in him, he will make sure all her talents are being explored. Peace is more important than winning, and they need to understand this.

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