Leo And Leo Compatibility In Love, Relationship And Sex

The love story between two Leo will be broadcasted to the entire world as this couple wants to be admired.

happy couple

Two Leos together form a power couple in which each partner knows how to please the other. Their relationship will have a lot of drama, so you’d say is rather a Hollywood movie. Things may go a little bit crazy when both of them will want attention at the same time.

CriteriaLeo Leo Compatibility Degree Summary
Emotional connectionAverage❤ ❤ ❤
CommunicationStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Trust & DependabilityBelow average❤ ❤
Common valuesStrong❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Intimacy & SexAverage❤ ❤ ❤

Generous and positive, these two will turn on the fun. But they need to take turns at who will be in the center of attention. Leos want to be admired more than anything else in the world and they can get really jealous and possessive if they suspect something. A Leo will know another Leo very well, so there are no secrets between them.

The entire world will know about the Leo-Leo relationship. If there’s one thing the Leo is good at, that’s showing off. And they will be passionate about revealing how happy they are feeling. Leos love to be in love, and they usually express themselves with big romantic gestures and a lot of affection.

When Leo and Leo fall in love …

This royal couple is the real deal. When the king will meet his queen, he will be able to recognize her by instinct. Finally, he has found someone who’s as glamorous and creative as himself to sit next to him on the throne.

With big plans and almost impossible dreams, these two will need only majestic things in their life in order to be happy. They like tradition and being close to their families. Energetic and enthusiastic, this couple will be the life of the party. And people will love to have them around.

They have an amazing compatibility and they get each other very well. Their life will always be fun and challenging as they will always come up with new ideas and activities to spend more time together. Boredom is not something this couple has knowledge of, that’s for sure.

Governed by the Sun, two Leos will guide one another through life, and they will do it very well. Leos like to be in the best position no matter where they may be going, be it at work or at the karate club.

Overconfident, people in this sign believe that they are capable of solving any problem without struggling too much. If you ever need them, don’t hesitate to call. They love to help and to be everyone’s superhero.

But if they have done something wrong, don’t expect them to accept responsibility. They are too proud to admit failure.

Natural born leaders, people in Leo always make sure people they love are protected and have everything they need. It doesn’t matter how difficult the times may be, a Leo will strive to the end for someone he or she cares about. This means they are devoted, loyal and passionate creatures.

Loving to flirt and to laugh, the courtship of the Leo will be noticeable and pretty direct. And when this will happen with another person in the same sign, they will be happy to have found someone who is responsive and acts the same.

They will court even if the relationship has been on for many years. If they want to be happier next to each other, two Leos need to balance their passion and their feelings.

The Leo and Leo relationship

Intimacy, passion and affection. These are the words that best describe the relationship between two Leos. Problems will appear when they will want to dominate and to be in control. If they would allow one another to be the leader more often, they would definitely be happier.

Also, they should leave each other be at the center of attention. Space is something they would both require to shine. As well, when they are intimate, they should stop being so serious and critical about one another.

As far as communication goes, these two find it very easy to be themselves when together. Generous, sociable and sometimes childish, you can never make a Leo be less flamboyant or adventurous. People in this sign never get bored or run out of subjects to discuss.

The Leo Leo connection is extraordinary. They will immediately sense the loyalty and devotion they carry for one another. Ambitious, when they will want to do something, they will usually succeed with each other’s support.

The Leo and Leo relationship is sure to last and to be beautiful. While they will argue a lot, more than other signs when they are together, the Leos will make up in a grandiose way and forget all about it in a minute.

The thing is, they have so much passion and fire, they need to somehow release it, so fighting won’t be a problem for them. They will mostly argue about who rules in the relationship, and who’s worthier of admiration. But at the same time, they will be best friends and no one will be able to break them up. It doesn’t matter what kind of relationship they’re having, either friends, colleagues or lovers, these two will love spending time together.

Leo and Leo marriage compatibility

What’s great about this relationship is that two Leos will be capable of highlighting what’s most important for the other. If they have been together for a long time, they will have a special way of communicating and showing one another what situation advantages and disadvantages them.

Their egos will be causing them problems, though. They will have fights over who’s right and who’s wrong. They both carry on tight to their opinions, so it will be difficult to obtain a truce too soon.

Finding a middle ground would help them last longer as a married couple. Because they are in the same sign, they also share the same values. They appreciate people who are strong, courageous and honest.

In their relationship, they’ll value their time together the most. Since they are just like two real lions, they will enjoy weekends in nature and bathing in the sun.

Sexual compatibility

As said before, this is a very hot combination. Two Leos together can have a great sex life, and this will show even when they’ll not be intimate. Because they are warm and passionate people, these traits will be translated into their bed.

However, there is something that can make the sexual act not so satisfying for them. And that’s if they don’t do something to spice up their lovemaking and decorate their bedroom.

Having sex out of instinct only is not something the Leo enjoys too much. Their sexual drive is high and they love to be affectionate. But they will demand a lot from their partners. They will want sex games and to experiment.

Their most erogenous zone is the back. The same as in life, two Leos between the sheets should let each other shine. So being submissive from time to time would help.

The downsides of this union

The performers of the zodiac, two Leos together will have problems with their egos and their selfishness. Also, they will have money issues and fights because they are both too arrogant and materialistic.

It’s important they don’t believe they are always right. Their egos and pride are indeed through the roof, but this doesn’t mean one of them isn’t wrong. Stubborn, they are also very kind and generous.

If they will start to compete with one another, or fight for the attention of the public, you can kiss their relationship goodbye. The struggle for power is dangerous in these two.

Their relationship will be at the edge of submission and great love. But when they start challenging each other’s authority, they should stop and think twice. It’s two people who are domineering and bossy, trying to be together. It may either be a disaster, or something beautiful with many fights and makeups.

Leos love drama more than anything else. It’s their way of grabbing other people’s attention. If they are not dramatic for a few days, they become too sensitive. Also, if their ego is bruised, things will turn really ugly.

Their relationship can be too emotionally volatile indeed, and if they don’t get along very well, they’ll be tactless with one another.

What to remember about Leo and Leo

It’s very fun to watch two Leos being a couple. People will want to see them evolve in their romance, even though it may not seem as promising in the beginning.

Normally, two people in the same sign would make a very good pair, but with two Leos, things may not be this way. The thing is, they both have big egos that may clash often. People in this sign want to dominate too much. Not to mention they want attention and to be adored, or else they aren’t happy.

And this can lead to both of them being too exhausted to even think of the relationship anymore. It’s only normal for this to happen when one is asking for too much and the other can’t provide. Compromises can be made if the two Leos have the exact same goals and they want to be together for a very long time.

Patience and understanding is what this couple needs in order to be happy and satisfied. Competitive, they should also learn not to want to be first at everything they are doing, especially when they are doing things together.

Their relationship will always include a struggle for power. It doesn’t matter how much love and romanticism will be between them, this problem will always exist. It’s absolutely necessary they no longer struggle which one to get the power and that they don’t demand so much of the other anymore.

Let’s hope at least one of them is mature enough to understand it isn’t about who leads, but about who gives in first. The romance they’re having really has the potential to work if they highlight each other’s strengths.

They will both be energetic, dramatic and enthusiastic. Let’s not forget Leos crave attention more than anything else. They aren’t private people, so anyone in the world will know they are together and that they love each other.

Because they are both Fire signs, the love between them will be passionate. Not to mention they are not any Fire sign, but the most proud and instinctual of them all. One of the traits that others overlook in Leos is their capacity to forgive. And this is something that will keep them two together and not trying to take the other’s place to the mighty control throne.

Honest and warm, Leos always mean well but when they get annoyed, step aside for they can be ruthless. Fixed signs, these people can also be very difficult. They will have to be warm and charming to one another if they want to be happy and together for long.

While they will always compete, even if for a little bit, the fact that they are so compatible will keep them together. In a positive nutshell, the combination between two of these royal heads can be considered extravagant, full of optimism and confidence.

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