The Leo Woman: Key Traits In Love, Career And Life

Easily misjudged, she tends to give just as much as she receives.

The Leo woman will be noticed no matter where she is. She is always the one laughing the hardest, smiling the widest and parading the boldest attitude.

She knows she’s in the center of attention and she doesn’t mind. On contrary, she will continue to perform to keep all the eyes on her.

The Leo is seeking attention because it is governed by the Sun, which is the center of our solar system.

The Leo woman is an energetic person who likes to play and invest a lot of passion in whatever she is doing. Sometimes with a temper, the Leo lady will be dangerous if not respected.

If you made the mistake to put her in a bad mood, you can make up with some gifts and many, many compliments.

There is no time for cut-and-dried monotony. There is time for work. And time for love. That leaves no other time!

Coco Chanel – A famous Leo

The woman born in Leo has creativity and is smart. She is also a strong person. Many Leo ladies develop their numerous talents in the artistic sector: Madonna, Jennifer Lawrence, Meghan Markle, Jennifer Lopez or Whitney Houston.

Once you get to know a Leo, you understand this sign is somehow dramatic and full of opposing traits. For example, the Leo woman will be combative and fearless on the outside, and peaceful and welcoming on the inside.

However, no matter how they are when alone, one thing’s for sure: Leo women aren’t afraid of anything.

They also have a special charisma and they are regarded as the leaders of the horoscope because they look at life with optimism and they can make something good out of a bad situation.

Since they are a little bit dramatic and like being in the middle of things, Leo ladies are good as actors.

The women born under this sign will always look to gain the others’ appreciation. She knows how to do this naturally as she is loving, well-intentioned, open and spontaneous.

Most people will notice what the Leo woman is capable of. Magnetic and strong, this lady can see all the facets of an issue. For this reason, she is considered a good judge. Don’t fight with her as she will be able to eventually convince you that morning is night.

Falls in love easily

For the woman in Leo, there is only black or white. No grey. This shows how passionate she is about things and indicates how she is with a lover. As a matter of fact, love with a Lioness is much like the one in movies and books.

She will excel at making something incredibly beautiful out of her own love story. This means that if you are her lover, she will inundate you with many feelings and new ideas of expressing affection.

This love that you are both living will be central to her Universe. Don’t think that she won’t ask the same from your side. You’ll have to feel the same or else she will decide to no longer be a part of the love you are both living.

Leo women fall in love easily, but deep. They don’t settle that easy and they are possessive. It is important for them to be very active in the bedroom and they like to lead when making love.

The woman in Leo is both a giver and a receiver in between the sheets. As this is a sign is linked to the spine, the heart, and the back, the Leo woman will be very stimulated if touched in those areas.

Protective and amazingly strong

Very loyal and caring, the Leo woman will demand of their partner to also be faithful. She likes strong people, but she doesn’t want someone to take care of her. She is only in search of a companion.

She doesn’t like routine, so being in a relationship with her will be fun and unpredictable. Born under a Fire sign, she really likes adrenaline, so take her to an amusement park or in a safari.

You are sure to never get bored next to the Leo woman. The most compatible signs with the Leo are Gemini, Sagittarius, and Libra.

The Leo woman will protect her family with every powerful skill that she has. She will be an adorable mother that children will love to play with. Click To Tweet

The Leo mother will be her kids’ best friend and a real support. Sometimes commanding and possessive, the Leo mother is sure to have a warmth no other signs in the zodiac have.

Enthusiastic and warm, people like the Leo woman and they gather around her. She will give them expensive presents and they will like being her friends.

She is a non-conformist who will take her friends out to do something new and “more fun”. The worst thing you could do to a Leo woman is to betray her. So be careful.

She cannot be micro managed

Not good at coping with routine, the Lioness would not be good in a corporate job. She has a lot of creativity and she can put it to use in an artistic environment.

Don’t try and manage her too much either, she is better without. Since she has such elevated levels of energy, she would be good at running her own business.

She’s a natural leader and she would do very well as a cardiologist, actor, spokesperson, publicist, hairstylist and sales consultant.

Their skills and traits make it easy for Leo ladies to make their own money. However, they are too generous and spend a lot on luxurious presents for others.

This is what can make a Leo woman go broke. She needs to place her money in long-term investments with low risk if she wants to continue buying things for everyone.

She prefers luxury

The woman born in Leo will be in good health. She is known for having good coordination and a robust constitution. As good athletes, the Leo women will always look to exercise more than their bodies allows them to.

This is why they may end up suffering from injury. In the later years, it would be good for the Leo woman to take good care of her heart.

The Leo woman is not one to look messy. She will find some time to do her and put something nice on. She loves going to the hairdresser and doing her hair, just like the Lioness is proud of its mane.

She prefers exclusivity and high prices when buying clothes, thing that will never allow her to look common.

Her body works well with silk, cashmere and as jewellery, gold and diamond.

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Written by Denise

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