Key Traits of the Wood Monkey Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Wood Monkey will not hesitate to use their wits and charm to get to the front.

Wood Monkey

Wood Monkeys are very energetic but can’t all the time trust themselves. They like helping others, yet they need to be encouraged. It’s possible they will become workaholics because it’s easier to deal with the stress this way. They will make a lot of money but probably end up sick.

Very attentive to details and intelligent, they also have a rich imagination that will always help them come up with new ideas. When they will set their mind to something, expect them to succeed.

The Wood Monkey in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Adaptable, practical and with a great memory;
  • Challenges: Leaving things half done and fear or commitment;
  • Secret need: They feel that they could control their emotions better;
  • Advice: They need to be careful about taking risks.

The enthusiasm they usually display can have them giving everything they have to a project or a person. It’s very possible for them to get annoyed when things don’t go how they want them to. However, they will have a calm way in their anger. These Monkeys are never afraid of taking risks and love to travel the world for new experiences.

The character of the Chinese Wood Monkey

Wood Monkey people are very adaptable, this being one of their most important qualities. They have an intelligent mind and a wit that will make them succeed at everything they may be doing.

While they are pragmatic and can come up with practical solutions, they also care deeply about anyone who comes to them with a problem.

It doesn’t matter if artists, scientists or politicians, they will always want to socialize and take on new challenges. While trying to be as practical as possible, they will also look for beauty to be a part of their life, and this can be seen in the way they dress.

It doesn’t matter if women or men, these natives will always be interested in fashion and the trends. Another thing that impresses about them is the fact that they have a great memory. They are also very attentive to details. When they need to deal with something new, they are always searching in the back of their mind and come up with similar situations they may have encountered before.

People with the sign of the Monkey can do anything they set their mind to, so a good memory would only help them perform a better expertise and realize what would work best.

Being also in the Wood element, these natives will become almost invincible as they would gain even more determination from the Wood.

When it comes to love, many will envy them for having good luck and for getting married at a young age. This is especially seen in the case of the ladies with combination.

Because they are passionate, cautious and a little bit traditionalist when it comes to love, the Wood Monkey individuals won’t have any problem being wives or husbands. While they will sometimes argue like any other human being, they will easily forget where the fight started and will return to their feelings of love.

When it comes to money, they are always keeping busy. Every effort they will invest in making a few bucks will sometimes turn them back a small fortune. It’s suggested they don’t spend it all and that they invest in some Real Estate.

They would later be able to open a successful business for their financial future to be secure. Wood makes Monkeys succeed in their ability to keep their strength and inventiveness.

Monkeys may be innovative and good at coming up solutions for the future, but they certainly aren’t too consistent. A project may not even be in the finishing stages, and they would already be engaged in something new. That’s why they will always have things half-done at work and around their home.

But when the Chinese Wood element comes into discussion, they become more steady and committed to their initial plans. Totally different from the Fire and Metal Monkeys, the Wood ones don’t mind sticking to a routine and being conscientious.

They will probably never do things halfway because the Wood doesn’t make them like this. And the fact that they’re also smart and resourceful will help them succeed most of the time.

Quick to move forward

Wood Monkey natives are intelligent and fast-thinking. Their practicality and wit makes them more understanding when it comes to concepts and ideas that others may find difficult to grasp.

As far as the way they communicate goes, these natives are very good with words. Not to mention how efficient they are when it comes for them to learn new languages. Very adaptable, they will get along with everyone. Their pragmatism will be felt in the way they work.

The Wood is all about creativity and being a humanitarian. It’s also strongly connected to how family-oriented and artistic a person is. People belonging to this element will always want to move forward, to expand and to work with what they have learned.

They have high ideals and believe everyone should have his or her dignity untouched. This element makes people true team players that can excel at putting together projects of large scales. When it comes to the way they think, Wood Monkeys believe in progress and are open minded.

Their colleagues and loves ones will always make them more popular. But the fact that they need approval all the time can’t be too good. If you’ll tell them they’re alright, they will never want to have another best friend.

Their ambitions are big and they are always looking to improve because what they have is not enough. Therefore, they will most likely change their job and home very often, or perhaps they will travel every weekend.

They know how to be practical and their mind is always curious. These natives will always look for new challenges and to get their past projects done.

Because they’re Monkeys, they can’t sit aside and rest for too long. They want to learn, to develop and to reap the benefits of their efforts. It wouldn’t matter how harsh the times, they would still be able to make it.

Because they can perceive things easily, they won’t have any problem assessing people and situations. The same qualities make them very good at establishing relationships with others.

As their life lessons, they should focus on what they are doing and not jump in to have a new challenge in their life. Because they are pragmatic and hardworking, they will most likely find solutions to many problems. But it’s also essential for them to learn how to rest from time to time.

The Wood Monkey man

The Wood Monkey man can charm anyone because he’s always happy and optimistic although inside, he’s anxious and terrified of failure. He’s too proud to ever show that he may be scared.

His talents are many and his intelligence unmatchable. Therefore, he shouldn’t even worry that much about failure. Intuitive, he can guess the way things are going without talking too much.

The fact that he’s fussy and wants too much to succeed will harm his business if he’ll conduct one. He’s usually inspiring and powerful, so people will want to be his friends. And he will definitely deliver great times, reliability and loyalty because he knows what friendship means.

Because he wants to seem individualistic, he can be seen as superficial in what he wants from life. He wishes for women to like him, so he’ll buy the girl that he wants beautiful things.

But if he’s with someone who’s too calm, he may start to feel resentment because he wants to see enthusiasm. Devoted and trustworthy, the Wood Monkey man expects to be praised by his partner in return.

He will want to take his lady on a new adventure all the time. It’s easy to trust him, even if he has his eccentricities. With a great flair, he will choose the perfect partner and live the greatest family life anyone could ever live.

The Wood Monkey woman

The Wood Monkey woman can have an ill temper, but she remains an optimist and a joyful person. She tries to keep others away from her problems because she wants to deal with her own life all alone.

She can’t see the point in sharing what’s bothering her. It’s normal for her to only focus on what she has to accomplish. Trying to make everything perfect, she will most likely win in any situation.

Being involved and dedicating herself will always have her succeeding. This girl is kind, nice and supportive. She doesn’t have any problem with authority and she likes to make others happy.

The naughty behavior of the Monkey will always have her doing something. When it comes to love, she wants to experience all of its emotions.

If a man can’t stand by her when she’s feeling bad, he will be left behind. This lady has this temper that she doesn’t show to others. She will take her lover with her, whether she’s moving house or just wants to go to an orchard for the weekend.

This woman knows what hard work is and can adapt to any person or situation. If she will think something can upset her partner, she will keep that information or thing hidden. She’s really positive and finds security at home, where she’s surrounded by her family. That’s why she’s such a good mother and wife.

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