Key Traits of the Earth Monkey Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Earth Monkey will not give up easily on any of their long-term plans.

Earth Monkey

Those born in the year of the Earth Monkey are happy people who always view things in a positive light. They are not afraid of what life has to bring and it’s possible for them to become entrepreneurs at a very young age.

Because they don’t mind working hard, they will reap the benefits of their efforts when older. Their personality is a little bit different from the one of other Monkeys as they are friendly and reliable, interested in making people feel good and good workers who want to achieve as much as possible.

The Earth Monkey in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Ingenuous, convincing and practical;
  • Challenges: Opportunistic, demanding and cheeky;
  • Secret need: They feel the need for certainty to be able to progress in life;
  • Advice: They should abandon their superficial impulses if they wish to be taken seriously.

Monkeys in other elements are selfish, while the Earth ones don’t even seem to have an ego. What characterizes them the most is their desire to help those in need.

The character of the Chinese Earth Monkey

Intelligent and good observers, Earth Monkey people are known for thinking clearly and for judging any character or situation in a very objective way.

While they hate having to act quickly, they are famous for carefully planning their life and thinking intensely about what consequences their actions may have.

They are good strategists because they want to have things planned in advance. Possessing a good sense of humor, these natives like to prank their friends and to be the comedians at any gathering.

They don’t really know when they are hurting someone with their jokes, so don’t expect them to apologize after saying something nasty. When it comes for others to make a joke about them, they don’t mind it, being difficult for them to understand how others can be so hurt by a few words.

According to them, everything should be fun and no one has to be upset when others are trying to be humorous. Don’t expect Earth Monkeys to ever be mean.

They just assume everyone has their sense of humor and can taste what they have joked about. Busy with pursuing their dreams, these Monkeys will not have time to just stick around or wait for someone to adjust to their pace.

They are energetic and go after what they want with an unmatched vigor. Not to mention their dreams are big and always interesting. As they can’t hold their attention on something for too long, they will start new projects without even finishing the ones they were already working on.

And this cannot be good for their career because they will change jobs more often than others change their outfits. It can’t be said life with these natives is in any way stable.

The Chinese Horoscope says that each element of the zodiac influences every sign’s personality and behavior. In the situation of Earth influencing the Monkey, this element makes people in the previously mentioned sign more stable and down-to-earth.

And this is a good thing because they would really need something to keep them grounded. Just like every creature on this planet is connected to Earth, Earth Monkeys are more connected to reality when compared with other natives in the same sign.

Therefore, they will be less lightheaded and smoother than the rest of the Monkeys, not to mention more stable and focused. When the Earth is in the chart of Monkeys, it becomes easier to trust these natives because they can be attentive and don’t change their mind as soon as they find out something new that has to do with their way of thinking.

These are the Monkeys who can commit to something and stick to it till it’s done. And it goes the same way with their love life, being able to be with only one partner for a long period of time.

As lovers, they are skilled and passionate because the romanticism of the Monkey is still in them, but without the superficiality. Just like the Earth element indicates, they are trustworthy and steady, so anyone can trust them with anything.

They are sure to be around those they love for a very long time because they’re not afraid of responsibilities and don’t mind helping.

They think of love and family as something very serious, and when it comes to their career, they are sure to work hard and to make things happen for their own success.

A cautious personality

Earth Monkey individuals prefer to live their life respecting the rules and norms of the society. They are honest, determined and reliable. At the same time serene and composed, they care a lot about making others feel good.

Serious at work and very good friends, many people will appreciate them. When they believe in something, you can be sure they will work hard to support it.

It’s thought they don’t have an ego and they really want to be rewarded on merit. Earth is all about being stable and reliable. Its main purpose is to maintain what’s good and secure, so it’s more regarded as a motherly element or the center of harmony and safety.

People born with Earth element in their chart are practical and really know what to do in life. They can organize and lead, so they would do a great job as CEOs or managers.

These Earth Monkey natives like holding on to tradition and being serious about what they have to do. This is why many turn to them when they have to make big decisions in life.

Not to mention how sincere and reliable these Monkeys can be. It would be impossible to have them generate conflicts or break any rules, so don’t be surprised if they have managed to make a lot of money and build a stable financial future.

More the studious type, they prefer to work in the shadows rather than being at the center of attention.

But they need to be appreciated for what they’ve achieved, or they’ll withdraw and feel like they have been treated unfairly. While they don’t like to express themselves too loudly, they still are intelligent and can absorb new information very efficiently, so their opinions are pretty valuable.

After retirement, they’ll become less sociable with new people, but more loving with the close ones. They are not as selfish as other Monkeys, so expect them to give their money away.

The Earth makes them ethical and moral. Therefore, they will look for fairness and equality in everything. It’s not unusual for them to support minorities or the ones whose rights have been stolen.

Because they’re too cautious and worried, they need to relax a little bit more. Being more confident and not relying on what others think about them would also be a great idea for their wellbeing.

The Earth Monkey man

The Earth Monkey gentleman is very communicative, empathetic and open. But he doesn’t let others to known him very well. Intelligent and a good conversationalist, he still prefers to keep secrets about himself.

He knows what would benefit him and how to work for it. He’s rather honest and direct when it comes to his opinions, but doesn’t like to express his feelings too openly.

The Earth Monkey man is cautious and doesn’t believe in luck, yet he still attracts money and is very good with business. This person works hard and is very responsible, sometimes even a workaholic.

Caring and kind, he can offer great love to anyone who stands beside him. His lady will be spoiled with great gifts because he believes in taking action rather than in using big words.

As he wants to be admired, he will despair when others will be indifferent to him. He has a lot of passion, but he never reveals it because he wants people to think of him as someone composed and down-to-earth.

After getting married, he will to turn into the best family man ever. As a father, he will educate his children to be mannered and good people. No matter what problems his close ones may have, he will always be next to them.

The Earth Monkey woman

The Earth Monkey woman is intelligent, patient and very practical. Not to mention she can drive men crazy with her beauty. She will want to make it on her own because she doesn’t rely on the help of others.

This lady doesn’t mind working hard and devoting herself to her job. People will admire her for being diligent and committed because she’s not at all irresponsible or lightheaded.

Always positive and optimistic, this lady knows when to take a break and to relax, so she will manage her time and efforts very well. She likes being around the people that she loves, being very much appreciated by all her colleagues and friends.

Men can’t just pass by her and not look, but it can be very difficult to have her trust someone. She will be equally friendly to everyone, but will take care whom gets close to her.

Only a man that knows what he wants will be her partner because she wants to pick carefully. Practical and logical, this lady knows how to behave and is passionate when she loves.

She will leave the innocent flirts for the ones she’s not interested in. After her wedding, she will no longer go out that much and dedicate herself to the family.

She wants a happy husband and well-raised children, so fun will be something for the holiday season in her case.

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