Key Traits of the Water Monkey Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Water Monkey stands out for their sense of observation and incredible sensitivity.

Water Monkey

Those born in the year of the Water Monkey are intelligent people who like being at the center of everyone’s attention. As natural born leaders, these natives can be a little bit arrogant and create problems in their career.

When it comes to money, they are lucky but have to pay attention at their economies. Out of all the Monkeys, these are the ones meant to be leaders. Very smart, they will stand out from the crowd with their work. The admiration that others have for them would be well-deserved, but they should be careful not to become too proud or aggressive.

The Water Monkey in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Witty, convincing and astute;
  • Challenges: Hypocritic, tempered and vain;
  • Secret need: Getting unconditional support from the loved one;
  • Advice: Leave aggression aside, especially when expressing subjective opinions.

Opinionated and honest, they can upset some people with their harsh comments. When it comes to love, they’re very popular, so it will be easy for them to find a partner. Because they need to be independent from a very young age, it’s possible they won’t get along very well with the family that brought them up.

The character of the Chinese Water Monkey

Water Monkeys have many talents and are motivated to reach great heights in life. They have more self-discipline than other people in the same Chinese sign and are ready to work hard to get their wishes come true.

It’s not normal for them to get distracted on their way towards success. But they can be a little bit deceiving.

Because they are very smart, these people want to get together with those who are like them. So it’s very possible they’ll study many individuals and not end up with either of them.

Their sign indicates they wouldn’t hesitate to tell a white lie if it would make their life better. They dream big and plan thoroughly for the future.

Many of the Monkeys will work with their imagination and intelligence to get what they want and convince others of their points of view.

And they often manage to achieve great things because they’re persuasive. Their sex appeal will help them a lot too, no matter the situation.

When it comes to love, they are great romantics who fall in love quickly. They will promise their partner the Sun and the Moon in the beginning of the relationship.

But one needs to be careful when falling for them because they can be superficial. Not that they want to break any heart, they simply get distracted and fall out of love very fast.

According to the Chinese zodiac, all the five elements have an influence over each sign. This means Water Monkeys are different from the Monkeys in other elements because Water makes them more sensitive and prone to moods.

These natives can easily get hurt by a misplaced word and different actions. Because they’re so sensitive, they can’t get along with other Monkeys as people in this sign are always pranking and doing something naughty.

While they can get hurt easily, nothing stops them from making jokes about others. However, don’t expect them to show the fact that they may be hurting because they will never do such a thing.

Maybe those who are very close to them will know what they are feeling. Because they have all the talents of the sign they are in, it’s very possible they’ll attain success while young.

When it comes to weaknesses, they are easily distracted. Also, they can gossip and be too dramatic from time to time, thing that influences their professional life and the way they interact with others.

Water Monkeys may need support if they want to stay focused on their career. When they’ll feel like some things don’t work in their favor, they’ll hide that they are feeling down.

Criticizing them is not a good idea because they get hurt when told they have been mistaken. Convincing, these natives can have anyone do what they want.

An original personality

Under the influence of the Water element, the Monkey individuals are more sentimental and highly affected by criticism. The natives of this sign and element know what they want and how to get it.

Water helps them to adapt easier when it comes to making their dreams come true. Furthermore, it brings creativity, innovation and an intelligence that will help its natives support their own ideas regardless of how strange these may seem.

When dealing with a confrontation, Water Monkeys will avoid being questioned and will flow just like the water around the bothering issues. They are impatient people who easily give up when things don’t go their way.

Only when working towards a precise goal, they seem to keep it cool and to calmly wait.

Cooperation and speculation come easily to them. While sociable and dignifying, they can be feel highly offended when someone says something about them.

It’s normal for these people to be secretive and kind to others. The Water and this animal sign make their natives purposeful but not so straightforward with what they intend to do.

It’s easy for them to make compromises and to work around things that are meant to help their ascension on the social ladder.

Original and talented, Water Monkey natives can come up with many innovative ideas that will be to the liking of others. Not to mention they know how to present what they have in mind in the most interesting way.

They are aware of what they need to do for their relationships to work and when depressed, they no longer see which direction to take.

It can be easy for them to turn into this chaotic, elusive and nosy people. The Water makes them more intuitive and able to deal with people on their own level.

They will manipulate without even realizing they are doing it. It’s suggested to be cautious around them because they’re only looking for themselves and expect to be repaid for what they are doing.

These Monkeys should learn how to accept suggestions from others. Also to think more about what makes them valuable. A smaller ego and an openness when it comes to their own intentions would also be of great help.

The Water Monkey man

This gentleman is a person of rules and norms. He may seem that he’s not sociable and that he’s always meditating. He’s nice and feels better in large groups.

If he’d be a public speaker, he’d enjoy a lot of success. Calm and a loner, this native likes to think and to analyze.

Not at all insisting, he takes his time before making a judgment. He’s the type of person who thinks in advance and does everything step by step.

Because he’s so responsible, he would do a great job as a manager. This Water Monkey man is shy but never proud. He finds it difficult to make the first step because he’s too afraid of failure or getting rejected.

But expect him to be faithful soon after he has committed. His soulmate can count on him to offer her a peaceful life and complete honesty.

Very devoted to his family, he will do anything to keep his loved ones happy. But don’t expect him to be too sharing or straightforward.

However, he’s always ready to listen and to give a hand. He doesn’t like being pushed around or to do this to others. He won’t hesitate to make compromises for his family to be happy.

The Water Monkey woman

Reserved and delicate, the Water Monkey woman may look like she needs protection but she can very well take care of herself.

She trusts her intuition and behavior, so don’t expect this lady to rely on someone else. This lady needs accomplishments because this is how she proves her superiority.

But she’s not the most determined person, thing that may stay in her way towards success. It’s possible she’ll cheat in order to get to the goals she’s aiming for more easily.

She’s famous for being able to feel other people’s emotions, especially of men. Intuitive and intelligent, this Monkey female often is the winner of any situation.

In love, she’s looking for someone to understand her, who’s not selfish or wants to be the only one loved. Her man should try and help her in the most tactful way because she expects getting support.

It’s possible she’ll surround herself to gossip and her own obsessions. When failing, she wants to cry alone or only with a few people.

A man who doesn’t like scandals and often compromises would be perfect for her because she likes to settle things fast. Not to mention how much she wishes for peace and harmony. She will probably be happily married for a lifetime.

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