Key Traits of the Fire Ox Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Fire Ox stands out for how fixed they are in their views and for how they don’t let themselves convinced easily.

Fire Ox

Fire Ox people want to always be in control and to have the power. Everything they are doing is centered around the superiority they think they have.

While sincere and fair, these natives can be very inconsiderate to other people’s feelings. Where most Oxen are usually quiet and don’t use too many words, the ones with Fire in their chart are more open to express themselves.

The Fire Ox in a nutshell:

  • Qualities: Diligent, eloquent and moral;
  • Challenges: Slow, obsessive and intolerant;
  • Secret need: Having a bit more excitement in personal life;
  • Advice: Don’t censor your emotions from your family.

Therefore, these natives are sociable and eager to make new friends. It’s very possible they’ll get so lucky with money that they won’t have to worry about finances their entire life.

The character of the Chinese Fire Ox

Ox people are pedantic creatures who prefer to move slowly and to never act recklessly. But this can have them not seeing the good opportunities lying in front of them as they can keep their head in the ground all the time.

The Fire makes them more energetic and eager to do something all the time. Oxen with this element in their chart may not be as cautious as others in the same sign, so it’s possible they’ll grab good opportunities more rapidly and succeed.

Therefore, they’re ambitions and more interested in material achievements from a younger age. Another positive thing that Fire brings them is charm.

Oxen are not the friendliest people and their social connections are usually the ones with relatives and very close friends.

But the Fire can lighten them up so that they realize how much they enjoy company instead of staying inside and not interacting. When it comes to relationships, this element brings a lot of changes too, making the Ox natives more passionate about collaborating.

Since people in this sign are very sensual, the Fire makes them even more passionate and ardent. While this can be great for their sex life, it’s important they don’t become too intense.

Ox people can be very possessive and jealous when it comes to their lovers. Because they’re rigid, they may leave the impression that they want to dominate and that they’re arrogant.

When Fire is involved, they have all this maximized to the point of aggression, which is not at all beneficial for any kind of relationship in their life.

Fire Ox individuals are smart and witty, but they often change and have a quick temper. It’s possible they will always let themselves be influenced by others and not judge on their own.

They have high standards when it comes to romance, but they can fall in and out of love easily because they’re moody. Someone who’s energetic and always happy will be more to their liking.

They have a quick temper and can’t easily decide, so divorce due to emotional instability is very possible for them. They will last a lifetime with Water Rats.

These natives love being free, so when it comes to marriage and having a family, they can be a little bit unstable. If they would be more open to accept their lover can have defects, this would help them have longer lasting marriages.

Not considerate with others, they also mature later in life. Their luck with money will come to them after they’ll get married. The ladies in this sign and element are great wives who make their husband feel lucky to have them.

They usually get married with those who have the money, but they should pay attention not to go through the middle age crisis. Fire Ox natives are all about getting the power and being famous.

They’re good with their finances and they know how to save, so wealth will easily come to them. But because they aren’t patient, they can act impulsively too many times.

If they want a partner for a lifetime, they should deal with their quick temper and find someone who’s good for them.

Another thing that may bother these Oxen is their inner conflict as the dynamic and active Fire opposes the slow and prudent Ox. They can be pulled in different directions, feeling sad and dark one minute, and happy the next one.

This type of contradiction can have them mentally and physically exhausted because they are always at the extremes. However, Fire Ox individuals still need to be quiet and to contemplate when to take the initiative and how to control their fiery nature so that they take advantage of every opportunity coming their way.

Element Influence

The Chinese Fire element is all about taking the initiative and being dynamic. Over the prudent and rigid Oxen, it has the power to make important changes, but doesn’t affect what’s at the core of their nature.

Exuberant and impulsive, Fire Ox individuals are the most energetic and domineering people in this sign. They have a pride and an arrogance that can’t be seen in others.

Not to mention how much they are fighting to obtain a leadership position and to be socially accepted. Because they are disciplined and very loyal, they would do very well in a military career.

Fire Oxen can become extremely unpleasant when they are focusing only on their goals. It’s not that they want to, they simply can’t think of others too much.

The Ox makes them very stubborn and fixated in their own views, so they may need to fight both this and their arrogance in order to make the right decision and take the good course of action.

But these traits can also help them get the recognition they want because they’ll fulfill their responsibilities with dedication and will keep all of their promises.

These natives can be very calculated and able to determine who’s of use to them. If they judge less and become aware of what qualities those around them have, they may come across things they have overlooked in the past.

But no matter who they’re dealing with, they will never be lying. However, their honesty can only be discovered by the ones who are very close to them.

Fire Ox people have to be practical in achieving their goals if they want to be successful and to handle as much as they can take.

They should set some limits for themselves. If they would be more considerate and wouldn’t criticize so much, they could end up impressed by how people respond and how much feedback they can receive.

The Fire Ox man

Insisting and confident, the Fire Ox man may seem like he can deal with any kind of problem. There’s nothing to stop him from winning. He will defeat his enemies and ignore what others are saying.

Sometimes thought of as insensitive, he is indeed only thinking of himself. He wants his job to bring him a good salary and doesn’t give a damn about what he is doing.

When it comes to the relationships with his colleagues, he’s harsh and rigid. With the ones he loves, he’s rather reserved. At home, it’s possible he seems tyrannical and not bothered by how others see him.

When it comes to his relationship with women, these will always try to show him how great he is. He won’t get rejected, even the most impressive beauties falling at his feet after knowing him better.

He’s very passionate when dealing with the simplest things. His lady will receive all kind of expensive gifts because he doesn’t mind spending money on her.

However, he will never allow her to make any decision without him approving. Not to mention he’s jealous and controlling with his other half. He stands next to what he believes in and he’s a good leader.

The Fire Ox woman

Because she’s sensitive, the Fire Ox woman will take everything personally. She’s the only one that can decide for herself.

At work, she’ll be considered the boss, even if she isn’t. This is because she’s always fair and highly professional.

She appreciates her colleagues and tries to give a hand each time she gets the chance. With her relatives and close ones, she isn’t harsh because she doesn’t want to scare them away.

She can have many insecurities, but all in all, she’s hardworking and loyal. It’s possible she’ll act recklessly, but anyone can rely on her to help.

When it comes to romance, this lady is very demanding of her partner. She doesn’t want him vicious or to spend all of her money.

Her ideal man needs to be strong and standing on his own two feet. This is a girl who works hard and has many high goals, knowing how much she’s worth.

She doesn’t necessarily need a lover because she’s very good on her own. But she still has to be cared for and given all the attention. As a mother and wife, she wants to control and likes to be the one who comes up with all the rules.

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