How To Attract A Virgo Woman: Top Tips For Getting Her To Fall In Love

The kind of man she wants in her life and how to seduce her.

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Top five tips:
  1. Show her she can depend on you.
  2. Respect her time and efforts.
  3. Don’t hurry her.
  4. Flaunt your qualities modestly.
  5. Love her unconditionally.

Getting to know a Virgo lady before dating her is essential. If anything, it would be a better idea to become her friend first. The practical part of her personality almost demands it.

And her intelligence also demands that you regularly engage her with stimulating conversation too. She loves a healthy debate and has no issue letting people know what her opinion on a given matter is.

More importantly, she is well aware of the fact that not everyone will share her opinion and has no problem with this. Above all else, she is looking for respect. This will lead to a much deeper level of connection with a potential partner, after which everything will fall into place.

Her knowledge of different areas and topics is likely to be high. She’ll love a healthy debate with you too, particularly those that challenge her thoughts and beliefs.

Ruled by the planet Mercury, she can exhibit well-cultured, witty and sometimes even mercurial characteristics.

That said, she isn’t the kind to show heightened enthusiasm for an idea – remember she is naturally reserved – and this can dampen the idea at times.

This isn’t anything to worry about however, as long as she is sure of your intelligence and trusts your judgement, she will respect your opinion no matter what it is.

If there is one thing a Virgo woman hates, it’s to have to wait for you to arrive. It goes without saying then that punctuality is a must. Wasting her time leads her to think that you have little value and respect for her time.

This is because of her incredible organisation, which itself comes from the astrological house that covers routine. So if you do find yourself on repeat dates with a Virgo woman, organising them into some sort of regularity or schedule will work well, as she will prefer the organisation and consistency.

Hand in hand with knowing what time to turn up is where you need to be going. Have your destination set and know how to get there.

Stopping and asking for directions isn’t a good start in her eyes. The same goes for last minute changes – surprises of the unwanted variety aren’t high on her wish list.

Living up to your words is also hugely important for Virgo women. Remembering appointments or even something like when you said you would call her are vital. Forgetting this kind of thing is a very quick way of making her lose patience with you.

Given that she is highly analytical, it’s natural that she will pick faults in you. She isn’t trying to make you feel bad or not worthy, it’s just a habit that comes as a result of her character.

Her incredible organisational skills however make her one of the best at helping you achieve your goals. She is amongst the best when it comes to efficiency and productivity, doing everything she can to help you.

Realising that she isn’t trying to break you down with her criticism is the first step, after which she may well be the best motivator you’ve ever had.

She values practicality in her man. Hurried decisions that are rash and not well thought out won’t go down well. Instead, rational and logical decision making is a great way of ensuring a perfect match with a female Virgo.

She cherishes a fun companion

A female Virgo’s mind is rarely at rest. She’s constantly thinking of things and this can sometimes manifest itself as worry. Helping her keep things calm and easy is good for her.

At times though you might have to be a bit firmer in your attempts to get her to relax. The problem is her constant need for perfection, so she is always looking at how she can improve any given aspect of her life, even going as far as critiquing her recent escapades.

Part of your responsibility as her potential partner is that you will need to tell her when she needs to stop and recharge. The obstacle here though is that she isn’t happy not doing anything productive with her time. If you can find ways of using this down time productively, helping her achieve something in the process, then this goes a long way as far as winning her heart is concerned.

Bearing all this in mind, being able to make her laugh is a must, as she sometimes doesn’t allow herself the time to do so.

As mentioned earlier though, keep things easy going and simple to begin with, like a meal and movie for example. Once you get to know her a bit better, you can start to diversify the kinds of activities you do with her.

Virgo women are highly quick at picking up dishonesty, so she will know almost instantly if you are lying or not being entirely honest. She isn’t the type to let it be either – she will bring it up at some point.

That said, Virgo women are very forgiving. As long as she feels your intentions are honest and your heart is pure, she won’t hold grudges or make your life miserable.

Even if a relationship goes south, any man that a Virgo woman has loved will always have a place deep in her heart.

Having dreams and goals is one thing. Dreaming big and having goals that seem improbable however are what Virgo women are really attracted to. Make her part of those dreams and she will help you get there in unimaginable ways. This speaks to the deepest parts of her heart, going a long way to helping the both of you achieve greatness.

A lot of this is because Virgo is ruled by the Earth element. She wants strong foundations above all else. Showing her that you’re not just thinking about next year, but also about 5 years from now, and in a decade time too gives her a heightened sense of stability.

This is how she thinks, so being with a man who thinks the same is her idea of perfection. This forward planning extends itself to her sexual attraction towards you too – knowing that you’re planning and working for more than just the immediate future increases her lust for you.

Aiming high is a key part of attaining perfection, however you may want to define it. Setting almost impossibly high standards is just a Virgo thing, so set your sights higher than just the norm.

Her naturally shy character means that she perhaps won’t be as forthcoming as other women that belong to other signs in the initial stages of your relationship.

You probably won’t be receiving any kisses to begin with. Instead, try to read her body language, as it may give you clues as to how comfortable she feels around you and whether she is ready to make any moves.

Even before you get to that stage, she may be slightly wary about entering a lasting relationship. Again, this isn’t anything personal, but she is just taking her time to weigh up her options and to protect herself.

Contrary to popular belief, Virgo women have an incredible sexual appetite in reality, which can become apparent once she’s sure of your place in her life.

Again, this is something that shouldn’t be expected instantly – she’s reserved and private and takes the time to make sure she is taking the right decision.

What to avoid with your Virgo lady

When a Virgo woman is at work, she is only at work and not interested in anything else. If you have your eye on a female Virgo in the workplace, it is massively important that you find a way of conversing with her outside of her professional duties.

Central to her personality is her need to take her time. With this in mind, it is never a good idea to try and force anything or come on too strong. She will be put off by such advances and it will rarely accomplish anything other than scaring her away.

Part of the reason for this is that Virgo women worry more than most. Piling on the pressure of wanting to start a relationship or take your existing commitments to a new level will put her well outside of her comfort zone.

Instead, let the dynamic between the two of you grow naturally and the results will be far more pleasant.

Her shy nature and desire to stay within her shell can make her seem hesitant. Remember, she needs to be absolutely comfortable with you before making any kind of commitment.

It is a wise idea then, to keep overly affectionate gestures hidden in public. Wait until you’re both home before becoming a little bit more intimate.

Keeping clean and well-presented are a must for a Virgo lady. She demands perfection from every facet of her life, so cleanliness and hygiene are hugely important.

First impressions are key – just like they are in a job interview. Pay attention to the little details that you’re putting out there, as your Virgo lady will almost definitely be making mental notes too.

What you need to keep in mind about the Virgo woman

Virgo females aren’t complex like some women from the other signs – she is as forthcoming and trustworthy as they get, not to mention beautiful inside and out. She is a perfectionist at heart, which means you’ll only ever get the best from her. It’s very easy to fall head over heels with a female Virgo.

She can however play a little hard to get. This is so she can gauge just how much you want her before making a commitment to you and letting you know how she feels.

She can also be a bit of a traditionalist too, so some of the more basic fundamentals she expects are reliability and punctuality. She is also highly organised – don’t be surprised to see her organise her life into multitudes of lists.

Although she is really proactive in this regard, she doesn’t like putting herself out there and can come across as shy. She’s rather keep herself to herself than to be the centre of attention.

By extension, she can remain incredibly calm, even in the most pressing of situations. Although this can manifest itself as naivety, she has a strong will and has no problem standing up for what she believes in.

This natural serenity does mean that she will take her time about important decisions. She is rarely ever rash and is fairly methodical in what she does. For you, it may come across that she isn’t interested in you – so don’t worry, she may just be taking her time.

Her slightly simpler outlook on life means that she prefers gifts that are on the more meaningful side. Lavish and expensive gestures of affection won’t be anywhere near as effective, despite it often being the easier option.

With this in mind, it makes perfect sense then that she also prefers quieter and subdued areas for dates. There are two main reasons for this; one is that she would prefer to actually get to know who you are rather than simply being wined and dined.

The second is that a subtler type of date often has more thought put into it…and this is right up her street.

As alluded to earlier, she takes her time with decisions and analyses every detail before weighing up the options.

As an Earth sign, she needs this stability to move forward, which also includes getting the opinions of all those involved too.

This gives her uncanny observational skills, to a point where she is very quick to realise when someone is telling the truth or lies.

Added to this is her incredible charm, wit and intelligence – there is nowhere to hide with a Virgo woman!

Part of this stems from the fact that she is constantly looking for perfection in everything. This goes for you too – you had better be sure to bring your best, otherwise she will have no problem turning her back on you and never letting you in again.

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