Virgo Woman in a Relationship: What to Expect

The Virgo woman’s potential is far greater than what she shows at a glance and it takes her a while to unravel how awesome she truly is.

woman with a Virgo sign

The Virgo woman is the perfectionist of the zodiac, which means that any relationship with her will be a constant hassle because of her arguments and her criticizing everything.

Pros Cons
She is open and direct.She has a tendency to criticise.
She prepares exquisite surprises.She compares the relationship with others.
She is realistic and well-grounded.Her choice of words might be hurtful sometimes.

She’s made her list of desirable traits in a partner ever since she was young, and she’s just looking for that ideal one. Or she might be thinking that it’s going to dawn on her right then and there that he’s the one when she first lays eyes on him.

It’s very difficult for her to have a completely blissful relationship because of the contradictions in her nature and of the expectations she sets on herself.

She takes her time with her feelings

The Virgo woman will be blunt and straightforward because she believes you’re serious and mature enough to admit when you’re wrong.

Her personality is rather closed up to most people, and if you manage to take her out of that shell, make her smile and feel good about herself, you’ve succeeded.

It’s a very good feeling when her ideas are appreciated, but when she doesn’t raise up to par, she suddenly forgets all the times she was right.

At first, she might seem like a bit cold and distant, but that’s only because she doesn’t want to make a fool of herself or be rejected. As a man, you have to make her feel safe and trust you enough. Only then will she reveal her emotions, and boy, are they intense and passionate.

You won’t feel sorry for going the extra mile. It takes a while before she takes a hold of her feelings and realizes that she does love you for real. She’s an Earth sign, after all, and they are renowned for taking it slow, with vigilance and care.

Just because she doesn’t jump into someone else’s boat right from the beginning, and because she’s isn’t as keen on dating as everyone else, the Virgo woman is perceived as being anti-social, introverted, shy. And this is false.

The real reason she’s like that is that she wants to wait for the right person to share her life with, and not just about anyone. Dates, casual sex, one-night stands, these don’t interest her in the slightest.

She wants a meaningful relationship to commit to, to give herself completely to that sense of belonging to a union of the souls.

Don’t let yourself be fooled by opinions and stereotypes because the Virgo woman can be the best lover out there. She is loving, affectionate, extremely thoughtful and she would sacrifice anything for her partner.

Moreover, her sensuality and innate sexual prowess make her a really attractive and desirable woman. In bed, she’ll go the extra way to please you. Don’t take her for granted though, and don’t forget to show her how much you love her as well.

The moment she decides to give you her trust is the moment you have to realize it’s a deal for life that you have to appreciate.

The Virgo woman prefers a romantic relationship that’s based on mutual interests and common grounds for a meeting.

She’s one of the pickiest women out there because she wants her man to be perfectly in-synch with her, to be responsible and mature, yet also playful and funny. After she’s fully determined that it’s the right person, she will take the next step.

Her potential is far greater than what she shows

No matter what the situation is or how well-behaved the partner is, a Virgo woman will be a bit terrified and uncertain in the beginning stage of the relationship. She won’t know what to expect and how to react, but at the same time, this won’t last for very long.

When she sees that her partner does everything to make her happy and satisfied, she will let go of any inhibitions and act as the truly feminine and charming woman that she is.

She can take the initiative herself, but in order for things to last, her partner must be confident and determined as well, even more than her

The one aspect that’s both attractive and a bit annoying about the Virgo woman in love is that she has no idea how to use her sexuality, and she doesn’t even know what potential she has. Not until a few mishaps and errors does she realize how sensuality can change the game.

Be tender and affectionate towards her, never force her into anything undesirable, and she’ll get used to it slowly but surely.

Moreover, she’s the one-man team that takes care of everything, from house-chores to her professional responsibilities, and you will have to literally stand in her way to make her stop. This perfectionism could be quite dangerous sometimes, to her and to others.

Why is it dangerous to others? Well, besides figuratively throwing you into the dumpster at a first sight because you don’t fall into her category of perfection, she can also be very critical about mistakes, things that could be done better.

Even if she might accept you in the beginning, thinking that you are the right one, if you so much as become lazy or change in the meantime, she’ll pack up and leave right away. Her passion and intensity are high enough to defeat that shyness and fear of being rejected. She won’t hesitate to leave a toxic relationship.

Her perfectionism extends to such a point that she won’t take your lack of punctuality with a keen eye. Be there on time, compliment her, and don’t forget to stimulate her intellectually.

Otherwise, you’ll be left in the dust without knowing what’s happening. Always tell her about plans and keep surprises to a minimum because her earth heritage makes her a routine-follower.

Be calm, patient, and create an equal attitude between the two of you, where neither dominates the other.

If you’re a gentleman and behave as befits one, while also keeping in mind to be patient with her, you will have no problems with the Virgo woman.

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