The Virgo Woman: Key Traits In Love, Career And Life

Not one to take uncalculated risks, she still lives life at its fullest.

Seductive, the Virgo woman has a charisma and intelligence that get her closer to perfection. Since she is a natural-born analyst, the Virgo woman is a good critic and people appreciate this talent of hers.

She has an intuition that allows her to see if something’s wrong. She will act to make the situation better, but some people may take this personally and reject her help.

The Virgo woman is capable of bringing order to chaos in a gentle way, so be careful to keep her in your life.

The planet that governs the sign Virgo is Mercury, the planet of communications. As an Earth sign, needless to say that she is incredibly grounded and is the type that bases her decisions on facts, not making use of imagination too much.

It is more important for the Virgo native to experience things, rather than think of them. She will walk the Earth pragmatic and graceful.

Women in Virgo prefer the routine. Also, they have a thing about collections, whether of stamps or coins or anything else.

Some famous Virgo women include: Mother Teresa, Agatha Christie, Sophia Loren, Sheryl Sandberg and Gloria Estefan.

All my possessions for a moment of time.

Elizabeth I of England – A famous Virgo

Many would say the Virgo woman is quiet and precise. Well, things aren’t quite like this as the Virgo can be a wonderful companion in the presence of the right people. It’s just the Virgo woman’s personality that is more reserved.

A perfectionist, this woman will be almost obsessed with neatness and will give her best for everything to be immaculate.

She continuously tries to self-improve, thing that may over-complicate her life. As she is not often satisfied with what life offers to her, the Virgo native in inclined to work against herself and not enjoy life.

Don’t think that if she is symbolized by the virgin, the Virgo woman is a prude. She is indeed humble and apprehensive, but definitely not one to shy away from anything.

People may think she is cold because of her tendency to isolate herself. She likes nature and long walks after a day of work.

Another thing you may not know is that the Virgo woman is very punctual. People love this thing about her.

An analytical lover

In matters of love, the Virgo lady is determined and strong. She will be true to her partner, and she will not be easily convinced to do something.

She is a believer in true love, although she is not the dreamy type. For her, love is practical and a partnership between two equals.

The Virgo woman wants her relationship to be perfect and she will work for this to happen. She is intense and she has the passion any relationship needs.

She will analyse the partnership to the last aspect, and she will explore every facet. She never gets attracted to more than one partner at a time and she never takes action before she has filtered everything through her analytical mind.

If you manage to make her feel secure, you have gained half of her heart. She likes being a giver and she will offer her partner all the pleasure she is capable of.

Unusually responsible and empathic

The Virgo woman will weigh in everything before committing. But as soon as in a relationship, she will be loyal and sincere.

It could be said the woman in Virgo is a little bit discriminating when time comes to choose a partner as she expects perfection.

Everyone knows this is not possible, so she will settle for someone who suits her character. If not with someone who is close to perfection, the Virgo woman may suffer.

When in a relationship, the Virgo woman is relaxed and independent. She will use her ways to make it work and she will be happy with the fact that she has companionship. The most compatible signs with the Virgo are Scorpio, Gemini, Cancer, Taurus and Capricorn.

The woman under the Virgo sign is not too emotionally open and this may make her looks stiff. Some Virgos are hiding the fact that they are reserved behind jokes. It may be difficult for a Virgo woman to enter a relationship, just because of this.

She may be quiet and reserved, but the Virgo woman is in fact the strength bearer in a family. She will be there for anyone and she will always protect her children. Click To Tweet

She may exhibit some stress about her kids’ health and she may seem controlling to them at times. This woman will not accept bad manners from anyone in her family and she will work hard for everyone to be comfortable and happy.

It is easy for her to make numerous acquaintances; however, she doesn’t establish real friendships as easy. Of help when needed, the Virgo woman will always be there for the most important things taking place in your life.

She is always there to help you prepare for these things or events, and she likes to see you happy. Many appreciate her for her critical mind. They look for her advice regarding fashion, life matters and shopping.

Don’t try to say out loud how good of a friend she is to you. She prefers to be shown in a more discrete way.

She has multiple talents

She is often great at what she does as she takes work seriously, but she can sometimes miss the big picture due to the fact that she gets engaged with the small details.

The Virgo woman could do many jobs, such as doctor, programmer, analyst, critic, personal trainer and gardener.

She will never have break periods in her life as she feels strange doing nothing at all. She is multitasking and bosses like this in her.

She would also be a great writer, psychologist, mathematician, physician and musician.

Not that big on taking risks, the Virgo native will be the same with her money. Her investments are conservative and oriented towards long-term commitment.

She often worries and she worries about money more than anything, therefore she will always have some money put aside.

Always stylish

The Virgo woman’s disease is definitely ulcer. She is the worrier of the zodiac and everyone knows ulcers appear when someone is too stressed.

Some Virgo women may be a little hypochondriac and that’s another health issue to worry about. The advice is that the Virgo to relax and enjoy life more.

The Virgo woman prefers a minimalist style. She likes clothes that are simple and made to last.

She knows that personal style will always be in fashion, so she prefers this over being trendy. Navy blue and grey are the colors in which you’ll see the Virgo woman more often.

She has this sophistication about her that can’t be pinpointed and although she doesn’t dress for others, she most often draws everyone’s attention to her.

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