Are Virgo Women Jealous And Possessive?

The Virgo jealousy surfaces when her fear of being cheated manifests.

When in love, the Virgo woman can be complicated. She needs to be constantly reassured of her partner’s love through affection. However, it is known Virgo ladies are not that loyal.

A Virgo woman knows jealousy. The only difference between her and other women refers to how she handles this feeling.

The Virgo girl takes note of the fact that she is jealous and she decides to analyze the situation so the outcome is advantageous for her.

If you are paying more attention to another person and you are with your Virgo woman, it is sure she will get jealous. In secret, Virgo natives like being the center of attention.

It’s not that easy to make a Virgo woman feel jealousy, but there are women who make exceptions to the rule.

The fact that she likes to always control things may make this woman a little bit possessive.

If she realizes she can no longer control a situation, she’ll reach to the conclusion that the situation wasn’t worth all her time.

She will do her best to keep a partner that is no longer caring and loving next to her, before she lets go. Click To Tweet

She has her own formulas and rules after which she lives. If something goes wrong in the relationship she’s in, she’ll try and make her partner take another path.

The Virgo lady won’t show her feelings. She has emotions just like any other human being, but she doesn’t like to show them. Every passion this woman has is kept inside.

She believes love exists and she is looking for someone to be devoted to her for a long time.

If someone is paying attention to her more than her partner, she will immediately switch lovers. With the Virgo, it is more about knowing how to shower her with love.

Most of the time, jealousy in a Virgo woman appears because she is afraid to be cheated on. She completely rejects this thought and just mentioning it makes her feel down, less confident and also obsessive.

It’s easy to get jealous when you are no longer receiving the attention you used to receive from your partner. If you are trying to manipulate the Virgo woman by making her jealous, she will most likely dump you.

But if she’s jealous with no real reason and she realizes it, she will regret the feeling she had and she’ll take you back. Logical beings, Virgo women have a scary way of dealing with feelings, either theirs or their partner’s.

Not at all the person to make compromises, the woman in Virgo will leave behind a partner who has cheated on her.

It doesn’t matter how sad and insecure this decision would make her, she is not one to live with unfaithfulness. Virgos are radical and they are looking for loyalty in a partner.

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