Are Virgo Men Jealous And Possessive?

The Virgo jealousy is triggered by this man’s strong intuition that doesn’t let him be deceived.

The Virgo man can get a little bit uncomfortable if he sees you are surrounded by contenders to your love because his only way of doing things is through complete exclusivity.

If your Virgo man questions how you spend your time, have a look over the next few paragraphs and see if he is jealous or not.

It is not usual for native born under the Virgo sign to be jealous. And even if they are, they wouldn’t show it, they would take a step back and analyze the situation.

They respect themselves and they wouldn’t want to make a scene if they wouldn’t be right. If proven to be wrong with their jealousy, they would still be upset with the person who was attempting to flirt with you.

They can feel when someone wants to flirt, as they are intuitive. If you are not the person who initiated the flirt, they won’t blame you.

When he’s possessive, the man in Virgo will always keep you next to him, wherever he may be going, letting people know you are together.

Fortunately, the Virgo is not a sign of extremes, so he won’t make jealousy scenes. It is important that you make him feel secure.

If he senses that he’s competing with too many contenders, he will retreat in disappointment. Also, don’t remind him of your exes. He will get jealous and you may end up losing him.

For a man in Virgo, being jealous is something that confuses him. He prefers to avoid this feeling, but he can’t refrain himself from caring.

Don’t think that he is weak if he cares too much. He needs someone who can trust and that someone could potentially be you.

The first reaction of a jealous Virgo man is to keep his feelings away. He would keep his jealousy a secret even if you two would start discussing the issue.

If he’s more distant than usual he’s most likely jealous. When he’s feeling like this he prefers to think.

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As with anything that bothers him, the Virgo man will be less caring and attentive to your needs if jealous. He always puts the relationship he’s involved in on hold if something’s bothering him.

You can notice if a Virgo man’s jealous when he acts distant and he’s at all times absent. He would never say a thing about what’s in his heart.

He’s not actually jealous, but more possessive. He must always know that you are only his and no one else’s. If you start remembering about exes, he will feel like you don’t love him as he does and that will frustrate him.

You can enjoy unlimited freedom when with a Virgo man. But if he senses that you are cheating, he will leave you in a second and he will never look back.

In conclusion, Virgo men get jealous just like other men, but they don’t like to show it. If you have managed to gain a Virgo man’s trust he will trust you forever, and jealousy wouldn’t even be discussed.

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Written by Denise

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