Capricorn Woman in a Relationship: What to Expect

The Capricorn woman may seem cold and stubborn, but she is willing to compromise her short-term goals for her partner’s benefit.

woman with a Capricorn sign

The Capricorn woman stands tall in the face of unassailable odds, pushes her potential to the peak of possibility, achieves her goals, and acts with impunity and determination in her day-to-day life.

Pros Cons
She will try to understand all about her partner.She is after instant gratification.
She can be relied on.She is not the most direct communicator.
She can get close to people easily.Her pessimism can take over the relationship.

She’s the manly native, doing things her own way and embracing her inner desires, especially those of a sexual nature. Also, this woman prefers to stay at home and work around the house, rather than go out.

As her partner, you would better be strong and assertive; otherwise, she’s going to trample you down. Don’t let yourself be taken down by her apparent coldness or aloof personality.

Love is a very important thing for her

The Capricorn woman will always take her relationships seriously, just like she’s fighting with great courage to achieve her professional goals. She will want to build a strong and stable household, one based on honesty, mutual respect, love, and patience.

For the prospects of a long-term relationship, she will do anything, even compromise some of her short-term interests.

She may also choose to become embroiled in her work, striving to ascend the social ladder and increase her monetary gains, all for the sake of strengthening the bonds between her and her partner.

Even though she may not give this impression, love is a very important thing for her, and so is finding a partner after her own heart. She will never rush to commit or confess her feelings but wait to determine whether she’s making the right choice.

So, in the beginning, until she gets to know you, how you think and what plans for the future you have, there’ll be nothing concrete on the horizon.

You will have to court her for some time, to show that you are understanding, appreciative, and let her advance at her own pace. She may keep to herself in the beginning, but the passion and inner energy hiding within will eventually resurface.

Be prepared to do what she wants, when she wants, and the way she wants it. No, seriously, the Capricorn woman will want to take the decisions in the relationship, at least the more common ones, like picking where you’re going on dates, what movie you’re going to see tonight, and so on.

Unfortunately, she tends to become overly-focused on her professional goals and career prospects, putting most of her time and attention in there, completely forgetting about her partner. She’s quite complicated and difficult to live with, but not impossible.

The Capricorn woman is a dreamer, a strategist who likes to idealize her goals and envision her life in the future. You will notice this even on the first dates when she’ll start talking about living together, about having a house, making children, growing old next to one another.

She doesn’t even think about going from relationship to relationship, that anyone will fail for some reason, and she tends to fall in love with people whom she got to know for a long time. One thing to remember – you should always be forthright and tell her exactly how you feel. Seduction games won’t work on her.

Give her time to draw her conclusions

The Capricorn woman in love will always take heed of her own instincts and analyse her feelings before taking the next step and committing to a relationship.

She wants to make an informed and responsible choice because this one will affect her whole life from then on. The decision to choose the person whom she’ll be spending her life with is a priority for her.

She does want to avoid making any mistakes and rationalize her decision, but love has a way of excluding reason and logic. Emotions are essential here.

Even though she imposes certain rules and restrictions on herself in relationships, she is quite open-minded and willing to try new things in bed. Her sexual appetite can be considered normal, with periods of peak desire because of Mars’ energy roaming inside her.

Being a rational and pragmatic native first and foremost, she might have some problems in identifying with her partner on an emotional basis. In general, though, if she doesn’t have too many responsibilities and obligations, she’ll have normal sexual cravings.

This woman will choose her partner with full knowledge of the fact that she will be loyal, devoted, loving, and a thoughtful partner. The Capricorn woman is ready to compromise many things for the good of the relationship, to stay alongside her partner through thick and thin.

However, this is only the case when her lover is also understanding, reasonable, appreciative, and when it’s all going as it should.

When her desires and principles have been trampled, then she’ll think again if she should continue on with this. It also doesn’t help that she is pretty emotionally unbalanced at times, with mood changes happening almost daily.

Give her the time to think things through, to make an educated and responsible decision, even if the matter at hand is rather simple and common.

She doesn’t want to regret it later, so she would better waste this time now on analysing things.

Respect and allow her the freedom to do as she sees fit at home, where she feels in her natural element. She’s naturally caring, with a motherly instinct, and she takes care of her loved ones. Just appreciate these little things and she will always be there for you, never to leave again.

She’s a little uncertain of herself and looks at a lot of things with suspicion and fear, especially when it comes to her partner. Until you actually ensure her of your commitment and devotion, she will be all giddy and tense whenever you talk to another woman or get out of her sight.

Her insecurities and anxieties are unfounded because she has no reason to believe her partner would cheat, but she just wants to make sure. She wants you to stay there with her, out of love and affection, because she’s the most important person in your life, after all.

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