Capricorn Jealousy: What You Need To Know

They will not forgive nor forget.

The Capricorn is the sign of position and elegance in the zodiac. Therefore, jealousy is something that may happen with a Capricorn. They wouldn’t want their image to be stained and they hate being laughed at.

The Capricorn needs to get to a very vulnerable point to enter a relationship. It would be painful for him or her to have everything destroyed in a moment.

Don’t expect Capricorns to forgive or forget you have been unfaithful. They can get jealous if you somehow show disrespect for the relationship, not to mention other things like cheating.

They like perfection and they look for it in a romance. If you are not careful, you may cause the Capricorn a serious jealousy crisis.

While they are able to get jealous and possessive, the Capricorns will never play the detective with their partners.

They prefer not to ask because they don’t want to be faced with the reply and they have suspicions but they don’t point the finger.

They just sit and wait to see what happens and they don’t tell anyone about their feelings. When they find out the partner has been unfaithful, they just decide to break up without any discussion.

The ruler of Capricorn is Saturn, a fiery planet which instil ambition and strength in them. Capricorns born on the cusp of Sagittarius are more open and fun, while the ones on the cusp of Aquarius are more impartial.

In general, the Caps are smart and funny. They are well anchored in reality and they are always aware of their desires.

They are hard-workers who will invest all of their efforts in accomplishing great things. They are self-disciplined enough to make a plan and stick to it.

They dread attracting gossip

Determined people, the Capricorn men like to reach great heights and remain there for a long time. They are known for being practical and witty. They don’t let anyone and anything distract them from their work.

They are people you can rely on, and they always accomplish what they are supposed to.

To make a summary of what we have talked about till now, it isn’t that difficult to be committed on the long term with a jealous person.

There are many who may find it hard to trust others because they have been cheated on before, but it’s possible to deal with theses’ troubles too.

To eliminate blind jealousy, it is best to start determining what causes this sentiment to begin with. Then is just a matter of displaying the proper attitude that could help improve your relationship.

It can’t be said Capricorns are jealous types, but they do care about appearances. Their partner should never flirt with others, or the Capricorn will simply walk away.

They are very serious persons and they have feelings just like all of us, but they just hate being humiliated. They are careful with other aspects of their life too and they don’t give others any reason to gossip.

They worry a lot about other things, they don't want to also worry about the public's opinions. Click To Tweet

Being uncertain and always worried about what people think, it may be difficult for Capricorns to be involved in a relationship. They may also care too much about their partner’s opinion on them.

It’s not easy for a Capricorn to relax. The Capricorn who is more relentless can get grumpy at times. If things aren’t going the way a Capricorn wants, he or she will become miserable and mean-spirited.

Their partner will be someone that is admired by his friends and acquaintances. The Cap likes to gloat.

Their lover will also have high standards for him or herself when in public. That perfect someone for a Goat will be sociable and neat when in public and comforting when indoors.

Effects of their jealousy

Since they are hard-working and stubborn, Capricorns make great providers. They can be a little too much to deal with at times, but when cared for, they take care back.

When jealous, the Capricorn will not say a thing, trying to make you see they are better in every aspect than the other person.

They don’t like having a suspicious mind, but they can’t help it either. A Capricorn will show indifference to the partner when jealous.

In fact, in the back of their mind, possessiveness is starting to build up. They don’t get insecure that often, but when they do, they require a lot of reassurance. They also don’t forgive or forget easily.

An Earth sign, the Capricorn is a good match with the other two Earth signs, which are Taurus and Virgo. They work well with each other and they communicate in an interesting way.

The Aquarius will push Capricorn to loosen up and a Sagittarius can help him or her have a great time. The watery Pisces can also be a good fit with this sign.

The Pisces will bring security and love into a Cap’s life. The Scorpio has many similarities with this sign, so they are a good match too.

Jealousy can really destroy the love between two people. In the beginning, it may be fun to be jealous as this emotion reveals that there is something serious in between the partners. But with time, jealousy can show its ugly side, destroying a beautiful relationship.

There are many ways to address jealousy in a relationship and the first thing to do is talk. If you think there is too much jealousy coming from your partner, have him or her sit down for a talk. Listen to everything your lover has to say and identify what makes them feel this way.

Provide feedback and talk about how you feel as well. Don’t be afraid to reveal to your partner how much you love them in these tough times. More attention is sure to help. It proves that there is no reason for jealousy to exist in between you two.

Don’t put yourself in a defensive position if the partner starts accusing you and you feel that you haven’t done anything wrong. A fireback would only worsen the situation.

Defensive attitudes are often misinterpreted and things may end up being worse than when you started the conversation. Set some limitations and make it impossible for your lover to get jealous in certain situations. It will make it easier for him or her to understand where he or she is mistaken.

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