Capricorn Ascendant Man: The Resilient Gentleman

He will never be satisfied with what he already has because he’s always aiming higher.

Capricorn Rising Man

The man with the Ascendant in Capricorn is very down-to-earth, responsible, reserved and honorable.

He will always finish what he has started, but you’ll never see him boasting with his achievements. People can rely on him to do what he has promised and to always be there for them.

Capricorn Ascendant man in summary:

  • Strengths: Conscientious, sage and cooperative;
  • Weaknesses: Secretive, impatient and possessive;
  • Perfect Partner: Someone who will work shoulder to shoulder with him;
  • Life Lesson: Taking the time to be with those close.

The Capricorn Ascendant man quietly takes action when life becomes more difficult and he needs some solutions. He’s interested in philosophy, scientific and religious concepts equally. If he wants to be healthy, it’s necessary for him to take care of his bones and to exercise as much as he can.

Not the type to dream unrealistically

The Capricorn Ascendant man believes in himself and is ambitious enough to see his projects accomplished. Even when young, he will dream big and be very stubborn to achieve his goals.

Focused on his career and determined to succeed, he will work hard to make his dreams come true. This and the fact that he’s disciplined, methodical and insisting, will always get him what he wants, even if he will have to do the same thing for years.

Usually composed and reserved, he still demands a lot from the people surrounding him. He’s not the type to give up and has a real passion for science, maths and physics.

He will decide to do something that gives him a good position for a living because he’s very determined to succeed and to climb the social ladder.

You’ll find out he’s a great manager or CEO because his work is always appreciated and the experience he accumulates usually builds up fast.

Everything about working hard fascinates him, and he’s interested more in the process rather than in the results.

You’ll never see someone more ambitious and organized than him as he plans his entire life, knowing when he’ll advance or around what age he’ll be married.

Astrology says the Capricorn Ascendant man is traditional, a deep thinker and a strict boss. It’s very difficult to distract him and he wears classical attires that reveal how restrained and obedient to rules he actually is.

Not the type to dream unrealistically, he will surely achieve his goals faster than others.

He’s one of the most sincere and dependable male figures in the zodiac, a person who’s silent, considerate and who thinks a lot about how to achieve success. This man respects himself and trusts that he will make it, no matter the circumstances.

Persevering to reach his goals, he will spend hours working with no interruption and without getting discouraged along the way. He surely recognizes a good opportunity and knows how to take advantage of it, especially when having to close a business deal.

As he can achieve so many great things, he calculates his own each and every move, persists and takes good care not to make a mistake whenever working on something.

He can focus and usually thinks fun involves work because he feels good only when doing something constructive. While giving his best to make it in his career, his character will get shaped more and more, eventually becoming almost perfect.

The Capricorn Rising lover

As far as romance goes, the Capricorn Ascendant man would never cheat and he wants a good reputation for his relationship. That’s why, when betrayed, he may stay away from others’ eyes and say nothing is difficult between him and his lover.

He rarely talks about his feelings and you’ll most likely notice that he keeps all the conversations about his partner very short.

This man will not have too many problems with women because he’s never emotional or known to get easily angry. However, his jealousy may be difficult to handle by those ladies who want their independence and to only have fun.

If it were for his partner to cheat on him, you can be sure he would never forgive. Not the type to use sweet words, he also doesn’t show his affection until sure his lover feels the same way.

But he will surely be appreciated for his confidence, ambitions, seriousness and business skills. Some people will not understand why he’s so conservative and doesn’t want to live his life to the fullest.

When it comes to romance, he has some pretty well-established principles after which he’s ruling his love life.

The perfect woman for him is serious, sensitive and very down-to-earth, even when it comes to the smallest details. In short, he prefers someone who’s just like him in terms of personality and ambition.

He will never be late or go with something different than what he already planned. Not everyone can understand his sense of humor or the way he presents himself in the society.

The lady of his dreams should adapt to his business manners because he pretty much treats everything like a negotiation. Many will see him as detached and unemotional, but inside he’s actually delicate, kind and wishing to spend the rest of his life with the same woman.

The man with the Ascendant in Capricorn surely knows sensuality and affection, but he thinks it is more important to have trust and security in a relationship.

Some women will think he’s not investing any feelings when coupled, and they’ll want him to pay more attention to what he’s doing.

The Capricorn Ascendant man respects intimacy, so he won’t gossip about the women in his life or boast with his performance in bed.

Ladies who are career-oriented, on their own two feet and determined to succeed attract him very much. He needs to have security and wants to get married at some point.

You’ll never see him with a woman who’s to passionate or doesn’t have any limits in the way she enjoys pleasure. Usually loyal and faithful, he will always look for someone with whom he can have a strong connection based on mutual respect and support.

The more sensitive and naive a lady is, the more he will want to protect and to show his caring, affectionate side to her. He doesn’t mind when someone needs him all the time because he’s a paternal figure.

You can trust him to tune in with your feelings and to always be devoted to the people he loves. It would a mistake to judge him by his serious and cold appearance because inside, he’s the warmest and kindest character any woman dreams of.

He will never reveal his true self until he’s sure that he’s not going to be criticized, betrayed or disappointed.

Not at all emotional with regards to love, the Capricorn Ascendant man may be accused of not caring. It would be unfair to believe so, for he’s only cautiously choosing the moments when to let his feelings show.

He has emotions, just that he doesn’t show them too much or if he doesn’t trust. And this may be good for him because it means he’s realistic.

Never forgiving or forgetting adultery, he will most likely immediately end the relationships with a cheating woman.

What to remember about the Capricorn Ascendant man

The first thing that comes into a person’s mind when seeing the man with the Ascendant in Capricorn is seriousness. He’s a workaholic who would rather spend a Saturday night at home, doing something for his freelancing career that he does aside from the job, rather than go out with his friends.

This man usually can make all of his dreams come true because he works hard and sticks to what he has set his mind to. He wants to succeed and dreams of a good salary, a great social position and all the respect his community and friends could have for him.

This desire to make it grandiosely almost obsesses him, which means he will also worry too much about what his boss has said, if his family is happy or if his friends think he’s spending enough time with them.

So in order for him to calm down, he’s all the time calculating and planning. There are only a few other Ascendant signs in the zodiac to pay so much attention to the details and to worry this bad.

He’s methodical and thinks about all the possible scenarios before making a decision. Because he’s used to all kind of situations, he can immediately determine if trouble is on the horizon.

And it’s not a matter of intuition, but of cleverness because he has developed a sixth sense for identifying where things can go wrong. The attention he has for details can be both an advantage and a disadvantage for him.

Conservative, he prefers to stick with the traditional and tested methods, perfectly organizing his life and the place where he lives, in ways that have been seen many times before.

He likes to respect the rules and is very disciplined, no matter if it’s about work or money. You’ll never see the Capricorn Ascendant man spending his finances on things he will never use or not caring about what the future holds.

He’s patient and systematic, planning everything with days and even years before. Strong and sometimes overwhelming with his seriousness, he knows what he wants and doesn’t give up in obtaining it.

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