Leo Ascendant Man: The Attention Seeker

He can be a superficial show off who’s at the same time ambitious just for the recognition and reputation.

Leo Rising Man

The man with the Ascendant in Leo is powerful, direct, well-intentioned and very giving. He has a certain nobility about himself and wants to be all the time free.

People are usually inspired by him to be hopeful and nice, so this means he makes a great leader. Having high ideals and a philosophical way of thinking, he often gets involved with charities if he believes in the cause these are fighting for.

Leo Ascendant man in summary:

  • Strengths: Precise, dynamic and resourceful;
  • Weaknesses: Impolite, selfish and careless;
  • Perfect Partner: Someone with impeccable taste and never-ending passion;
  • Life Lesson: Taking failure as another experience and not as the worst thing.

Always optimistic and a fiery character, the Leo Ascendant man likes to demonstrate the love and consideration he has for others. You’ll notice him in a crowd because he’s athletic and usually the one in the center of attention.

This man thinks the world has no opponent for him

With a good heart and a gentle behavior, this man cares for others and doesn’t mind sharing what he has. Believing in fairness and in being open, he carries himself around very proudly, so people will be attracted by his grace, intelligence and appearance.

Luxurious parties and other types of events are his favorite. When associating himself with others, he can become a little bit self-centered and even arrogant.

He likes it when people are talking about him because he wants to be famous and to have all the attention on him. He will never give up dreaming of comfort and luxuries, so his money will be all pretty much spent on this kind of things.

The man with the Ascendant in Leo can become dangerous and even violent when angered and wants to win no matter how much pressure he’s putting on others for him to become the best.

It’s like he all the time has this need to be the one everyone thinks about. If he won’t manage to impress with his clothes, you can be sure he’ll start to talk loudly and to speak his mind so that everyone notices him.

Very energetic and powerful, the Leo Ascendant man thinks everything can get done with enough determination. You can always count on him to be encouraging and to give a hand with the most daring projects.

He’s physically strong, so he doesn’t seem to meet too many obstacles when it comes for him to exercise or participate in sport competitions.

He can help you move your things without complaining that the couch broke his back. However, he needs to take good care of all his strength because he may sometimes be sensitive and need rest.

But no matter how busy his life, he definitely needs to follow a workout routine and to eat healthy. Because he’s always happy, he carries a lot of luck and hope in his heart.

Those who are always devoted to him will be spoiled with expensive gifts as he is one of the most generous natives in the zodiac.

He also tends to give presents to people who pay him compliments, but all in all, he’s compassionate, sincere, kind, flamboyant and fiery.

It’s easy to form an image about the Leo Ascendant man because he acts just like a king who sits on his throne and keeps waiting for praising. This is what best describes him because he has pride, confidence and wants all the power or to make all the ladies fall for him.

Everything about his posture and voice expresses how selfish and arrogant he actually is.

This man thinks the world has no opponent for him because he’s the only one irresistible and perfect.

What makes him a great person is his giving nature and loyalty. Confident, hardworking, motivated and highly ambitious, he also always says what he feels.

Being confident, the Leo Ascendant man feels all the time that there’s nothing for him to fear in this world. He can act on impulse and be too cheerful when the situation is rather sad.

Obsessed with power, position and titles, he has all the chances to make it as an artist because his mind can be very creative if trained in this direction.

The Leo Rising lover

When it comes to love, the man with the Ascendant in Leo has his rising sign in a fixed sign, which means he can stay in a long-term relationship, but his need for attention may have his partner exhausted.

When ignored, it’s possible for him to just look for praising into someone else’s arms. Therefore, he’s not the ideal partner when it comes to love. He’s also too honest, which means his lover will often get hurt by some of the nasty commentaries that he makes.

As said before, he shouldn’t be eclipsed because he’s the one who has to win all the attention. The wealthier, more refined and intelligent a woman, the more she will attract him.

He likes it for his partner to adapt to his style and to always look good so that he can be proud of her in public. But no matter what, he will always want to be the smartest and more good looking out of them two.

He’s looking for a woman who isn’t shining as much as him. She should be reserved and not at all loud because he simply can’t be eclipsed in any way.

His taste is impeccable, so the lady of his dreams should also choose only what’s very beautiful for both herself and him. While he may not be as rich as everyone thinks, he will give his best to give the impression that he’s loaded.

When it comes to romance and lovemaking, the Leo Ascendant man has a lot of passion and doesn’t mind discussing the subject. He won’t hide anything about himself because he’s very proud of who he is and wants to show everyone more of his personality.

He definitely doesn’t like hypocritical ladies who say they aren’t promiscuous whilst he can see right through them.

When he wants something, he usually gets it, but if it is for him to limit the independence of a girl, he doesn’t mind doing it and to tell her where she belongs in his life.

While demanding with his partner, he is also very loyal and would never cheat. He will not think to lie or deceive his other half, and he definitely can’t stand being done the same things either.

As soon as you will get to know him, you’ll immediately get to feel how generous and kind he is. In the beginning he’ll act like a child, and with time, he’ll turn into someone more serious and reliable.

He’s a Fire rising sign that was born to lead, so his passion and desires are the ones of kings. Needing a woman who rarely makes mistakes and who’s mannered, he’s very interested in rich, smart and impressive ladies.

Ladies who want something long-term will always be attracted to him because he gives the impression they will be treated like queens when next to him.

He likes the sweet and at the same time experienced type. He’s domineering in love, so don’t expect him to allow the lady to ever take the lead.

The Leo Ascendant man would never waste his time with useless details or negative thoughts because he’s too forceful and optimistic for such an attitude.

And he’ll inspire his other half to be the same, but also confuse her with all his flirting. He is a little bit scared of commitment, no matter how in love he’s feeling.

What to remember about the Leo Ascendant man

The Leo Ascendant man is all about being in the spotlight. He’s flamboyant and not afraid to show his true self.

Positive and cheerful, he always looks on the bright side of life, not being able to understand those who aren’t like him. But his optimism can be disadvantageous because he may not see things realistically.

However, no matter where he may be and with whom, you can be sure the man with the Ascendant in Leo will always look to be the first and admired.

Because the Sun rules this rising sign, the man who was born with it in the birth chart is fiery, giving, kind and ardent to engage in all sort of activities.

Pride and courage are also characterizing him. The arrogance and selfishness of the Leo won’t be missing either, so don’t be surprised when you will find him admiring himself for too long in the mirror.

He’s very in love with his body and feels like he’s superior in appearance. When he dresses, he wants to impress and to shock, this being another way for him to express his high spirit and exuberance.

He’s rather the type who acts on impulse and regrets things later, just like a child who laughs at life and its challenges.

As a father, he will spoil his children because he has a good heart and wants them to enjoy all the luxuries a good paycheck or business can offer.

Because he has a great sense of humor, friends and relatives will want him around for their parties and anniversaries.

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