Cancer Ascendant Man: The Good Communicator

He will do anything to protect himself from conflicts and deception, so he will often seem to not reveal his true self.

Cancer Rising Man

The man with the Ascendant in Cancer is the true caregiver of the zodiac, so he’ll give anyone he loves a hand with any problem they may have. He’s capable of change and easily adapts to any situation or type of people, so traveling is something he really loves to do.

While reserved, this native still manages to capture the attention of the public. A good psychic, he has an interest in the obscure, is very emotional and can read people better than others.

Cancer Ascendant man in summary:

  • Strengths: Courageous, steadfast and resourceful;
  • Weaknesses: Scattered, nervous and boastful;
  • Perfect Partner: Someone who lives their emotions as intensely as he does;
  • Life Lesson: Leave aside material possessions.

Usually kind and friendly, he acts really shy around people because he doesn’t want to reveal his true feelings. This man wants a family, has a perfect memory and is really curious about history.

His memory is incredible

The man with the Ascendant in Cancer is soft, sensitive and emotional, which means he has many vulnerabilities as well.

Known for not being at all ambitious and determined, he is though, very responsible and wants to get his job done. But he will never pay too much attention to career because he only wants a home and for his family to be happy.

His emotions go deep because he’s very intense, especially when talking about his issues. It’s like he never has any ambition or manliness in him, so he’ll be pretty indecisive when it comes to serious matters.

Cancer is the most motherly sign in the zodiac, so expect the man with this Ascendant to want to nurture everyone in his life.

He’s a good communicator who uses his hands a lot when talking. It’s like he has a crab pincher instead of each hand, and he really puts these to good use as he is an amazing cook or gardener.

A little bit immature, he will stick his nose in others’ business until he’ll discover at an older age that this isn’t in any way elegant.

His memory is incredible for he can keep in mind the smallest details relating to different events and people from his past.

He will do a great job at work because he wants the money in order to offer his family the most expensive things. However, he will not spend on what he doesn’t think is worth.

It can be said he really has a talent for saving and budgeting when looking at the way he spends. The man with the Ascendant in Cancer can sometimes fear things that aren’t actually there and likes to keep his secrets well-hidden underneath his emotional shell.

He prefers to spend his time at home where he has all kinds of collections and personal things he can’t part ways with. Visiting him, you’ll notice perfect order in one side of the house and complete chaos in another.

Very traditional, he doesn’t show his real face to the public. Expect him to change moods and to have many secrets because his fragility needs to somehow be kept a secret.

However, with those he keeps close to his heart, he’s sensitive and emotional to the point where he can no longer maintain the balance and becomes very moody.

It can be difficult to understand and keep up with him because he can be reserved one minute and flamboyant the other.

Loving sincerely and strongly, the Cancer Ascendant man often plays the victim in relationships because he torments himself with all kind of unreal problems.

At home, he cooks for the family and takes care of the children. But it’s essential to keep his imagination entertained or he’ll get bored with the domestic routine.

After too much time working around the house, he may decide one day to take on a new adventure and to make other friends. He’s not the reckless and deceiving type, but he needs to feel that he realized something besides a great family life.

Women will want him as their husband because he’s caring and capable of staying in the same relationship for a lifetime.

When it comes to lovemaking, he needs to be understood and to have security before getting into bed with someone.

He likes changes and wants to travel, especially if at the destination there’s family waiting for him. It’s possible he’ll wish for fame and a lot of money, even if he pays close attention to his spending. Don’t be surprised when he guesses your thoughts because he really has psychic abilities.

The Cancer Rising lover

When in a relationship, the Cancer Ascendant man is very serious about love, even if he doesn’t express his affection all the time. He needs to be given a lot of space in order for him to develop on his own too.

There will be times when he’ll be completely reserved and escaping reality because this is what makes him feel more secure. If he’s with someone who doesn’t believe in personal space and who wants too much attention, he will be very frustrated and sad.

Faithful, this male needs to feel that he’s with a stable person who doesn’t look to cheat on him or to leave at the first sign of weakness.

The man with the Ascendant in Cancer has no idea what one-night stands are because he needs intimacy and a lot of trust to get in bed with someone. He can be loyal to the extreme, defending his partner even if she isn’t right.

Very attached to his mother, he needs a wife who can accept the fact that he talks a lot about the woman who brought him up.

He wants a woman who leads because he’s the type who follows, not at all the domineering one. It’s normal for him to be the best father, but when it comes to decision-making about how to raise his children, he prefers to leave all this responsibility to his partner.

The woman who can accept his moods and inconsistency will be very happy to have such a loyal husband or boyfriend.

Many ladies will be into his passionate and devoted style, but his sensitivity can sometimes be a problem. Caring about people, the Cancer Ascendant man withdraws when he realizes that he may have made a mistake.

This man can’t find the security he needs inside himself, so he’s looking anywhere else for it: in his friends, his lover or at home. For example, he will feel much safer when knowing he has a good career or a partner that loves him.

Therefore, he will always search for people and activities meant to make him feel grounded. That’s why he can easily fall with someone who’s authoritative and inspires this feeling in him.

What to remember about the Cancer Ascendant man

The man with the Ascendant in Cancer is definitely an introvert who takes quite some time to trust someone.

However, as soon as he establishes a connection with a person, you can expect him to become kind and giving, to avoid any confrontation with that individual and to want to please him or her.

He allows anything or anyone to influence him and can have moods that change from one minute to the other.

Many will see him as agitated and not at all patient even if he’s in fact steady and very calm. There’s no one more delicate than him, considering even the slightest mean remark can make him feel bad.

It doesn’t matter if a person didn’t even refer to him when making a nasty joke, he will still take it personally. He’s also famous for having trouble letting go of the past. It’s like he can’t and doesn’t want to forget what already happened and is long gone.

Good with money and giving it a lot of importance because it makes him feel secure, he has a talent for business.

But this doesn’t mean he doesn’t have many other talents because he surely does, depending only on him if he puts them to use or not. He wants to be recognized and will ask for praise everywhere he may be going, this being another thing that makes him feel the security he so much needs.

The Cancer Ascendant man will pay great attention to his home because it is the place where he feels the most comfortable, happy and fulfilled. It’s normal for him to hoard as he simply can’t let go of things.

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