Gemini Ascendant Man: The Impatient Gentleman

He is desperate for change and variety in his life, willing to adapt to any situation and with a temperament that is quite volatile.

Gemini Rising Man

The man with the Ascendant in Gemini is inquisitive and always looking to get something done or to learn. He’s able to focus on more than one thing at once, meaning he needs constant stimulation and is not in any way patient with those who can’t keep up with him from an intellectual point of view.

He’s often nervous because he simply can’t stand still and wants to get busy no matter what. He will talk for hours and will say many interesting things as no one can equal him when it comes to intelligence.

Gemini Ascendant man in summary:

  • Strengths: Chatty, imaginative and daring;
  • Weaknesses: Outrageous, hesitant and ostentatious;
  • Perfect Partner: Someone who has artistic inclinations;
  • Life Lesson: To not have expectations from others or want things unconditionally.

You’ll recognize him because he’s very tall, skinny and walks faster than others. His fingers are long and his hands truly beautiful.

Not only gorgeous, but also very intelligent

The man with the Ascendant in Gemini will be curious about anything from a very young age. A good student in school, he will more focus on subjects that have something to do with creativity and the arts.

He’s a true leader but often associates himself with suspicious companies and groups. This man really wants to succeed and to be victorious in every situation he encounters.

But he can get confused about what he wants when he’s looking to get famous or to make as much money as possible. Interested in more than one thing at once, it will be difficult for him to choose a career path.

However, you can be sure he’ll always want to be first, no matter what he may be doing for a living. He’s the type who will take the place of those colleagues who move slow and the one who will never allow anyone to interfere with his ascension in career.

Not only gorgeous, but also very intelligent, he’s not the type to show too many emotions because his mind is more focused on new ideas and intellectual pursuits.

He enjoys all the life’s pleasures and likes to have fun by engaging in all sort of adventures. When it comes to his education, he loves science and to hear about the latest news in technology.

As he’s always ready to take action, he seems like he can never rest and isn’t prepared to make decisions. Anything new excites him, but when upset, he’s rather shy and irritated.

It’s possible for the Gemini Ascendant man to be upset with you today and to forget all about it tomorrow. He needs to keep all the time busy if he’s to be truly happy.

Just sitting around gets him bored and really impatient. He’s the inventor, the person who will bring brand new ideas to the world and who’ll always be appreciated for originality.

His mind thinks only of progress and technology, while his hands are always taking things apart and putting them back together.

You can be sure he has the touch of genius and the ability to talk to anyone, about any subject. There’s no one more curious than him, so when with a lady, he’ll want to know everything about her ex-lovers.

This man really hates arguing and doesn’t make any promises because he’s aware that he may not be able to keep them. If you’re the type who often cries and complains, don’t even think of getting close to him because he only likes conversationalists who are strong and know what they want.

He can carry on with intelligent conversations because he has traveled and has knowledge about everything. His personality is rather contradicting as he’s lively and fun on one side, withdrawn and timid on the other.

The Gemini Rising lover

Still well-intentioned and nice, the man with the Ascendant in Gemini can’t however, be a great lover because he’s always moody or changing his desires.

Not to mention he can’t commit and is never in tune with his own feelings. A woman may find it difficult to love him because of all this.

It would be best to never expect him to love a girl forever as he changes his taste and feelings with every minute that passes. Not at all the needy type when it comes to romance, he runs away as far as he can from women who are emotionally demanding.

Women need to be careful around him because he has many admirers and may not know which one to choose. He likes to flirt and to have adventures with as many ladies as possible, which will be a problem for his marriage.

Many members of the opposite sex can’t accept the way he sees life and how he wants to be as free as the birds in the sky. When first seeing him, you will immediately notice how seductive and attractive he is.

Very friendly, having artistic inclinations and a good sense of humor, he knows what he wants and how to get it.

When in a relationship, the Gemini Ascendant man is more about seduction and experimenting than about who plays the role of the leader. He will not be trusted by women because they will think he’s not honest and wants to cheat.

He becomes sincere only after he’s convinced the woman he has chosen is truly in love with him. Many see him as impertinent because he changes his opinions and is moody.

When the situation requires for him to be romantic, he’ll immediately adapt and start bringing flowers to his partner.

A little bit scared of love, he will hide his true feelings in a relationship, preferring a woman who doesn’t ask him too many questions when he’s thinking about something.

A business woman who has her own money and a balanced life will have him eating from her palm. She will love how he wants her talking to him in bed all night, how he wants to visit all the exotic places with her.

The girl who likes to stay at home and to take care of the house will definitely not make his heart skip a beat. It can easily be said the Gemini Ascendant man likes women like him, but he doesn’t mind the romantic and sweet type either.

However, the more logical and cold a lady, the more he’s sure to like her. He always knows what he’s doing and will never be embarrassed with his weirdness. Always active and on the go, his friends will want him around for any party.

It’s not surprising to find out he has divorced a few times or that he changed careers and cities more than once. He simply can’t be in one place for too long because he gets bored of the same surroundings and adventure is his main focus in life.

The more he’s stuck with a routine, the more depressed he becomes. This man needs variety and to constantly deal with the new.

It’s very possible for him to just leave his partner for a new job in a different country or even for a hobby that he decided to invest more time in.

What to remember about the Gemini Ascendant man

What everyone can notice about the man with the Gemini Ascendant is how he doesn’t stand still. He always twists, turns, shakes and does something with his hands.

It’s normal for him to get distracted even when having a conversation because this is the way he is: always looking to get stimulated.

He’s good at handling more than one thing at a time. No one has to second guess his intentions because he’s always sincere and expressive, having a great capacity to put ideas into words.

This is a man ruled by the mind, always inquisitive and never emotional. He’s one of the intellectuals of the zodiac, a person who analyzes, compares and explains.

That’s why he would make a great teacher, even if many consider him selfish. He believes that he’s the only one who knows best and doesn’t mind being in the spotlight.

Preferring to be the one towards whom people turn for knowledge, he will try not to make a fool out of himself when not knowing what to say about something and will surely get informed.

Known for his short attention span, the Gemini Ascendant man wants diversity and to exchange ideas with as many people as possible. He may not focus very well, but the conversations with him will always be interesting and heated.

Old subjects will be given a new spin, new ideas will come out to light and great conclusions will be reached. Having a dual sign as his rising, it is only normal for him to have double personality.

Represented by the Twins, he has two sides that completely oppose each other. It’s possible to see him happy and at the same time sad, which is weird. All this means he’s not disciplined and can’t make a plan because he’s always contradicting.

Not to mention how much he wants adventure and to not know what is going to happen. Some will see him as snobbish because he gets bored with the same subject of discussion. He’s not rude, his mind just jumps from one idea to another at the speed of light.

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