Virgo Ascendant Man: The Observant Gentleman

He is so logical and down-to-earth that he is falsely regarded as someone without emotions or a heart, especially by his partners.

Virgo Rising Man

The Virgo Ascendant man is smart and analyzing, being able to talk about anything and really loving to communicate with others. His mind is all the time active and he enjoys learning new things.

He may worry too much about his health, so he’ll be obsessed with cleanliness and exercising, all the time researching what foods to eat and what routine of physical effort to follow.

Virgo Ascendant man in summary:

  • Strengths: Impressive, enthusiastic and venturesome;
  • Weaknesses: Aloof, jittery and undisciplined;
  • Perfect Partner: Someone who is sharp and witty and who values his priorities;
  • Life Lesson: Avoid burning bridges with friends and give them the proper attention.

Very attentive to details, he’s diligent and has his own disciplined methods with which he prefers to work all the time. As far as physical appearance goes, he’s not too tall and his eyes express curiosity.

His priorities are based on intuition

The man with the Ascendant in Virgo is sensitive and composed, usually keeping his emotions in good order. He’s famous for always being in control and for never taking action without thinking.

He will all the time be accurate and formal, highlighting his opponents’ shortcomings while knowing he’s not perfect either.

He’s looking to self-improve, so he will set some high goals for himself, working on them for a very long time and never giving up. When doing something in teams, he will try to distance himself in order to work quietly.

He’s the type who never shows what he’s feeling and who would rather avoid situations that could make him experience the pain of others. You can talk to him about anything, he would never lose his temper if contradicted.

But make sure you don’t criticize him in public because he won’t hesitate to get his revenge and to criticize you twice as hard.

Very demanding of himself, he’s also very insecure and worried about the future. He likes to think of the past, which often makes him very depressed.

Many will see him as boring, but they will know he’s loyal and would never leave them for a moment if they happen to be his friends.

The Virgo Ascendant man may be friendly, sharp and a little bit arrogant in society, but with his close ones, he’s more optimistic and very attentive.

When it comes to his priorities, he values work and money more than anything else.

Relying on his intuition and thoughts, he would never make a decision without weighing all the pros and cons.

However, it can’t be said he thinks too much before talking about someone because he criticizes and doesn’t even care that he may toy with that person’s feelings.

He’s not at all impulsive, no matter if it’s about love or money, he’s only the most criticizing person anyone could ever come across. He wants comfort and to live a happy life, so he’s looking for a woman who wants the same things.

The Virgo Rising lover

When it comes to romance, the man with the Ascendant in Virgo is very loyal and devoted. But he has a demand: everything needs to be clean because he hates chaos and dirtiness.

He can see if there is dust under the bed and as odd as it sounds, dreams of a partner who keeps the house clean and tidy.

Not too crazy about sex, he doesn’t like to talk about what he’s doing in the bedroom or to gossip with his friends about women.

The more he comes up with rational ideas and realistic concepts, the more detached he seems.

He’s the traditionalist type, so he will only talk with the woman in his life about lovemaking and intimacy.

He’s not the type to need emotional support because he’s too composed to even have problems with his feelings. That’s why he can surprise his other half and other people when he decides to show his softer side.

The Virgo Ascendant man is not completely lacking emotions, he’s just too practical. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about people, but more that he has a different way of showing his love.

It’s possible for him to fall for a woman who needs his help because he’s a problem solver who would always give a hand.

When it comes to romance, he wants a woman with whom he can be for a lifetime and he never hurries to show what he feels for her. He will wait for the perfect moment to express his love, so it’s possible for him to seem detached and even cold.

However, he’s not like this at all because in reality, he’s overwhelmed by what he feels and doesn’t want to show it. No matter how unemotional he may show himself, the love and kindness he has for his woman will always be present.

He’ll invest a lot of time and efforts to get his relationship as close to perfection as possible. If it would be for him, there would never be any conflict between him and his partner.

As a father, he will love his children and even be friends with them. The connection between him and his wife will be passionate and secure.

Not at all the type to be jealous, he will believe everything his other half says and blindly trust her.

Fair and a little bit indifferent, he would rather have long talks with a woman than take her to bed.

Not that he doesn’t care about love, he just spends more time at work than around his lover. Always healthy and interested in what’s natural, he will teach his life partner how to live a healthy life.

Someone crazy and wild would convince him to engage in a relationship with her too because he’s not at all boring and likes to fall in love unexpectedly.

The Virgo Ascendant man loves seeing romantic and spontaneous people around him because impulsiveness and ladies who have no limits turn him on, making him want to talk to them as much as possible.

The woman of his dreams is not only zesty, but she also has a penetrating look and a little bit of craziness. It’s because he’s attracted to girls who are his complete opposite.

However, he may be bothered by too much sentimentalism and responsibilities, so the dreamy and weak type is not at all for him.

He wants someone intelligent and traditional when it comes to love. If he can talk for hours with his lady, he’s the happiest man on Earth.

If you happen to be that lucky woman, don’t ask him for something unrealistic. He would never go for it and doesn’t want to “mother” you in the fight for your dreams. The sweeter and the kinder you are, the more he will love you.

What to remember about the Virgo Ascendant man

Good at analyzing everyone and everything, the Virgo Ascendant man relies only on facts and numbers. Emotions have nothing to do with his decision making as he needs evidence and nothing else in order to reach a conclusion and form an opinion.

This is not a man of hunches and impulsiveness, everything being filtered through his mind before it is expressed. Usually sticking to what he believes in, he still can be convinced of something different if solid proof is brought.

He will always appreciate realistic opinions and he doesn’t mind learning new things. In spite of his logical thinking, he may still have some problems with perspective because he gets lost in details and fails to see the big picture.

As a matter of fact, he can even obsess over things that others wouldn’t think of. He’s more the secretive type, so he never shows his true feelings and tries to hide what he thinks wouldn’t be suitable to be expressed.

Inside, he may be an avalanche of emotions, but no one would know because on the outside, he would only seem calm. One thing’s for sure: his private life is only his.

He’s also not known as very passionate or talkative. When it comes to his style, he’s simple but always elegant. At parties and other type of gatherings, he stands aside and doesn’t engage in too heated conversations.

But as soon as someone gets to know him better, he becomes this charismatic and nice person. He needs to be aware of everything or else he desperately worries.

Very pretentious when it comes to his personal life, he only does things in a certain way. He can be nagging with the people he loves and those at work, but many will learn to love him as he is. When he criticizes, it only means that he really cares and wants that person to attain perfection.

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