Capricorn Rising: The Influence of Capricorn Ascendant on Personality

These natives make great first impressions and also end up motivating others.

Capricorn Rising

Capricorn rising are nostalgic and grave people who act cautiously when having to deal with others and who choose their entourage based on social status.

Their sense of humor is dry and thus, not all the time appreciated. Don’t think they aren’t passionate just because they choose not to show this side of theirs to anyone.

Capricorn Rising in a nutshell:

  • Strengths: Adaptable, anticipative and practical;
  • Weaknesses: Excessive, obnoxious and unreceptive;
  • Perfect Partner: Someone who is educated and ambitious but not ruthless;
  • Life Lesson for Capricorn Ascendant: Spending more time with those dear.

The ascendant, also known as the rising sign, is responsible with the first impressions people make about a person. Influencing appearance and behavior around other people, the rising sign will reveal how people seem to others during first meetings.

Capricorn Rising personality

It doesn’t matter if men or women, all Capricorn ascendant natives could make great leaders or executives because Saturn, which rules over discipline, is governing them together with Uranus.

These people have ambitions, are competitive and organized enough to make it in life. The ladies of this rising are kind, but they look like they’re always prepared to attack, while the men seem to keep their guard up like boxers.

Underneath both genders’ spirit of organization there’s definitely craziness because they’re the most serious at work and incredibly fun when going out. They get nicer with age and always struggle to keep a youthful appearance.

Saturn gives them everything they need to become great scientists. Very serious about everything, Capricorn rising people need to work and to have stability in order to be happy.

They usually occupy the stage when all the attention is on them, with the combination of Saturn and Venus giving them an ability to build strong friendships and grandiose projects.

Detail-oriented, these natives would make great architects or designers. Because they like to work hard and have a tendency to become workaholics, their bosses will simply love them.

Among the most responsible people in the zodiac, they develop a temper and become aggressive when they don’t have something to work towards.

These natives are the planners of all plans, who think practically and have the advantage of putting themselves in great positions.

Taking all the potential of their Sun sign, these Capricorn rising could attain success in everything they may be doing. But it’s important for them to not underestimate themselves because they can have pretty low self-esteem and not believe in their own forces.

No matter their Sun sign, they should definitely learn an instrument and endeavor to create music. They could manifest their creativity through this art form, especially if the Capricorn rises Taurus in their chart.

Sculpture and carpentry are also hobbies they would be very talented at. As far as romance goes, they’re affectionate, kind and very attentive.

When committing, they are doing it for long-term because Cancer, which is their opposite sign, influences them to be this way. This also means they’re more emotional and loyal.

It’s important for their partner to be romantic because they’re the rational and down-to-earth side. One of their negative traits is an inability to display affection and all Capricorn rising tend to think romantic words are something extravagant.

However, what they say wouldn’t matter that much because it’s what they are doing that shows how much they care about their loved one.

They want to get married, but only with the person who’s right for them. Because of this, they will flirt and look for a partner until they will find him or her. It’s possible they won’t be at all happy if their loved one wouldn’t be also their spouse because they are definitely shaped for this role and really want a family.

It simply makes them complete and the Moon present in their seventh House convinces them to want to commit.

There are two sides to Capricorn rising people, and they definitely need to be aware of them. One of these is their dutifulness and respect for rules and norms, which makes them want discipline and to always have control, the other is their practicality that always helps them make their dreams come true while enjoying all the life’s pleasures.

With a Capricorn ascendant and the Cancer Descendant, they will be more gentle, sensitive and protective. They should appreciate their partner if he or she is letting them lead and acts childishly because it would help them reveal their playfulness as well.

It’s also important for Capricorn rising to interact with their emotions because if not, these can buildup and at some time burst into a big tantrum. They usually keep their family happy because they assign roles and responsibilities to their loved ones.

The physique of Capricorn Rising

All Capricorn rising are usually skinny and have a flat chest. Their complexion is dark and their facial bones sharp.

People may think they’re unemotional, snobbish and not friendly, but they would be wrong. When it comes to their body, Capricorn ascendant people are not too tall when compared to the majority.

But they surely are skinny because Saturn influences restrictions too, keeping their body from going loose. According to statistics, they tend to live longer than others, shrinking and losing weight with age.

Their hair and eyes will be dark, and they will often choose to dress in black, not at all in lively colors. Looking at them, anyone can notice they wear conservative clothes and have a serious air that inspires professionalism.

Not too smiling and reserved with strangers, they’re completely different at home. People will know them as great business associates and stable personalities.

Capricorn Ascendant man

Smart and ambitious, the Capricorn rising man wants money and power, to climb the social ladder and to have all the independence in the world.

He will work tirelessly to achieve his goals and won’t mind going to great lengths for his dreams. This person is friendly and very trustworthy.

As far as love goes, he needs a relaxed partner who could help him unwind and express his emotions.

When he’s with a lady who doesn’t have a high social status like him, he expects her to make an effort and step up. As soon as his soulmate will enter his life, he will turn into the most loyal partner who enjoys all kind of adventures in bed.

Capricorn Ascendant Man: The Resilient Gentleman

Capricorn Ascendant woman

Just like her male counterpart, the Capricorn rising woman likes to work hard and to achieve her goal of achieving wealth in life.

She thinks it’s very important to be financially stable and expects her partner to have a good position on the social ladder. But she needs some time in order to commit to a person.

Avoiding men who are vain, this lady has high standards in love and is not very emotional. She shows the world her most reserved side and it may seem that she doesn’t have any emotion.

But don’t believe her because inside, she’s insecure and fragile. If Scorpio doesn’t influence her birth chart in any way, she’ll be shy and very rigid in bed.

Capricorn Ascendant Woman: The Ambitious Lady


All Capricorn ascendant people are shy, business-oriented, sensitive, determined to succeed, practical, composed, realistic, dutiful, criticizing and unemotional.

When young, it may be very difficult for them to communicate because they may be thinking they’re not adequate. But life will have them overcoming these wrong impressions as their ambition and desire for success will prevail.

These people can’t settle until they have climbed the social ladder to the highest point because they want power and money.

As they’re reserved, many will interpret them as cold, but they would only be themselves and quietly do their duty.

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