Aries Ascendant Man: The Bold Entrepreneur

He is blunt and honest but uncontrollable, being the type who only does as he pleases, regardless of what others may be saying.

Aries Rising Man

The man with the Ascendant in Aries is open and nice, the type of person who initiates conversations with anyone. He has a quick temper but forgives and forgets as quickly as he gets angry.

When it comes to giving compliments, he always knows what to say. You can trust him to speak the truth because he’s honest. Impulsiveness characterizes him, so acting without thinking too much is something that he does all day long. He can’t sit down for a moment, wanting to lead and to be in control all the time.

Aries Ascendant man in summary:

  • Strengths: Enthusiastic, impressive and capable;
  • Weaknesses: Callous, neurotic and clinging;
  • Perfect Partner: Someone who is hard to conquer and a challenge;
  • Life Lesson: Prioritize what is important for them and close relationships.

He loves his independence more than anything

The man with the Ascendant in Aries is a true fighter who wants to conquer and to hunt. Even as a child, he’s serious and determined.

Honest and a little blunt in communication, he’s still interesting as a conversation partner. When out in the world, he will always leave the impression that he can attain success with his positive attitude.

At work, everyone will count on him because he takes his responsibilities very seriously. Competitive, he wants to have a flourishing career and to make a lot of money.

Creative and fun, this person likes reading and playing computer games. Not that he doesn’t have many other hobbies because he’s constantly looking to engage in something new.

He’s the type who wants to win so that his talents, seriousness and experience will get noticed. It’s very likely he’ll be successful at any business he may try because he’s a good entrepreneur and knows his way around money.

He won’t only manage his own company very well, he will also make it thrive and defeat the competition. If you will get close to him, you will get to understand more about how he’s doing things and will be truly amazed.

The Aries Ascendant man may be seen as the bad boy who can’t stay in one place for too long because he has great energy and an amazing determination. Not to mention he always knows what he wants, a thing for which people will admire and respect him.

He simply loves being independent and doing what he wants all the time. Very active and never capable of resting, many people will want to be around him because he’s always doing something and can’t in any way be boring.

His Ascendant sign is, after all, the first one on the zodiac wheel, the one that initiates and settles the pace for what’s coming. This man will always want to think progressively and to lead in a unique way.

He will be regarded as the most creative and active team member when working with other people. Because he sees things his way only, people will think he’s very selfish. Dreaming big and being capable to achieve his goals, his adaptability is comparable to the one of the Gemini.

Represented by the ram, he’s stubborn and impulsive, just like this animal. He doesn’t like people who are too dreamy and can drive people crazy with his blunt honesty, openness and impulsiveness.

The Aries Rising lover

Astrology suggests that the man with the Ascendant in Aries is full of passion and loves to chase the person he’s interested in. While some may be overwhelmed by him, he will still find a way to make himself irresistible and attractive.

But his love life may not be as smooth as he dreams it to be because he wants his independence and to take on new challenges all the time. No matter how free, fun and adventurous, he will still want to belong to someone and to be admired by the opposite sex.

As his lover, it’s essential to tell him he’s the best and the most interesting person on Earth for you. It may be difficult for people who are more conservative and close-minded to be around him.

He doesn’t mind competition when chasing a woman because he’s convinced she’s going to be his. There’s no one more confident and determined to succeed than him.

As far as romance goes, he’s like a knight in shining armor, so the ladies will simply be crazy about him. He has passion and can be a force when it comes to lovemaking.

The woman who wants him should be very wise and kinky. The man with the Ascendant in Aries loves to chase, so don’t fall too easily into his arms if you want to keep him for a long time.

Enthusiastic, he will think to have everything done perfectly, including his love life. If he wants a lady, don’t expect him to be quiet about it and to not take action.

Not at all affected by scenes of jealousy, he will yell and become aggressive himself when arguing or wanting to prove his point. His impulsiveness is present in the way he loves as well.

He likes girls that have many admirers and can even go for women who are already taken. He doesn’t go for the type who’s distant, reserved and composed in any way because only the romantic and passionate girls who have a cool style and strong opinions make him go crazy.

He likes to be surprised and to go on many adventures with his lover, turning sex into something wild, passionate and full of fantasy. Because he can’t plan, he will often make mistakes and find last-moment solutions to problems.

He thinks life’s a game that he needs to win, just like he believes that he’s meant to conquer the heart of his soulmate.

The Aries Ascendant man has this attitude of a conqueror when it comes to love, so the woman he likes will receive many expensive presents from him.

Treating her like a muse will only bring him more love and appreciation from her. But she will have to support him as much as she can because he needs to be motivated in achieving his goals by the woman in his life.

He likes women who think logically and know what they want. The more a lady will appreciate that he’s fighting for her, the more he will fall in love.

He loves sincerely and wouldn’t cheat, so his partner can be sure she will have him by her side, no matter what she may decide to do. This man loves to be creative and to change, so he needs someone imaginative and fast paced.

As he sometimes can’t keep his promises and hates taking orders, he may have problems dealing with a certain type of women like the ones in Scorpio, who only want to be in control of everything.

As a matter of fact, any of his relationships may suffer because he simply can’t stick to what he said he will do.

After talking to him, it’s possible to feel like you have just talked to a wall as his hyperactive mind always seems to be somewhere else. And this is not at all beneficial for his romantic relationships because women usually want to feel assured they have been listened to.

However, he will always continue to charm with his romanticism and enthusiasm, so his lover will get to enjoy all kind of adventurous and passionate dates with him. His ideal partner is the one who has the ability to make him as down-to-earth as possible.

What to remember about the Aries Ascendant man

The Ascendant sign presents the mask a person wears in public. It’s the personality that others see in an individual. The Aries Ascendant man is blunt and honest, often acting out of instinct and being impulsive.

He doesn’t really seem to plan or to consider the consequences of his own actions. When he wants something, you can be sure he’ll go out and get it.

However, he’s always well-intentioned and wishes what’s best for everyone. He can get angry very fast, but he easily forgets and becomes cheerful again because he’s not at all the type to hold grudges.

As he openly expresses what angers him, he may seem rude or mean. It doesn’t matter if an athletic challenge or an intellectual one, he will want to be first because his competitiveness can’t be equaled.

But he’s not the type to cheat or to not play fair because he only wants to self-improve while winning. That’s why he’ll have high ideals and rely only on himself to make them come true. He may have problems because he can’t stick to his projects till completion.

This person is very open to change and has Mars ruling him, so expect many sudden turns in his life. When it comes to his relationships, he’s loyal and wants to share his successes with someone.

The fact that he’s ambitious can have him selfish from time to time, focusing only on what he wants and forgetting about what others may feel. His constant need to tick off his list big, ridiculous and unrealistic goals is what will help him succeed most of the time.

Because he’s fun, people will want to go out with him as often as possible. He likes to take on new challenges and to engage in new adventures all the time. This means he sometimes can bite more than he can chew, so he may need to overwork and to double his efforts.

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